Counting My Many Blessings...

W 5.2.12- sound of rain and thunder outside my window with a cool breeze coming through; hubby's sweet kiss goodbye:); strawberries & creme oatmeal
Tu 5.1.12- another goodbye kiss from my love <3; beautiful day- cool, crisp breeze blowing in from my window:); simplified May plan- 1. pray 2. read scriptures 3. exercise... I can do it!; love Blue Steel- my laptop; hubby took kids to park without me even asking- for 2 hours!!; so grateful for dishwasher; mexican pizzas for dinner- easy and delish; meeting w/Sis. Hayes for instruction on new calling:); kid's bathed and in bed easy; run/walk felt really good; Grey's on Kindle while making hubby pasta salad for his potluck; BOM
M 4.30- goodbye kiss from my love; cool, crisp weather; good communication with my love; super productive day of phone calls and getting much needed things done; J to Rhiannon's- super tender mercy; helpful hubby; Kub still melts my heart with his dimples and just dang cute-ness; cheesy bread from Domino's; freshly bathed boys; reading to my kids; new month, new start tomorrow- motivation is back; planning UT trip- it's gonna happen:); Aunt Konny- one of best people I know!!; sweet bed

W 4.25- dark, rainy day:); pleasant, surprising email:); phone convo with bro Beau- love him; hubby loves me and made dr. app't for me
Tu 4.24- Book of Mormon- love it; hubby home earlier than usual; hubby got me food & picked up B; made dinner 3rd night in a row; words with friends; phone convo with my bro Aleximo-love him; Grey's Anatomy- Netflix
M 4.23- ate healthy breakfast; prayer; I {heart} The Book of Mormon!; feeling more calm; J's Pre-School at the Cannon's; Rhiannon picked up J at PS for me- adorable homemade quilt from Cannons to Joaquin for PS- WOW!!; lunch with my sweet K; J's bus back on track for HeadStart- WOOT!; beautiful, crisp Spring day; power of scriptures; few minutes of quiet with my Kub while hubby took big kids with him to store; yummy quacamole for dinner (with chicken quesadillas); sweet but simple FHE about Christ and resurrection; Sonic for FHE treats- 1/2 price shakes:) and lime Dr. Pepper:); kids to bed easy; going to bed with a clean house 3rd night in a row!!

Tu 4.17- 4 babies sleeping at once- I deserve a medal or something; J's ride to HS from dear friend's mom; J's stomach problems subsided during his HS- so grateful to answers to prayer; my lover shopped for and made dinner- love him!; book club with RS friends- new books to read!; so grateful for my health; pb and bananas

M 4.16- kids back to school; Patty doesn't have a detached retina; dad made it through open heart surgery; darkness lifted a little bit; sweet new baby to love & watch over; stormy day:); boys got new shoes & clothes at Kohl's; family dinner of ramen and two-toned GC's around coffee table; sweet FHE all about our Savior; sweet family prayer; books & bed back on trackTu- 2.28 made it to R's app't on time with no issues- great Dr and great advice; BK grilled chicken salad- so good!; Yanni while picking up B and watching K dance his little heart out;

M- 2.29 so grateful for my 29 years of life!; Goodwill and Target shopping; over 100 FB happy birthday wishes; lots of bday texts and calls and cards- feel so loved; R's flexible work schedule so he could help with kiddos; J's first specialist app't went pretty well; getting budget back together; bday call and chat with my mom!!; bday dinner at Applebees; awesome workout- pushed in an extra 30 min. cardio- 7.34 miles!!
 Su- 2.12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts; R took J to church because I stayed home with B because she was so sick; updating blog; reading to kids a lot today; K came with me to pick up Andre from church- he said he that church went well; talking to my brothers on the phone; Fresca; dinner was sooo good- Sunday roast with potatoes and carrots, rolls and gravy; family scriptures and talking about first principle & ordinances of the Gospel; kids laughing and playing; B feels better; K had the zoomies; more reading with kids; looking at old family pics with kids- my life has been truly blessed!!

