Monday, June 25, 2012

Motivational Monday: Rescued by Christ

Love, love, LOVE this!!!

Motivational Monday: Nike: "Voices"

My biggest enemy is myself. I'm done telling myself that I can't be the best, that I can't be a runner, that I can't be healthy. I will succeed. I just want to be awesome- and I will be!!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Motivational Monday- Mormon Messages: Words with Friends

Love this perspective and I needed the reminder to do better with my daily scripture study.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Texts on Tuesday

4.30.12 Me to Amy-Olivia:
"Hi Amy! It's Sarah- Baily's mom.  Do you happen to know when the field trip to the library is?"

4.30.12 Me to Elders:
"Hi there.  I'm so sorry for the late notice but I'm going to have to cancel our dinne appt.  Something came up.  I'm so sorry!  Are you guys all set up for the week?"

4.30.12 Jesse to Me:
"Thanks for the update"

4.30.12 Anne Marie to Me:
"No to this Friday Matthews great aunt and great grandma are going to watch him.  I think the 10th I have off and than one less day the week of Memorial day.  I can double check & get back to youif anything different with that."

4.30.12 Jessica-Alex Dunbar to Me:
"Alex and I are waiting here. Lol"
My punk nephew was sleeping and didn't hear Jess's knock.  Felt so bad she had to wait with her baby on our porch:/

4.30.12 Me to Babe:
"U just seem weird."

4.29.12 Me to Dad:
"Okee Dokee!"
We {heart} okee dokee popcorn.  Wisconsin rules!

4.28.12 Me to Beau:
"If i had a dog who was as ugly as you i'd shave his butt and tell him to walk backwards."
Can you guess what movie we were quoting to each other all night long?

4.28.12 Me to Beau:
"U make ur wheaties with ur mommas toe jam.  And u like it!"
Can you guess now?

4.28.12 Beau to Me:
"U play ball like a girl!"
You have to know by now!

4.27.12 Me to Alex:
"Relieved to finally know whats wrong and that its not all in my head."

4.25.12 Me to Alex:
"Remember when we went to yanni concert and u and i got up and started dancing?  Good times!"

4.25.12 Alex to Me:
"niki nana say say sa.  excellent times! [dax]"

4.27.12 Alex to Me:
"hes sis.  did you call me last night?  my phone was set to ring alarms so i didn't hear it.  i just show a missed call.  everything alright? [dax]

4.27.12 Me to Baby, Patty, Konny, Alex:
"Doc just called and said it is guttate psoriasis and prescribed me a steroid cream and i will meet with dermatologist in may to see if i need photo treatment.  She also said my labs show anemia and that i have subclinical hypothyroidism- whatever that is."

4.27.12 Alex to Me:
"all those big words look hard to pronounce and if a word is hard to pronounce, i'm scared of it.  are any of these serious or urgent? [dax]"

4.27.12 Me to Alex:
"They have to be addressed and i will have to be on medication for rest of my life but its all manageable and now that i finally know whats wrong i can focus on getting better:)"

4.27.12 Patty to Me:
"Time to google"

4.27.12 Me to Patty:
"Doing that right now."

4.27.12 Patty to Me:
"Me too"

Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Monday

Have you done any good in the world today?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Texts On Tuesday

So in order to post my daily feature on the actual day it's supposed to be posted I will be trying to prepare them the night before.  So the "Texts On Tuesday" will actually be texts from Monday.  So without further ado...

10:15am Me to Rhiannon:
 "Hi. Do u think u could pick up joaquin for me? If u have plans no problem. Just thought i'd ask."
  Asked my friend to pick up J from Pre-School so I wouldn't have to wake up sleeping babies and she did.  I love her:)

10:45am Me To Babe:
"Can u take 1/2 day today?"
Wanted hubby to come home early so I could go to an app't I forgot about and also to the Dr.  He couldn't so I couldn't.

3:06pm Jesse To Me:
"Thanks Sarah, pics help me not miss them so much!"
Mom to 2 of my daycare boys thanking me for sending her some pics of her sweet boys.

3:41pm Konny to Me:
"Get to an internist!!!  It's not your anemia.  Get your thyroid checked.... what is your hct let level?.  You can be jaundice from anemia or liver function problems.  Do you have any hepatitis?  You really need to be seen!!"
My Aunt Konny's response to some medical questions I have and a pic I sent her of my yellow fingernails.  Scary stuff:/  So grateful to have my Aunt Konny, though, and her medical expertise!
6:49pm Anne Marie to Me:
"Okay this week you will have Matthew Wed & Thurs.  Hope all is well.  Ps believe his giraffe is there or lost."
Another mom of one of my daycare babies.

Ok... so I decided I also want to post this text conversation I had with my best friend/brother Beau, even though it's from last Thursday, because it left me smiling for days and I want to remember it.
Beau to Me:
"Thanks!  How r u my sister?  I miss the old days when we used to just hang out in eachothers rooms and u listened to my stomach make noises."

