Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekly Pres. Hinckley Quote

You all know how I love my Pres. Hinckley quotes so here's the one for this week!

"I experienced times of discouragement on my mission, as does every missionary. On an occasion or two, when the clouds were particularly dark, I felt in a very real but indescribable way the protecting, guiding, encouraging influence of my mother. She seemed very close. I tried then, as I have tried since, to so conduct my life and perform my duty as to bring honor to her name."

This makes me not only want to do the same, to bring honor to my mom's name for all that she's done for me and how she raised me- but also to be the type of mother that my children will want to do the same for me!

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Alex said...

That's a great quote. Gotta love Hinckley. Invasion is rated PG-13. I think Robert would like it. ANyway. love ya sis.