Sa- 2.11 delicious veggie omelette and fresh pineapple for breakfast, dancing with my Kub in the kitchen; Andre watched B & K while Rob, J and I went to car dealership; new van!!- farewell ol' blue and hello Momma Red!- good deal and so happy:); family lunch together; kids so excited to go to Carter's- they had a blast there!; Breaking Dawn and cute hair thingies from Target; temple trip with my love- sweet peace and warm stirrings:); boys to bed early; watching most of Breaking Dawn with R and Andre- pizza

F?- 2.10 house clean; met with new client and got a new full-time baby to watch-she's adorable and so sweet!; lunch with Seneli gals at home- chillin' and chattin'; more Zumba fun; kids had blast at Cannon's while Rob and I had date night- movie Chronicle... it was pretty good; popcorn & M&M's

Th?- 2.9 hot shower helped with sore muscles; love my new Kindle; finished Valentine's; dinner at Senor Sol; most amazing HIIT workout ever- did NOT want to do it but did and I pushed it hard!; tried Zumba on wii for first time and LOVED it!!- I was dang good too:)

W- 2.8 love that all my kids love listening to Yanni cd in the car; boys jamming out to Yanni concert on netflix- most beautiful music ever- music is truly a gift from God!!; tax refund's here!; Me & Rob & J finished his adorable superhero Valentine's; worked on B's Valentine's; Andre watched kids while Robert and I shopped- got very much needed new bedding for cheap; got me a Kindle Fire- SWOON <3!!!; awesome UBWO at the gym- felt strong and confident; peaceful grocery shopping trip

Tu- 2.7 workin' on my fitness in the am- hurts so good!; J finally starting to eat better again; technology; kisses from K- too cute!; blog updated; picked up Audrey for Seneli's; family assembly line to put B's 100th day of school snack together; got a good start on Valentine's for kids; R & Andre & Jeyson go to Suns game & have a good time; Wendy's with kids- didn't cheat- ate a chicken salad- so proud of myself!; books with kids; early to sleep-much needed good sleep

M- 2.6 sleeping so comfy in B's bed; good, sound sleep; B to school on time; good workout and boys had fun at the kid's care at the gym; Just Dance on wii with Just Sweat; good deals at Goodwill; shopping at Target- I {heart} Target; felt like Spring today; Walgreens with J- so excited for the chocolate heart I gave him; good, healthy dinner; reading to kids; late night chat with Patty & Alex

Su- 2.5.12 lost 6.4 lbs this week!!; hubby serving in his calling & going to church early to help with Fast Offering; R took kids and Andre to church so I could bake cake & meet up with him later but I never made it so he filled in for me; quiet time; felt pretty today; laundry done & put away FINALLY; made a beautiful yummy birthday cake for Patty; kids so excited to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house; pretty easy ride to Dad & Patty's; yummy Superbowl food for free day; didn't give in and drank no soda!; visiting with fam- always a good time; Patty loved her gifts and cake; nice little snooze on the way home; boys to sleep easily

Sa- 2.4.12 workout first thing in the morning- extra minute of running and getting a wee bit easier; gave myself a mani/pedi with my new nail polish reward!; B getting even better in swimming and mastered the deep end; sweet Sis. Carter willing to change watching kids to next week for temple trip; $5 turkey footlong at Subway; free zoo day with family- one of the best zoo trips ever- perfect weather and lots of great up-close animal sightings; finally getting laundry started; shopping with B & J for Patty's bday; not giving into temptation and eating fresh cheese pizza; up all night watching Biggest Loser while doing laundry

F- 2.3.12 early morning workout!; my ipod and good music; B up for school early; kid's new mini scriptures arrived; avacado turkey sandwich; B's excitement for her yo-yo; Andre here to help me with kids at McD's; hubby coming to McD's to help as well; not one cheat- not even a single french fry at McD's!!; easy dinner at Target and still no cheating; R got his new iPad2, B a DS game and J his Thor toys- thank you tax return!

