Monday, August 06, 2007

Spoiled ROTTEN!!

Wow... Baily and I were totally spoiled rotten today. After we woke up and got ready for the day Rachelle came and picked us up to go and have brunch with her at Mimi's Cafe. It's one of my favorite restaurants and it's kind of like a tradition to eat there with Gerald and Rachelle. I couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch but after she ordered the zuchini parmesan for an appetizer, which is a given every time we go, I decided to stick to our routine and get lunch. So like always, Rachelle ordered

the turkey pesto ciabatta, I ordered the 5 way grilled cheese and we split it. I was only able to eat the grilled cheese though so I saved my turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow. They are both soooo good. I just realized how much I blog about food. Hmmm.... oh well, I love food! Baily enjoyed bits and pieces of our food. She is a total ranchaholic. In the picture she's dipping the cheerios they gave her in the ranch. She can be pretty gross sometimes!

Anyway, we had a great lunch with the girls!

After lunch Rachelle took us on a shopping extravaganza which was totally unexpected. We went to AZ Mills Mall. I was pretty worried and stressed at first because Baily was being rotten. It was right around nap time when we got there and we didn't have a stroller. After she threw a tantrum in the first store and after my shoe broke I told Rachelle I was afraid we were gonna have to go home. She offered to rent one of those stollers there at the mall and I got some new shoes. After we got those things taken care of we were good to go. Did I mention that we were spoiled rotten today? Well we were. I felt bad but Rachelle wouldn't take me saying no to anything for an answer. Baily got the cutest outfit for her birthday party complete with shoes, adorable new pj's, a bag of cookies from Mrs. Field's, and a bag of all kinds of candy from the candy store. She also got her ears re-pierced at Claire's Boutique. After I called Robert and got the go-ahead from him, as well as guilt trip, we decided to do it. She had them pierced before when she was like 7 or 8 months but lost one of them in the bath and by the time I went to put another one in it was closed up. So today we finally got them re-done. I was sure she was going to cry more this time than last time. You can tell in the first picture that as soon as we sat down in the chair she started getting really nervous. She cried more before they were even pierced than after they were actually done. And you can tell in the middle picture that I was freaking out almost as much as she was. As soon as the girl was done with the second hole Baily cried for like 5 seconds is all and was ready to go back in her stoller "car."

The earrings are cute little rainbow flowers and she looks so cute with them. She was really tired afterward so she wouldn't really let me take another picture so I had to wait until she went down for a nap.

Aren't they so cute? I just love them! Bubba also got some spoilin' as well. He got this adorable little bear outfit (it looks almost like an Ewok outfit actually) and some really cute little train shoes which are special because Grandpa Gerald works with trains. Robert wasn't left out either. Rachelle got him a very delictable caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I warned him that he better eat it soon or I'll eat it for him. And of course I was spoiled rotten also. I got 3 adorable shirts and a comfy skirt from Old Navy that should be big and comfortable enough to get me through the rest of this pregnancy. They're so cute. So here's all of our spoilings that we got from the mall today, in addition to the yummy lunch at Mimi's.
Although she was pretty restless by the end of the trip, Baily really did pretty well considering she didn't have a nap. By the time I took a picture of her with Grandma she was done as you can tell from her grumpy face. But we had a really good time with Rachelle today and it was so nice of her to spoil us so much. Thanks Rachelle!

Something really bad did happen today though despite all the good stuff. Baily lost her po-po (that's what she calls the pacifier), at the mall. Now I hesitate even writing about this because I know there are so many people and reports out there saying how bad it is that she still had a po-po when she's this old. I do fully intend on throwing it away for good as soon as she's two and when I'm determined I usually follow through so don't judge me until after her 2nd birthday. Anyway she's horribly attached to her po-po. After Rachelle left and I was getting ready to put Baily down for an extremely overdo nap I decided I might as well get her off the po-po now. Robert volunteered to put her down for the nap. Well afte about 15 minutes of intense crying and screaming I went in for back-up. She calmed down a little but then she went crazy. Hitting, screaming, sobbing, turning purple... it was horrible. She finally fell asleep but it was a horrible, horrible task getting her there. Needless to say, we took a walk to the store after her nap to go get her 2 new po-pos. I know I only have like 3 or 4 weeks left but I'm just not mentally ready for that task yet. But just wait, by the time she turns two I'll be mentally prepared and I'll be able to say "bring it on Baily!"- just not a minute too soon!

Before Robert, Baily, Tyler (Robert's nephew), and I went on our walk to the store I put a Digiorno's pizza in the over for dinner. Robert asked his mom to take it out of the oven when the timer went off. By the time we got home it smelled kinda weird in the house. When I went in the kitchen I realized that the oven was off but there was no pizza to be found. Cande turned the oven off when the timer went off but forgot to take the pizza out. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the pizza was a little bit too charcoaly to eat. So instead we enjoyed a nice Little Ceasar's pizza on Cande. Hee, hee... it was pretty funny. I also got pretty spoiled by Robert in that he let me rent a chick flick to watch... for like the first time since we've been married. We always get action or sci-fi or comedy DVDs. I finally got one I wanted to see though. It's called "Catch and Release." It was an ok movie, kind of slow. I guess I'm just used to all the fast paced movies we usually watch. And on top of the movie I got to get some delicious ice cream. It was a perfectly sweet ending to a perfectly sweet day!

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