Me to Beau:
"Lol.  I miss those days too.  And playing with your wiggly earlobes."
Beau to Me:
"And spying on u guys thru the doorknobless door..."

Me to Beau:
"And me punchinng you so hard when u got caught.  Lol"

Beau to Me:
"Hey..... thats not funny"

Me to Beau:
"Crack the egg on the tramp and gpa's awesome tire swing"
Beau to Me:
"Yikes!!  Go to the basement!"
That was after I sent him a pic of our tornado clouds.

Beau to Me:
"And gpas stilts....and him walking up behind us and snapping us with rubberbands."

Me to Beau:
"I'm picking up the bug at school.  Its passing though.  Gpa's homemade salsa with chips and the cousins playing may i."

Beau to Me:
"And getting grpa back with a rubberband cuz he would always fall asleep watching basketball.  And bringing in little critters for grma to see."

Me to Beau:
"And her saying naughty words.  Car cities outside with amy and cool forts with booby traps"

Beau to Me:
"Aw man!  Car cities were my favorite thing in the world!!  And mom making special family home evening treats sometimes.... like mud pies with worms!"

Me to Beau:
"Hide and go seek in the dark and dancing with gabby."

Oh man we had such a great childhood!!

Motivational Monday

I just read this talk today in my personal study and it's so profound and just so awesome.  I so love Pres. Uchtdorf and I'm ever grateful for his wisdom.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Text On Tuesday

I saw this feature on my friend Sara's blog and I really liked it.  I think it's an interesting and unique way to take a peak into your life and the daily goings on.  Yesterday was actually a light texting day for me which is unusual but here goes anyway:)

Me to Dad:  U awake?
My dad just had open heart surgery and I was trying to get a hold of him to see if he was up to visitors (he wasn't).

Rhiannon to Me: Did u call?  Im at the brewer game.
I had called my friend to see if she was coming to the Book Club meeting but apparently I forgot she was at the Brewers game.

Pete-Alex to Me:  Fyi I will be picking up alex a little early today.... I should be there by 415...
One of the dad's of one of the sweet babies that I watch.

Shalese to Me:  If any leak or have crystal beads,please let me know or clumps of material.  Thank you!!!!
My friend and mom of one of the sweet little boys I watch.  She's doing a diaper study and was giving me instructions about what to do with the diapers.  Oh my glamorous life.... lol!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivational Monday

I LOVE this video.  It speaks peace right to my soul and is just so encouraging.

At this time in my life I think this quote fits perfectly.  It's always been one of my very favorite quotes from one of my very favorite people.
“Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he’s been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to just be people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is like an old time rail journey…delays…sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling burst of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride.”
Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming Soon...

So I was doing well getting back into the blogging jig after we finally got our internet back and then Bam, our computer doesn't work.  Well thanks to some help from one of my very best friends, my brother Beau, I now have a beautiful new laptop (named Blue Steel because it's blue and sexy and strong).  I've never had such a nice computer that works so well and is just so awesome!  So now that I have the tools (internet and Blue Steel), I am excited to get back to my blogging jig.  I'm going to try something a little new in an attempt to keep my blog interesting.  I will do daily features. I openly admit I got a lot of these ideas from other friends' blogs and some of the ideas I came up with on my own.  I hope it proves interesting and enjoyable.  So starting this weekend here will be the following features:

Monday- Motivational Monday
Tuesday- Text on Tuesday (idea from Sara Murdock's blog)
Wednesday- Wordless Wednesday (idea seen on multiple blogs)
 Thursday- Thoughtful Thursday- musings from my mind
Friday- Flashback Friday- pictures and memories from my past
Saturday- Smiling Saturday- pictures and blessings that I'm grateful for- that make me smile
Sunday- Weekly Family Review

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge February 19, 2012

Something I Hate To Do
Clean my cast iron grill... love the grill- hate the mess!

Photo A Day Challenge February 18, 2012

My drink consumption pretty much only consists of the h2o these days.

Photo A Day Challenge February 17, 2012

The time I saw The Vow for GNO

Photo A Day Challenge February 16, 2012

Something New
Not exactly new, but new to us- our weekly gettings from the library.

Photo A Day Challenge February 15, 2012

Apparently my Kub needed to check the weather forecast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge February 14, 2012

Thanks to the Cerniglia fam part of our Valentine's day dining included a heart shaped pizza:)

Photo A Day Challenge February 13, 2012

Mondays are Goodwill day and I just so happened to get some organizing tools that were blue too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our house February 6th- 12th... 100th Day, Suns Game, Valentine's, A Reading Kub, Momma Red & Other New Stuff

We had quite the eventful week here at the Casa de Dominguez.

 This is just some pics of an ordinary dinner of our family dinner but I thought I'd share our routine.  We eat dinner (this night it was a yummy Santa Fe chicken dinner dish I created) while talking about the day (no tv allowed!).  Then we read family scriptures which at the time is the suggested weekly reading of The Book of Mormon taken from The Friend magazine (Joaquin's coloring the color chart that goes along with it in the picture).  After that we get out our family journal and we each take turns talking about 3 things- what we did for somebody that day, one thing we are grateful for that day, and what the best part of that day is.  After that the table is cleared and then we have family prayer.  And the kids cannot have family prayer unless they are given their gummy vitamins first.  On Monday nights FHE is between the family journal and the family prayer.  It's simple and it works for us and I LOVE it!!