Th- 2.2.12 lost 4 lbs!- wahoo; internet; hurts so good; ibuprofen; veggie omelette and grapefruit- so yum!; figured out more about my awesome camera and how to better use it; got my Mary Kay order; Finn picked up early; snacks with kids in the car; awesome talk about the gospel with Andre; R met me at Dr.'s office to help with boys; so funny when K got mad at nurse who gave him a shot and slapped her hand- lol; love my kids' Pediatrician; love my new grill pan; hubby loves dishwasher= hubby doing dishes every day:); steak and baked potato for dinner; library and gym with Andre; killer HIIT workout at gym- sweatin' and breathin' hard!; laughing with kids before bed; looking at old pictures of kids- so sweet; good sleep

W?- 2.1.12 another great workout- feeling great; signed up for 4 races with no refunds so feel very motivated & determined to lose weight and train- so excited!; fitness goals and plans done through Septemeber; doing Just Dance on the wii with B; Taco Bell for dinner with the fam- didn't cheat; Modern Family- so funny and Mobbed with B; early to bed

Tu?- 1.31.12 workout felt great; hubby made dinner and took the ball for me when I was an emotional wreck; nice hot shower

M?- 1.30.12 started weight-loss plan; Andre got me up for early morning work out; no extra kids to watch; felt motivated; WI tax refund came through; Andre watched K and shopping with my J- getting much needed items finally; Subway for lunch; J home from school and cancelled my teaching PS since J was sick but made for easy day; shopping with B after school- getting her cute new boots; new chicken recipe for dinner- pretty good; giant coloring pages for FHE; hubby got new dishwasher and he and Andre installed it2012

Su?- 1.29.12 Rhiannon took B and K to church for me so I could stay home sick and with a sick J; R said B did well at her talk at church; nice chat with B in the car about agency and how poor choices takes agency away; dropping Andre off at singles ward; candle party at cousin Sarah's house- visiting with fam and good food; taco pasta salad for dinner; reading with my babies

Sa?- 1.28.12 family cleaning house together; B's swimming- did much better; feeling Spirit so strongly while reading BOM Ensign; felt good to watch Gueller kids for Kathy- loved watching how great Andre interacted with the kids, especially Jesse; date to the mall with hubby- good dinner at Applebees, he found nice shoes and Pecanbon; supportive hubby through a very stressful night of J getting sick and K making a huge mess; Words with Friends

F?- 1.27.12 getting B to school on time was a miracle; good transportation meeting at HS; lunch with Seneli gals at BK; family Target trip; Qdoba for dinner for me and other restaurants for the other fam members; Words with Friends

Th- 1.26.12 extra kid to watch = extra income; found out my Monkey Bread made front page (of Local section) of Milwaukee Journal Sentinal newspaper; good dinner with missionaries even though it wasn't what I planned; sweet thank you kiss from hubby; watching MormonMessages videos with kids; library- such a great resource!; awesome Glee episodes; chats with my Bug on way home from school; letter from my momma!!; jamming to Ricky Martin and love songs in van and embarrassing my Bug and feeling motivated; cuddling with my man

W- 1.25.12 finally getting dishes done; Rhiannon brought me a really good sub sandwich for lunch and we just had time to chill and chat; home-cooked meal tonight finally; life's better when Bert is home; nice family dinner together along with family prayers and scriptures; freshly bathed babes; watching Modern Family as a family- always get a good laugh even if it was a re-run; nice, hot, much-needed shower; hubby made me Thera flu to take care of me (even though it was disgusting)

Tu- 1.24.12 kids back in school; my camera; baby M was easy to care for today; hubby is just plain awesome and takes such great care of me; taxes done!

M- 1.23.12 B had no school today so it was a lazy morning; new car seat from friend Maralee; nice day off from my Monkey Bread while he went to Pre-School, Rhiannon took him and he had Headstart; very lazy day and not a bad day since there wasn't too much on my to do list; chillin' with my Bug; only 1 kid to babysit; good chat with Andre about goals & expectations; dinner at Applebees; followed through with family prayer & scriptures and books for bed even though I didn't feel like it at the time; internet; warm cozy bed!

Su 1.22.12- french toast casserole for breakfast prepped from the night before; felt pretty; not too late to church; nice ward conference; delicious sub sandwiches for lunch; skypeing with fam; Banks girls over for a little while; quick Sunday nap; good VT app'ts and done for the month!; shepherd's pie for dinner- so delish!; sleep early

Sa 1.21.12- hubby woke up with the kids and I got to sleep in; getting organized & staying on top of things; pinterest; B's first swimming lessons- she was youngest there and struggled but worked hard and didn't give up!- loved watching her; reading the BOM Ensign and feeling overwhelmingly grateful for The Book of Mormon; my date with B- Wendy's and the mall- it was awesome and I just love her so much; Rhiannon watched Kenai; J went to Monster Truck Jam with Robert and they had a blast; hubby in great mood; came home to a very clean house thanks to Andre- extremely, pleasantly surprised; library with my Monkey Bread; grocery shopping done & put away; yummy homemade subs for dinner; SNL- freshly painted nails; still within budget; love my life!!

