Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weather Perfection

Today was pretty swell. I could not have asked for better weather. Slightly overcast, cool at about 70 degrees... perfect! I just love not having to have the AC on, having the windows open and being able to enjoy the outside. I was pretty lazy this morning but finally got my house picked up and laundry started. Baily's friend Amber came over to play for a while so that was fun for her. A little exhausting for me though. Later on after we walked Amber home Patty came over and helped me weed the yard, trim it up and take back the crazy monster and turn it into a nice tree/bush. It was sooo overgrown and looks so much nicer. I'm finding that I love yardwork and I love that I have Patty right across the street and always willing to help me out with my yard and teach me what I know nothing about about trees and flowers and all that kind of yard stuff. After she was home it was the dinner rush. Why do I feel like my days are ruled by dinner time? It creeps up on me and is so much work. The prepping, cooking, fighting with my kids to eat, cleaning. Oy. After that we just chillaxed, I got J to sleep and me and Baily watched tv. Here's a pic of her with a sweatshirt on and a warm blanket because she got cold. Cold!! On June 20th!! I LOVE it!! Anyway, we watched this new show called Battle of the Superstars or something and I LOVE it. It's teams made up of a celebrity and a pro athlete doing different physical challenges. LOVE it! Baily loved it too and kept saying how she can't wait to do that stuff when she grows up. My favorite team is Julio Iglasias Jr. (I tend to lean toward the Latinos;) and Brandi Chastain, an amazing soccer player (go figure). After B went to sleep it's been computer time. I really should finish cleaning up my kitchen and doing laundry but I REALLY don't feel like doing it. My man just got home and I would really rather chill and watch tv with him. It's the last day of the first half of the year so I'm really going to try to make this 2nd half even better and work on becoming a better me... goals and all! So here's to a happy new 2nd half of the year!!


Just some cute videos of my cute kids.

Check It Out <-----

So I updated more about my kiddos on my side bar (I know... as if there's not enough over there anyway) so check it out to see what they're up to and life according to them :)

Last week.

I'm still working on updating. I'm having difficulty getting some pictures from my dad's computer onto mine and I can't tell you how frustrating that is for me. I feel like I can't update my blog without being able to add those pictures and it's driving me batty. But I guess I'll just have to suck it up and do without until I can get it figured out. I really want to get back to my daily posts so here's some pics from last week and until I get those other pics it should be the last update once I start my daily posts.

This was just a day of chillaxin' at the house in the morning. It was too hot to be outside. Aren't my babies PRECIOUS?!

This is my kids playing outside and me being out there only long enough to take pictures... it was pretty hot and humid. Not my cup of tea. But as you can see they don't mind. They love it in the great outdoors!! Then it cooled down enough to go out in front for a bit and for B to ride her big girl bike all around the neighborhood... well as far as I could see anyways.

This is my beautiful house and all the gorgeous flowers that I just LOVE! I've always wanted a house with a beautiful yard and tons of flowers. Dreams can come true!
Joaquin decided this day that he did not want to eat his lunch in his highchair but that he was a big boy and needed to sit by his sister on a big person chair. She was so sweet and let him sit next to her and they shared so nicely... which doesn't happen very often. Too cute!
This is Baily playing on the computer on nickjr.com. She loves it and she's so dang smart!
Robert finally got his basketball hoop in his driveway. Wahoo! Now if only we had more people to play with.

Here are my kids enjoying a true Mid-west Wisconsin snack- summer sausage and cheese. And it was extra sharp cheddar- yum-o!

My kids love playtime with daddy as you can see. I'm so grateful to have such an awesome dad for my babies!
Baily wanted a game night on Sunday night so Candy Land it was and it was super "sweet!"

Monday, June 22, 2009

And I'm back. Again.

Our past couple of months with the Dominguez household have been busy ones and due to that and lack of a computer or internet for a while is the reason for my lack of bloggingdom. So in true Sarah fashion I'm back with a lot of pictures to update and will probably be continuing to do so for a few days at least. And then hopefully I'll be back to blogging in my full time glory once again. I've missed it. Since my last post we've moved into our new home that we are renting from my dad and step-mom (whom we had been living with for the past 7 or 8 months) until hopefully we can buy soon. We are so happy to be in our house (mostly Baily) and finally feel settled after all the unpacking and moving. I'll be posting random pictures and thoughts on this post so if it's a little chaotic- sorry. That's just how I roll;)

I found these pictures stored on my camera from who knows how long ago and they were too cute to not post. Look how little my babies were! My how they've changed.

