Sunday, August 05, 2007

Busy Family Saturday

Before you read check out this website to listen to some wonderful Sunday music. I love listening to this station on Sundays. It really helps boost the Spirit!
And also if you want some good reading or listening, this is one of my very favorite Conference Talks. It's called "Peace of Conscience and Peace of Mind." by Elder Richard G. Scott. I can still remember watching it and weeping like it was yesterday. I swear he was talking directly to me that day. Here's the link to read it but I highly recommend listening to it. while reading it.
Yesterday was busy, busy but it was all fun and family filled. During the morning we all hung out doing our own thing. Kenzie took advantage of Emely (Robert's niece) being over and got her hair done. Zach and Robert had fun playing Star Wars Legos on the X-Box. Baily just hung out watching and bugging everyone. She was fine as long as she had her juice.

After I dropped them off Robert, Baily, Andre and I left to take Andre school clothes shopping. After deciding we didn't want to go to the mall with Baily since she hadn't had a nap we decided to go see the movie "The Simpsons." We figured Baily would sleep through the movie. We went to the new Cinemark theatre on Dobson and the 202. It's such a nice little theatre. Emely and Martha met us there. I can't believe I agreed to actually see that movie but I must admit it was pretty hilarious. And Baily was awesome- she didn't cry once and sat and watched the whole thing. She was happy as long as she had popcorn to eat and my ear to tug on. I don't know what's with her and her fetish for ears but she can't live without someone's ear to tug on. We got off to a rough start though. After Robert got back from the concession stand he spilled he whole large coke. Right after they came to clean it up I dropped and spilled some of the popcorn. We couldn't even blame Baily. I don't know if they'll let us back in that theatre! Anyway, the movie was funny. There were some pretty shocking moments, like a small nude scene with Bart. But it was pretty good. And now after that movie I understand a lot more about my... ahem... up-top curves. You'd have to see the movie to understand and also know that I'm part Eskimo.

After the movie Emely and Martha went home and we went to eat at Friday's. Robert had a gift card for there that he got from his sister Loren for his birthday. I've never eaten at Friday's more than the two times this past week. It was good though. Andre was being a typical teenager and acting too cool to be with us. He lightened up a little after he ate and he got to pick the dessert we shared- Ultimate Strawberry Shortcake. It was sooo yummy!

Baily was getting pretty restless but she was being such a trooper.

After that we decided we better at least do a little of Andre's school shopping. We went to Target and found pretty much everything. He'll be looking pretty sharp for school. When we finally got home it was around 9ish. Baily played with her new little $1 shape sorting toy we got at Target a couple times (she's so smart- she picked it up so fast!), but didn't even complain when I told her to put the toy away and it was time to go night-night. Robert rented the DVD "Ant Bully." It was really funny... the half of it we watched. We were all so tired we sacked out before it was over. It's a good family movie we can finishe watching today though. I got up early to make the breakfast burritos for Robert I've been putting off but I realized it was Fast Sunday. I guess they'll just have to be a late lunch or maybe even dinner meal! Have a wonderful Sabbath everyone!

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collegegirl18 said...

Hey Sarah! Whats goin on? So, beau gave me your site here and I really really like this! So-i joined because honestly that was the one thing I really missed about myspace, was the blogging. And this is a great way to keep my friends and family updated! Anyway-hope you and your family are good! love ya, Rachelle