Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movies, Cravings, and the End of Social Life with my Husband...

Ok everyone... check out my little diva! We decided to go to the movies today so she was all dressed up and let me tell you- she was working it! She walked around most of the day with one or both of her hands on her hips. She cracks me up. She never took her glasses off until we took them off of her either. You go girl!!

We left for the movie around noon. I cannot even explain how miserably, horribly, horrendously hot it was today. The walk from the parking lot to the theatre almost did me in. Seriously, I think H-E-double hockey sticks isn't even as hot as it was here today. Anway we weren't very smart because as we got to the theatre we realized we didn't even check to see what time the movie was. Duh! When we checked the times we were an hour late and 2 hours early for the next movie. Doh! So we headed back home to try to cool ourselves down. When we got there Andre had rented and was about to watch the movie "Newsies" so we watched it with him. I think I may have watched it when I was younger but I don't remember. I really, really enjoyed it. The music and dancing were awesome. After that we just hung out for a bit and Robert was supposedly gonna put Baily down for a nap but he's the only one that napped. After his nap we left for the theatre. We watched "Ratatouille." It was so funny and so cute. Since Baily hadn't napped yet she slept through the first 3/4 of it which was nice for me. After she woke up she was content to have her "copcoin" (popcorn) and just watch the rest of the movie. After that we had to rush home so Robert wouldn't miss any of his big game. But I'll get to that in a minute.

The movie showed a lot of good food and really got me craving some soup and fresh fruit. So after we went home Baily and I went to Paradise Bakery, one of my most favorite restaurants, and got some bowls of cheddar broccoli soup and fresh fruit. We brought it home and chowed down. It was sooo yummy. Baily loved the soup so much she even wanted seconds. And the fresh pineapple in the fruit mixture was to die for! I love pineapple so much. I could eat 3 whole pineapples by myself in one sitting... but only fresh pineapple. I don't care for canned pineapple. Now I want some more pineapple!

So as I mentioned a minute ago Robert had to get home and watch his big game. Today was the first pre-season Cardinals game, or as I like to put it- the end of my social life (as small as it was to begin with), with my husband. He's been counting down the time to this game and the beginning of the season for 2 weeks now. I can only imagine how this next week will be since we're actually going to the game. It's a sad, sad time for me and, as I'm sure, for many other wives. For the next 6 months my husband will be spending much more time with the couch and tv. I feel like I'm in mourning. I left him alone all night so he could watch his game. I hope he enjoyed it.

I'm excited it's already Sunday again tomorrow. I always feel excited to take the Sacrament and tomorrow is no exception. I can also really use a good spirtual boost right now. I'm really having a hard time with some things and I really need that eternal perspective to figure some stuff out. Adios peeps. And please, if you're reading, leave a comment for me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yo Sis! just letting you know that people are reading this stuff. I enjoy reading whats going on with my family, and especially my neice! I love that girl! Im pretty sure we have a special connection her and I. Ciao!