This was back when we were still living with my dad and we were enjoying one of the many beautiful spring days outside. I was either behind on laundry or Robert dressed Joaquin which would explain why he looks homeless. But he didn't care. My kids love it outside and have enjoyed a true Spring. And I can't say that I've hated it. I LOVE Spring now. Now that I know what it's supposed to be like. Not like the 90 degrees and no rain I'm used to back in AZ. I loved the cool weather, all the rain, the blooming and everything coming to life. It's been awesome and beautiful and oh... I just love it!
This is another Spring day we decided to go to the beach on Lake Geneva. It had been nice and sunny all day but by the time we got to the beach it got really cloudy and pretty chilly. But my kids didn't care. Baily even ventured into the water a few times and although it must have been freezing she loved it. She is definitely my little mermaid.
This was a fun day. Baily went to the Calvary church's pre-school about 10 miles from here and loved it. Instead of having an end of year party they had a Mother's Day tea party. We got to make our own hats, enjoyed delightful snacks and water in tea cups (Baily was quite upset that we weren't drinking real tea because she says she LOVES tea. How do I explain to a 3 year old that sees all her family and friends drinking tea that we don't do that?), and Baily was my sweet little angel and cried through the whole song the kids performed for the moms. It was fun though and I enjoyed getting to sit and chat with one of my friends from my ward who had a little boy in Baily's class. Since Baily missed the cutoff for Pre-K by 3 days and they won't let her in (NOT happy about that) she will probably be going back to this pre-school next year. The teachers were awesome and Baily loved it there.
This was another beautiful Spring day at a park nearby and the kids love it there. It's called Veteran's park and has this cool helicopter there. You also get to see the beautiful Spring blossoms on some of the trees there. Robert got picked up by a softball team and they play at this park but he's only been able to play one game so far. Anyway, we love this park.
This was on a drive home from either picking up or dropping off Baily at pre-school and I loved what the truck in front of me read. And it was such a beautiful drive with all it's Spring glory and lakeviews. I love it here. *Sigh.
My dad got a new riding lawnmower and my kids loved riding it with Grandpa every Saturday morning. Isn't all this nice, green grass awesome?! My dad found this little frog on the edges of the house and he was such a cute little fella. There are tons of frogs and other little critters living around our area since we are right next to a wood area. It's awesome.
At work we do a lot of weddings and big fancy functions and this was one of the $300 flower arrangements I got to bring home from a wedding one night. It was gorgeous and smelled divine. I decided after that that my new favorite flower is a Christanthemum (sp?). Although my job is very physically demanding and exhausting it can be a lot of fun. It's something different every day and I get to meet lots of different people. We had a wedding in May that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson came to and I got to clear their drinks. LOL... it was fun though and they both seemed so nice and just at beautiful as they are on tv. I'm grateful for my job.
Patty picked this adorable little Tinker Bell outfit at a garage sale for Baily and she just looks so cute in it. Garage saling has definitely become one of my favorite things to do here and it's like a sport in these parts. People don't take yard sales lightly. It's awesome... almost addicting. I heart yard sales!
I finally learned how to make black beans for Robert like his mom makes and I didn't think Joaquin would like them but as you can see, clearly I was wrong. Pretty much every meal looks like this- Joaquin is one sloppy eater. Patty mentioned that he must be part dog (he eats dog food, is always rolling on the floor, licking things, panting) and I couldn't agree with her more.
On June 10th we welcomed 2 new little critters to our home. They are half Miniature Schnauzer half Chihuahua so we call them Schnihuahuas. They are brothers a little more than a year old and their names are Zeus and Jerry. Baily adores them. They are still adjusting to their new home and Zeus has a few problems that really concern me but for the most part they are good little fellas.
This past Saturday we went to a Pow Wow here in Lake Geneva. I got the day off from work and we were really looking forward to going to this. It was a little smaller than I thought and there were a lot of white people, lol, but it was fun. Baily and mostly Joaquin loved the drums and music and kept dancing along. It was however the first really hot day of the year and it was really humid too but it made it feel more like summer. It was fun to be with the family and enjoy some culture together.
Father's Day was pretty nice. Robert had to work which was a bummer and I had gotten a migraine the night before (from being out in the sun and humidity so long the day before) so I felt awful when I woke up and we didn't make it to church. Later on that morning Baily came in telling me so excitedly that Grandpa was at our house cutting the grass. I looked outside and sure enough there he was mowing our lawn. I was so touched by this. Here it was Father's Day, his day, and he was out there doing a service for us. I love my dad so much. Later on that day me and the kids went over to their house and had a delicious bbq pork sandwich dinner with the works that Patty made and I made a yummy cherry cheesecake for dessert. We hung out outside for a while even though it was a little muggy. We had fun though. After that we just hung out at home and waited for Robert to come home. He came home to a new golf set and he was so surprised and excited. It was great. I also made him Chex Mix, monkey munch and a strawberry cheesecake. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful man to be a father to my kids. He really is such an amazing dad and I love him so much. I was sad that I didn't get to spend time with my step-dad Gerald. I miss him and he's been such a great dad to me and support since he came into my life. He's an awesome Grandpa to my kids and they love him so much. I miss him! All in all it was a good Father's Day.
Here is a picture tour of our new home. I love it so much and feel so blessed to be living here. Baily has just been beside herself with excitement from the time we started moving to be in her own house and have her own room and all her stuff back. It's so wonderful and we look forward to many happy years in our home!
Yesterday Baily and I ventured out to the overgrown and unmaintenanced garden (yes I just made that word up) and picked the strawberries. There were so many. They weren't very sweet but nothing a little sugar couldn't help. Now we can mow down that garden plot and get it ready to plant a major garden next Spring. I can't wait!
Stay tuned for more...