F 1.20.12- made it alive through a hard day with the kids; kept my Bug home from school so I wouldn't have to drive in the storm to pick her up- she was such a great helper with all the other kids; Pinterest!; supportive hubby; beautiful snow falling; Andre shoveling the snow without being asked to; blessings of tithing are real!; GNO with Shalise at my fave restaurant ever- Texas Roadhouse... great food and great company!; hugs from my Bug when I got home

Th 1.19.12- good heat in my van and home on such a freezing day; easy babysitting day; so love the Book of Mormon; laundry all done and put away; my sweet hubby and his love and appreciation for me; having the internet back; my awesome new camera; yummy steak tacos for dinner with super delicious avocados; nice, sweet FHE on doing errands for the Lord- love The Friend magazine; tender moment lying down with my sweet B since she was having a rough night; internet back!!


3.2- Abuelita's birthday- love her so much!!, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Target- love that place!, nachos and pizza with my movie star boy, skype with Emely, Kenai loves sweet potatoes!, Robert took all the kids out so I could have uninterrupted cleaning time, birthday call to best Grandma ever!, American Idol, up 'til 3am cleaning and organizing- so worth the decluttered and purpose-driven vibe I feel!

2.28- goodbye kiss from hubby, princess birthday lunch brought to my home from Rachel and Shanna- soup, breadsticks, strawberry salad and chocolate cake!!, Rachel watched the kids while I took B to school, birthday card and moolah from MIL, skype with bro, Mario on wii, nap with my boys, dancing with my boys with my new ipod boom box, B making a snowman with her daddy, J so cute at the grocery store, new health books from the library, Domino's Monday pizza deal, family scriptures and prayer, reading time with B, clean kitchen!

2.23- my sweet jibber-jabbering baby to wake up to, texting

2.22- woke up in a cheerful mood, woke up to sound of Kenai chattering away- cutest thing ever!, J giving kisses to K, B's spunky style, back to the bloggin', sweet comment from old soccer pal, chocolate milk, Joaquin helping me out at the grocery store, resting and putting my boys down for a nap, Robert picked up B from school, making a yummy dinner to eat with the Missionaries- chicken and rice casserole, garlic parmesan crescent rolls and strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, love the awesome Missionaries- new Elder who's a BYU football playerBeau & Eben sent me a webcam for my birfday- hello Skype:), Joaquin singing and acting out the scene from Chicken Little where he sing's "I am the Champion"- hi-larious!

10.4- didn't have to drive Robert to work, modern day medicine, MIL made home-made taquitos for me for lunch, got letter & pics out to my mom, kissing on my sweet new baby, my other babies kissing on my sweet new baby, got a small nap in with my sweet boys, ride for B to and from school from Sis. Rebarchik, MIL did all my dishes today, MIL made a delicious dinner, MIL took kids on walk on such a beautiful day, nursing my baby even though it hurts sooo bad!, got most of my laundry done- amazing how one little guy can add so much more laundry to the pile!, nice little FHE about the Prophet, love my kids and hubby so much!

9.24- hubby's off so no dropping him off or picking him up-less driving!, enjoyed some quality one-on-one time with my girl, LOVED her new Pediatrician- never loved a Dr. so much, we made it through the shot drama for B- she survived, Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich for lunch, B shouting "I love you mom!" when I left her school, Robert's so active now that he has his walking program at work- was out with the kids walking and playing all day and they loved it, beautiful crisp Fall day, quality scripture reading time, playing outside with the fam, Dad & fam came by to drop off baby stuff and to visit, dad cleaned up car seat and stroller and put crib together for me (even got the extra bolts it needed) and I was so touched by that- love my dad so much!!, yummy Mexican food at Senor Sol with Dad & fam- was so nice to see them and spend time with them- miss them so much, able to exchange J's Sunday shoes without receipt, fam movie night and able to go to bed early since I was so tired

