Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling Yucky...

I'm really only posting tonight to keep my goal of posting every day for the sake of journaling purposes. I don't have any cute pictures or anything very interesting to write about. I do want to say thanks for the comments and keep 'em coming. They really do mean a lot to me.

I woke up not feeling any better than yesterday. I have a yucky cough and am really stuffed up... or should I say "stubbed ub." That's what I sound like. I am grateful that Mya did much better today and wasn't fussy at all and Baily was a sweetheart. Robert got me some Jolly Ranchers to suck on since my throat is so dry (and I can't do cough drops or throat lozenges since I still feel a little nauseous and the taste will probably gag me), and orange juice. I'm not miserable completely... just a little bit. Hopefully I get better though. It's either allergies or a cold so hopefully it won't last too long. I have a teeth cleaning appointment and a typing test tomorrow.

Something exciting that did happen today though is that Baily started to learn how to ride her little red tricycle. She's had it for a couple of months but can barely just reach the pedals by now. I wasn't able to get pictures because it was too dark out but she did great. She got all the way around with her pedals a couple of times. Robert was such a great, patient teacher. I suspect she'll be pedaling the mean streets here in Mesa any day now! My baby's getting too big too fast!
I'm so tired but I can't sleep because of the couging and congestion so hopefully I can finish my book I've been reading for like a year now, "Jane Eyre." I really do like it and am interested in it even though it's taking me so long to read. Good night everyone and hopefully I'll have more exciting things to write about tomorrow. By the way... don't you just love this yucky green color? I thought it was fitting to the way I feel!

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