Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing a little pampering won't help...

I feel much better today. I have a little congestion left but that's about it. I was pretty tired this morning and stressed with the 3 kids I took care of since none of them wanted to cooperate with eating, napping and being changed very well. Well, Baily actually did pretty well which was nice. And I got about 20 minutes of quiet time so I was finally able to finish my book, "Jane Eyre!" I know it's hard to believe that I loved it since it took me so long to complete but I really did love it. Some of the descriptive literature about landscape can be pretty boring but the main content is great. I'm excited to finally watch the movie now!

Gerald and Rachelle came down this evening and are staying here with us until Sunday. We're going to the Cardinals game tomorrow which should be fun. After they got here and after we ate dinner Rachelle and I went down to Mills Mall for some wonderful pampering. It's exactly what I needed to help me de-stress. We went to Fashion Day Spa where Rachelled treated me not only to a pedicure which I always love, but a manicure which I've never had the priviledge of having. I was in heaven let me tell you! I was loving the massage chair, the foot and calf massage and the hand massage. Afterward we shopped a little at Bath & Body Works and it was so nice not to have to worry about chasing or quieting a screaming little Baily. She got to stay home with Daddy and Grandpa Gerald. Then we enjoyed some gelato from Lombardo's Gelato and that was heavenly as well. Thanks again Rachelle for the spoiling. It was a lot of fun and helped me out so much!

We've got a busy, fun day planned for tomorrow and I'm excited about that. Thanks for all the encouraging comments and please keep on commenting... they really mean a lot to me! Ciao for now!


Anonymous said... I am,.....leaving you a comment. Thats cool you guys are having fun and spending time with Geraldo and Rachelle. Gerald actually texted me while he was there! So when are you coming here?! My Niece is going to forget about me if its not soon!! And even worse....shhh...come closer.....a little closer......She might start liking Alex more than me(GASP!!) So yeah, get your little buttute and Baily bug here would ya?! And Robert can come too if he is so inclined.....I suppose....maybe.....Ciao!


Logan & Lindy said...
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Cordova Family said...

Lucky Girl!! I love a great pedicure!! Hope you had fun at the football is football, right?