9.23- made it through another freakish hot day, made it to Dr.'s app't on time, met and loved Dr. McAvoy- loved that he let B help him out, found out I'm dilated to a 2 which means I'm that much closer to getting this baby out!, managed to get laundry done and kitchen cleaned despite lots of contractions, Josh Groban and nice breezes through the kitchen window while doing dishes, love my sweet little boy and his snuggles, relaxed and watched some tv while hubby took & picked up B from gymnastics and got dinner so I didn't have to deal with it

9.22- yummy juicy orange for breakfast, library day- kid's were well-behaved, B loved her story time once again and J had fun doing all the puzzles today- we love the library!!, got card & pics out to mom, loving reading Isaiah again all about Christ, nice little snooze with my buddy boy, beautiful day at the park- kid's played so well together, sweet crisp apple, reading time, listening to Disney cd from the library with kids on way to pick up Robert from work, J ate dinner tonight!!

9.21- having a husband worthy of holding & using the Priesthood when B needed it last night because of a horrible stomachache, B's sweet faith that her dad's blessing would help her and it did!, made it through a hot day without losing it, got almost everything done on my to do list despite being in lots of pain and lots of contractions, B looked so cute for her pictures today, love my cute little Joaquin and how he's chattering so much lately, hubby says interview went well for promotion, awesome lightning and thunder storm, Glee! and hubby watching the kids so I could watch it, finished Hunger Games and loved it!

9.20- pretty easy going day, laundry done & put away, made caramel pecan cheesecake bars for FHE treat especially for my hubby, nice little snooze with my boy, nice chat with Patty on the phone, listening to silly Halloween stories on cd with my kids while picking up Robert from work, help from my MIL- love & so grateful for her, Spirit was so strong while we sang Love Is Spoken Here during FHE and Joaquin was all smiles and so excited while we were singing it, nice little FHE, listening to Josh Groban while doing dishes, loved reading in Isaiah tonight about how wonderful my Savior is

9.19- woke up earlier than the rest of the fam and had some nice quiet time to do some major scripture study and prayer- loved it!, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for breakfast and oj (I post about food a lot!), nice hot shower on a cool crisp day, no rushing to get ready for church and got there on time, a lot of my favorite hymns at church today, able to keep my iron pills down finally!, great lesson in RS, cheese & crackers & grapes for snack, hubby helped me make dinner- homemade beef stew and rolls- yum!, B falling when she thought she was sitting down on a chair Robert moved (I could not stop laughing about it and still can't... lol), nice visit from Missionary and Brother from the ward- felt very loved and welcomed in the new ward for first time today, B playing Memory with Robert- he's such a good dad!, cuddles and Eskimo kisses from my little man, playing Hi Ho Cherry-O with my girl- love her so much!!, kids fell asleep quickly and easily tonight

9.18- Robert's off for the weekend, yummy breakfast of french toast, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs with cheese, very relaxed day- got to read a lot from my book, reading and playing Joaquin's book toy with him while Baily fixed up my hair, nice chat with bro Beau, butter pecan ice cream cones, watching Hannah Montana movie with my girl, reading time

9.17- was actually in a good mood all day- even caught myself laughing out loud quite a few times!, a day of weather PERFECTION!, another low key day with not much to do on my to do list, pay day and getting bills payed, kids were awesomely behaved today and got along with each other so well- thank heavens!!, J went down for his nap right after we dropped off B at school and slept the whole time she was gone= quiet time for me and more reading of the Hunger Games, great time at the park on a beautiful day for a nice long time, so proud of my sweet sweet girl playing with a girl who was left out at the park- it touched my heart to see my daughter being so compassionate and loving, the lil' girl she played with was so sweet and so cute!, Robert came to WM with me making it a much easier grocery trip for me, family movie night- Hocus Pocus, popcorn, candy & chocolate

9.16- pretty easy day with not much to do on my to do list, cool crisp weather, loved reading in Alma today about Alma and Amulek and their experiences in Ammonihah, found out I'm not diabetic which was a concern- so relieved, hubby's patience with my out of control hormones, hubby home early and lazy time watching and laughing at tv with him, B's excitement for her first gymnastics class which she loved!, driving around with my boys, Krispy Kreme doughnuts just for me:), early pizza night (tonight instead of tomorrow) means no cooking and easy clean up for me!, smooth bedtime with B- she fell asleep a minute after her head hit the pillow, nice quiet scripture study and got ahead of reading schedule

