Monday, November 03, 2008

Reflections of Christ Slideshow

I thought we could all use a break from the cares of the world and reflect on Who we can turn to peace. This is so beautiful! O how I love my Savior!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Americas Choice Now - Video.flv

This is a HUGE reason I voted for McCain. I got emails with this video and it was so powerful to me. I have been feeling like I was voting for the lesser of 2 evils but after watching this video I feel so much better and good about voting for McCain. I feel so strongly about this issue and being in favor of pro-life (especially after reading the awesome article about abortion in the October Ensign). Call me anti-choice or whatever you want but having first-hand experience as being a mother I KNOW babies are a separate spirit and individual person from the time of conception. Anyone who has felt the excitement of hearing that heartbeat for the first time has to know what I'm talking about. I just had to share this!

October Bailyisms

10.1 Joaquin was playing in the pantry and almost knocked over a jar of spaghetti sauce. "Careful chunkers! That's for s'ketti and meatballs!" We've never had meatballs with our spaghetti.
9.? I said something to her and I called her B which I often do. "Mom! My name's not B. It's Baily Bug, ok!!" Then Robert said something and called her Bailers and she said the same thing" Dad! My name's Baily Bug, not Bailers. Gosh!"
10.2 Robert and I were on the couch talking and she came and told us she needed to go potty. When we didn't take her she put her arms and and said disgustedly "Somebody, I need to go to the bathroom!" and then she rolled her eyes, sighed and went to the bathroom waiting for one of us to help her. We were dying laughing!
10.9 I was clipping her toenails and may have gone a little too short (oops!) and she said "Crap mom! That hurt!" Uh...
10.9 She was playing on the floor and rubbed up against my leg and it may have been a while since I shaved (oops) and she said "Mom! There's bugs all over your legs and they hurt." I told her it was just hair and I needed to shave. She then says "Yeah mom, you need to shave. That's gross." Thanks B.
10.10 She went to give her daddy kisses after he woke up and when she got close she said "Ooh daddy. Sinky! (stinky)" Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks her daddy suffers from halitosis.
10.16 I asked her to come help me clean up her room and she was watching Enchanted. She told me "Can't you see I'm busy mom?!"
10.26 She was talking to Joaquin. "Hey there little fella." (She watches a lot of Toy Story).
10.27 She looked up to her dad and so sweetly says "Dad. You're my best friend."
10.31 After a night of trick or treating walking to my MIL's house she says with so much excitement "I LOVE Halloween!!" and raises her arms in triumph!