On Tuesday night Robert and Andre and our friend Jeyson got to go to a Bucks vs Suns (they were going to see the Suns, not the Bucks) game.  The tickets were ridiculously cheap.  They had a good time:)

Wednesday was Baily's 100th Day of School.  She was told to bring 100 of something that would fit in a small brown paper bag and then she had to give 3 clues about what was inside.  She took 100 little pink hearts and her clues were: 1. an important part of the body, 2. love, and 3. pinkalicous.

She also wanted to bring a snack for their 100th Day of School party.  After much deliberation it was decided that we would put together 100 snacks snack bags.  They consisted of 20 M&M's, 20 pretzels, 20 Goldfish, 20 Kix, and 20 Cheerios.  We got an assembly line together and made 18 bags of 100 snacks snack bags.  She said they were a big hit at school.

I decided to be ambitious this week (while neglecting my messy house I might add), and get the kids' Valentine's made.  Thanks to Pinterest we found the perfect ones to make.  Baily decided on Butterfly Valentine's because she is, after all, Baily Bug.  I wanted her to be a lot more involved in making them this year instead of me doing most of them so I broke it down into 3 steps that we did over 3 days.  It helped in that she wasn't overwhelmed by all that needed to be done in one day.  Step 1 was to address each Valentine and then sign her name.  This was the most tedious step.  Step 2 was to cut out the butterflies and then add the foam heart stickers.  Step 3 was to make the hole punches, put the sucker in and then add the google eyes.  She loved the way they turned out and I think they're adorable!

I don't even know if Joaquin will be passing out Valentine's in his Headstart class this year but he really wanted to make his own Valentine's this year so I gladly obliged.  He decided on Super Hero Valentine's which were perfect for him because superheroes are his life right now.  I did most of the work on these but he helped by putting the stickers on the capes.  Daddy helped too.  He was so proud of them and I think these turned out dang cute too.  He's going to take them to his friends at Headstart and give some to his Travelling Preschool friends.

This is a common thing around here.  Kenai LOVES books and he loves to read to himself.  He doesn't necessarily want me to read to him but he still loves books.  And I love that he loves books (minus the having to pick up books at least 3 times a day!)!!

I got a Kindle Fire this week.  Two words... LOVE. IT.

We finally got new bedding.  I can't even tell you how bad we needed this.  Our old bedding had holes all over it with batting coming out everywhere and none of it matched.  I got a nice down comforter on clearance at Target for $24.99 and the quilt and shams for $19.99 at K-Mart.  Score!  Robert thinks it looks like an old lady's bed but I think it looks cute and comfy:)

I've been hearing so much about Zumba lately (my mom is now an instructor!!) and after seeing how much I love Just Dance on wii I decided to get Zumba for my wii.  Two words... LOVE. IT!!!  This totally kicks my butt workout wise and it's so dang fun.  Plus I'm pretty dang good at it which is pretty awesome.

 Most exciting thing this week was- I got a new (new to me) van!  Ol' Blue (our old van) was good to us but she needed to be replaced big time.  Her brakes were going, her battery died all the time and the side door didn't work.  So, without further ado, meet the newest member of our family... Momma Red!  Isn't she purrty?  She has working brakes, 2 working side doors (no more climbing through the front or back!), great breaks, working batter, was a great deal and she's my favorite color- red!  SO excited:)

Robert and I were very lucky to get to go on TWO date nights this weekend.  We swap with another couple every month and it just happened that their weekend to watch kids was Friday.  And because we weren't able to go to the temple last weekend we got to go yesterday instead.  It was great!  So on Friday Robert and I went and saw the movie Chronicle.  There was quite a bit of language which I hate but it was a pretty crazy and good movie.

 We almost didn't make it to the temple again this week because we were so late with the whole buy the new van shenanigans.  But I'm so glad we did.  It was beautiful and amazing and just what we needed.  Talk about a perfect Valentine's day weekend!

After we got home and the kids were nestled in bed I made Robert and Andre watch my new movie- Breaking Dawn.  I was so excited to get this movie.  It's a really cool edition.  It came with "authentic prop flowers from the wedding scene beautifully encased in an acrylic keepsake" which included "an individually numbered certificate of authenticity."  How cool is that?! I actually couldn't make it the whole way through but I can watch it whenever I want to now:)

Today Baily is sick so I'm at home with her.  I have not been to church in 3 weeks because Joaquin was sick, then my car wouldn't start and now Baily's sick.  I miss church.  I feel like an inactive.  But I have to say... reading to my girl for hours and snuggling with her and enjoying the quiet is not too bad either:)

So that's our week in a nutshell.  I'm hoping my girl gets better, none of the rest of us get sick and we have a great week.  And I hope you do too:)