9.15- bacon for breakfast- we love bacon!, another juicy perfect orange, in a better mood today, library with the whole family since Robert was off today- B loved story time again, yummy leftovers for lunch, got to see my baby boy on ultrasound and he's SO CUTE- I'm so in love already:), nicest Dr.'s & nurses at my new Dr.'s office, beautiful city view and leaves starting to change color, nice cool day, got to see a mom with a new baby leaving the hospital and I got so excited to welcome my new little one into this world!, quiet scripture study time, Robert picked up B from school, nice park time with the whole fam- loved watching my boy play with my man and having a blast!, hubby helped a lot with dinner because of the major pain in my hands, nice dinner with the missionaries, fresh clean kids, much better bedtime with the Bug, reading time in between dishes

9.14- delicious juicy orange for breakfast along with my fave- egg and cheese sandwich and chocolate milk, clean bathroom and floors- love that smell of pinesol!, love the scriptures, got B's thank you cards done and sent out, beautiful day at the park and watching my kids have a great time, got a lot done today from my to do list, jamming to Newsies in Robert's work parking lot while waiting for him, yummy sausage & peppers dinner, nice cool walk around the block with the fam, kids finally in bed- it was a long day with them!, quiet reading time- loving the Hunger Games

9.13- did much better about being more patient and not yelling at the kids, fixed my hair and did my makeup today:), B got 3 awesome birthday packages- so grateful for my family and for their love of my kids!, love the new 3 in 1 Purex laundry sheets, B's excitement to go to school, indulged myself in Reese's Sticks candy bar for a snack;), fresh strawberries with brownies for FHE treat, love that hubby's always willing to help with bathing the kids, much smoother bedtime routine tonight, back to "holding to the iron rod"- scripture study:), hubby brought me some grapes- love that man!

9.12- got to sleep in until 8!, deeee-licious fresh strawberries and yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast, gorgeous day:), one-on-one time with B- Friend magazine activities and coloring, watching Igor with the kids, playing outside with the kids and cracking up at their craziness, great dinner with roast and the works, family game night- Candy Land, going to bed with a clean house and with a much better start to the week

9.11- rainy gray day- love it!, another productive day at home- baby's clothes & blankets all washed and put away and first outfits are picked out (loved having my Bug's help and her excitement for the new baby!), updated pictures in picture frames and house is looking more like a home, J went down easily for his nap, made delicious oatmeal choc. chip cookies with the Bug (cookie dough!), Farmer's Market with the fam!, WIC, yummy spaghetti dinner- just hit the spot for some reason, family scriptures about Elisha and miracles, nails groomed for the fam, kid's playing and laughing with their dad- love the sound of their laughing!, grocery shopping all by myself while hubby stayed home and bathed and put the kids to bed:), nice full pantry and fridge- so grateful:):)

9.10- it's Friday!, more beautiful weather, hubby's off today!, got organized, Robert took B in for school and picked her up, house is all unpacked and organized- whew!!, B was so cute spending her birthday money and making sure to pick out her perfect gifts, didn't enjoy where we picked to go out to eat and was disappointed but enjoyed family time and not having to cook and clean, MIL's tickets are bought to come out and visit us for 2 weeks!, love feeling the cool breeze come through my windows

9.9- cold creamy chocolate milk, another perfect day of perfect weather!, feeling nice cool breeze through the window, good WIC appointment- J was almost well-behaved ('til the last 10 minutes), Wendy's for snack time- french fries & Frosty's:), laundry all done, park day and kid's had fun- was chilly and I loved it!, easy dinner and easy bedtime, VIRTUE:)

9.8- feeling pretty productive during the morning and enjoying making breakfast for my kids- just enjoying being their mom, another gorgeous day of weather:), watching my sweet daughter during the library's story time with love and pride of how well she's growing up, the public library, doing puzzles with my boy at the library, watching Princess DVD with B, mormonmessages, hope through Christ and repentance, bathroom and floors clean- love the smell of Pinesol!, J napped the whole time B was at school so I could clean:), B had a great day at school and got to play outside for the first time, Hunger Games book finally arrived at library- can't wait to read it!!- nice going to library with just me and Baily, Robert agreed to cookout- perfect weather outside and playing with kids, yummy dinner with DEE-licious bbq chicken & twice baked potatoes & sweet corn on the cob, Robert got B to calm down and join us for family prayers and scriptures, freshly bathed kids smell so yummy!, reading and cracking up to Skippyjon Jones books with Baily, loving Hunger Games

