Thursday, August 02, 2007

Water Fun
Today was a nice day. On Thursdays and Fridays my nephews Bryan and Tyler stay at our house so their Abuela (Grandma) can watch them. While she works I tend to them. It's pretty stressful but I do love the little guys. Baily absolutely adores Bryan- most of the time. They have a very strong love-hate relationship. This is Bryan with Baily. A lot of people think he looks like he could be our kid. My mom actually thought for a long time when Robert and I were first dating that Bryan was Robert's kid. Anyway, they loved each other at the time of this picture and they just look so sweet!
As I've mentioned before, Baily loves Winnie the Pooh. We watch one or two of his videos at 2 or 3 times a day. She's finally learning the other characters' names. She calls Piglet "Piggit" and Tigger "Tigga." How can something that simple be so dang cute. I hear her say it all the time but I still crack up every time she says it. This talking stage is so much fun!
And I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not but Baily is a chocoholic. She seriously has to have her chocolate fix every day. It doesn't matter what kind- Hershey's kisses, M&M's, fudgecicles, whatever. Today her choice was a Mr. Goodbar. And being a chocoholic myself I always seem to have some on hand. I'm such a bad mom. The big news about Britney Spears lately is how awful a mom she is because she feeds her kids soda and Doritos. (Seriously?... find something better to do with your time people!) I wonder what they would say about me and my daughter's addiction to chocolate?
I finally caught up in my Book of Mormon reading today. I read from 3 Nephi 29 to Ether 7. I read about the final destruction of the Nephites. It's so hard to fathom the loss of a whole nation of people. I can't even imagine. I wonder sometimes if our world is as wicked as their world was at this time. I wonder how much more wicked the earth will be before the Second Coming. It's scary to think about but exciting at the same time. It definitely motivates me and gives me such a strong desire to be righteous and worthy now so I'll be prepared when that time comes. I also read about the faith of the Brother of Jared. Faith is one of my favorite principles of the Gospel and I have really tried to focus my reading of The Book of Mormon this time around on learning more about faith. It's still hard for me to comprehend the kind of faith that the Brother of Jared in order to surpass faith into pure knowledge. It's truly amazing. It was a lot to read today but I'm grateful I did it. I feel like I got a major spiritual boost from it. I just need to work hard to keep that boost and that Spirit.
Robert finally went today to go get some sand for Baily's new sandbox. It was pretty hot when he was putting it together and after he finished. But Baily was too excited to let the heat prevent her from playing with her new toy. The picture didn't turn out well because it was so bright and probably too stinkin' hot. Well I didn't want her to overheat so I turned the hose down just to give her a little spray to cool off. Yeah right! She would not let me turn the water off. I got sick of holding the hose and spraying her so I just put the sprinkler on. She had so much fun. Of course Bryan had to get in on the action too. They had a blast. Robert joined them not much later. I didn't get any pictures because my memory on my camera was full. They sure did have a blast though! Good summer times!

Robert and I rented the DVD "23" but weren't able to watch it. We wanted to wait until Baily went to sleep but by the time she fell asleep Robert was already asleep and I was too tired to watch a whole movie. We're so old! Maybe we can finish it tomorrow. Wahoo it's gonna be Friday!

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