Friday, August 24, 2007

Bi-Weekly Menu

I posted a menu before but unfortunately we were broke so I couldn't get groceries. But after working out our budget and with the help of the baby-sitting money I was able to make my menu again and am excited to stick to it and keep within in our budget. I making it a goal to not eat out except for the planned nights that have been budgeted for. I really like looking at other people's menus and recipe ideas on their blogs so I thought I'd do the same. If anyone's interested in any of the recipes let me know and I'll start posting them. My guidelines, as I said before, are soups or crock pot meals on Saturdays, breakfast dinners on Sundays, homey type meals and dessert for FHE on Mondays, sandwich night on Thursdays (football and softball game nights) and out to eat of Fridays. I just adapt to different activities or changes in my schedule. I love cooking... it's one of my favorite parts of being a mom/homemaker! So here's the menu!

F- Taco Bell ($15 limit), 2 desserts for Elder's Quorum party- mud pie cups and banana berry chocolate dessert pizza
Sa- chili beans, cornbread, carrot & celery sticks with ranch dip
Su- Tyler's birthday party bbq at Loren's, in charge of bringing pasta salad
M- beef stew, rolls, peanut butter squares
Tu- Italian sausage & peppers, french bread
W- baked penne pasta, cheesy garlic bread, salad
Th- hot colby ham sandwiches, chips
F- potato soup, rolls
Sa- Baily's birthday party- Barro's pizza, Cande's fresh fruit salad, fresh veggies & dip, chips, Fran's birthday cake and ice cream
Su- pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs & sausage
M- chicken surpreme with gravy, frosted orange cookies
Tu- red beef enchiladas, refried beans, spanish rice
W- meatball subs, fresh veggies & dip, chips
Th- chicken teriyaki stir fry with rice
Yummy! I'm so excited... let's just hope we can stick with it. I have my grocery list ready with price matching and all!


Alex said...

I wanna be there for that chicken teriyaki and to hang out with my sis and niece and Robert. I know I'll be there Friday for sure and be there til Monday so we can chill and I can help you guys with whatever. Love you sis!

Cordova Family said...

Your menu ideas sound delicious!! What night should we come...I'm glad you reminded me about the dessert for tonight's party! I totally forgot! See you tonight!

Becca said...

I want your baked penne pasta thing. I need to cook more, but am really sick of rotating the same 10 recipes!