9.7- weather PERFECTION!!- love the cool breeze coming in through my windows, up & at 'em at a decent time today, B looked so dang cute today and was such a diva- it cracked me up, B excited for school again, repentance, loved my new nurse and OB/GYN office/hospital- so nice!, J was so cute at the Dr.'s office and I enjoyed my one on one time with him today, B wasn't mad at me when I was late to pick her up (Dr.'s app't ran late and I felt so bad!), sharp cheese and crackers and grapes for snack time- yum!, yummy juicy watermelon, bed time routine went pretty smoothly tonight

9.6- morning rain & thunder storms- love love love it!, so grateful for prayer, woke up with energy and got going right away, got house cleaned and a lot of things done thanks to hubby being home, delicious WI cookout with brats and sweet corn and pasta salad and watermelon, FHE was Harry Potter movie night, laundry almost done
9.5- another day of gorgeous weather!, love my husband so much!!, didn't feel well at all today and hubby let me sleep and be lazy all day, got B's room mostly picked up after her birthday tornado hit it, pizza for dinner

9.4- my sweet girl turns 5!- oh how I love her!!!, prepping for party and actually making it on time, another cool & crisp day, bday party was a success despite not many people showing up and the crazy wind- B got great gifts and had great friends and family there- enjoyed visiting with friends!, relief of having the party over, nice scenic drive home with cool crisp weather!, chillaxing at home and enjoying watching B play with and love all her gifts, B's birthday family dinner at IHOP with 3 free meals- good times, laughing about "cheesy poofs/poops"

9.3- PERFECT PERFECT weather!!!, woke up in a good mood, making sparkly cupcakes with B to take to school for her birthday, making bagel pizzas for lunch with her (she got the idea from her Friend magazine) and they were pretty darn good, B looked so cute for school, putting J down for his nap and feeling the wonderful & cool crisp breeze, having to change my kids into warm clothes and sweaters to go play at the park, feeling the wonderful cool weather at the park, enjoying watch my kids play at the mall play center and chatting with my hubby

9.2- going back to sleep after dropping Robert off at work, being able to use school as a bribe for Baily for good behavior, Alma 5- power chapter that touches me so!, quiet time for a lil' bit, Robert was so dorky today but had me laughing all day- he got off early today, chillaxin' for a bit, cracking up while reading "Skippyjon Jones" book to Baily- definitely a new favorite for us, blogging

9.1- woke up feeling motivated and got to work on things that need to get done, crispy bacon for breakfast, B was so good at her dentist appointment- no cavities and nice clean teeth for her first day of school!, hubby helped with laundry and did the dishes for me again, B did great and was so excited and I couldn't help but cry as she went to her first day of school- love that girl and am one proud momma!, computer saved from virus thanks to cousin Frankie!!, J took a nap while B was at school so I got lots of laundry done and closets organized FINALLY!, rain!, B loved her first day of school and can't wait to go back, as I was getting more and more frustrated on my trip to pay the rent (got lost, couldn't get a hold of Robert, traffic was insane!) I decided to make the best out of it and jammed to my ipod at the top of my lungs- felt sooo good!, grateful for Little Ceasar's nearby for saving me with feeding the missionaries and being stuck in traffic for 2 hours, Robert put kids to bed so I could finish running errands, scripture study

8.31- early morning me time while fam was sleeping in, Super Wal-Mart (I could be a WM spokesperson really), made it through the store without any major meltdowns, Italian herbs & cheese bread at Subway, scripture study back on track!, love the library, J took a nap today, yummy meatball sliders for dinner, FHE on Priesthood and then Robert gave Baily her school year blessing- so sweet!, nice reading time with my girl before bedtime

8.30- fresh new start to a new week and almost new month, ice water, our little a/c unit, August Ensign and awesome article about the church's outreach to prison inmates, awesome letter from my mom, B's excitement at back to school night and meeting her new teacher who seems great, my amazing and wonderful and understanding husband- he did the dishes, sitting on my front porch with a nice cool breeze and some major prayer