Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Kenai Patrick Dominguez born 9.26.20 at 1:59am
8lbs 1oz
20 inches
Oodles of pictures and details to come later... But for now we are happy and so in love with our new Kenai Kub:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the Gymnastics Fun Begin!

Guess who was so excited to start gymnastics tonight?!  She has been counting down the days since we signed her up about a month ago and the time finally came.  She had to choose between this, swimming, soccer or dance and after a very hard choice between this or swimming (she changed her minds a couple of times before finally deciding) gymnastics finally won out.  Robert and I were bummed because they don't let parents watch except on special observation days but she didn't seem to mind that we weren't there.  In fact I think she even preferred us to not be there- lol.  Anyway, she had a great time and I think she's gonna love it for the next couple of months that the class lasts.  Her she is showing off what she learned at her first class- the bridge.  What a talented girl;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Birthday That Won't End...

So today when the mailman came it was like Christmas for Baily.  She had 3 packages delivered to her.  The first was from her Uncle Alex and new Aunt Katie (they just got married a couple of weeks ago) and was the movie Freaky Friday which she loves and has been wanting forever.  The next was from her Grandma KB (my awesome mom) and was this A-MAZING hellokitty blanket she made for her.  Baily has this cute hellokitty coloring book that she likes to send pages to my mom from and so my mom made her this awesome blanket.  Isn't is AMAZING?!  Seriously!  Baily LOVES it!  Next was a package from her Great-Grandma Brown and Tia Franci.  It had an adorable dress (that came with a matching purse that B was so excited about), a really cute butterfly necklace made out of her birthstone (sapphire) a fun coloring activity and a movie we left in AZ that Baily's been missing like crazy- High School Musical 2.  It also had a card with $5 in it- woot!  And even greater is that Joaquin got in on the action too- my Grandma included some Buzz Lightyear jammies and toy cars for him.  He was SOOO excited about the Buzz jammies and wanted to put them on right away.  Thanks everyone for all the love you have for my kids!  What a great day for mail:)

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Tea Party Anyone?

On Friday after we picked up the Bug from school we decided to take her to Target to spend her birthday money.  After carefully combing all the aisles and weighing all her options she decided on this Disney tea-set and "The Cat in the Hat" DVD.  As soon as we got home she popped her movie in and set up her tea-set and had her tea party with Mr. Pooh Bear (and a certain pesky little brother).  Have I mentioned how much I love this cute girl?!

A New Sheriff In Town...

So Joaquin is OBSESSED with all things Buzz and Woody.  A while ago we got him these super awesome Buzz and Woody cowboy boots that he LOVES!  For the first 5 days or so that he had them he refused to take them off- he even slept with them.  He doesn't refuse to take them off as much anymore but he still loves to wear them.  Last week we got him a little Woody toy (he has a ton of them now) and it came with a Sheriff's badge and belt buckle.  We found out that it was on clearance because it was so cheap and fell apart so easy but he loved it.  I'm pretty sure he's the cutest little Sheriff in these here parts:)

We love the park!

Since we've moved I've made it a point to go to a park at least once a week.  One of our favorites is the park right next to Robert's work where we go when we are too early to pick him up for work.  The kid's love playing and I love watching them:)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Baily Bug Turns 5!!

Baily has had quite the 5th Birthday.  It all started yesterday with celebrating her birthday at school.  Her request was pink sparkly cupcakes so that's what we made.  While the cupcakes were cooling and waiting to be frosted her naughty little brother decided to get his sticky little fingers in the cupcakes to sample them!  He's such a naughty little monkey!  Thank heavens we were able to cover up the holes with frosting and sprinkles;)  And she also was so excited to wear her little diva outfit for her school birthday.  Man she's cute:)
 Next on her request list was to make these bagel pizzas she saw in her Friend magazine for lunch.  It was a pretty simple request so I acquiesced her request.  And they were actually quite tasty:)
After school we came home and changed into warm clothes complete with sweaters (wahoo for cool weather!!!) and went to the park for a little bit while we waited for Robert to get off work.  After we picked him up we headed over to the mall so the kids could play around at the kid's play area and they had a blast.  Simple, free fun!  Then they got their Happy Meals and we headed home.
Then today was the big day! Party time.  This year Baily and I decided on a Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party since she loves Alice in Wonderland.  She invited 7 of her bestest friends and lots of family.  We had about 4 of the friends show up as well as Grandma Patty and Uncle Eyan.  It was super windy but nice and cool.  Because of the wind I wasn't able to decorate like we had planned or do our cute little teapot frames but we still had a great time.  We had yummy food at the "tea" party complete with mad hatter hats and tea cups.  Then they had fun with the pinata and playing at the playground together while us adults got to visit.  Then she blew out her candle (only one would stay lit 'cause of the crazy wind) and opened up all her awesome gifts.  It was fun and we had a first- Baily didn't cry.  It's her first birthday party of her life that she has not had a melt-down and cried... wahoo!  She's growing up so fast and man I love her!!
After we got home and relaxed a little bit (B didn't waste time playing with her new toys- I think the doll was a success;), it was time for her birthday family dinner at IHOP.  She as well as Robert and I, all had coupons for free Rooty Tooty meals so we feasted and it was delicious.  We enjoyed talking about how much fun Baily had had for her birthday this year and how much we love her and are grateful to have her in our family.  It was a nice dinner and what's better is, it was free!  I'd say Baily's 5th birthday has been a total success and I'm pretty sure she'd agree.  Happy birthday my sweet Baily Bug!!  I love you all the way to the moon and back:):):)

Friday, September 03, 2010

And we're... caught up!!

Woot!  Blog is finally caught up.  There are a lot of posts so make sure to scroll down if ya' wanna see them all:)  Now the trick is to stay caught up... the story of my life!  And also, if you wanna see the pictures or collages in a bigger size just click on them and they should get bigger for you.  Now I'm off to be even more productive;)

School Days

The time has finally come in the Dominguez household for school days.  Baily started her first day of 4K on Wednesday September 1st at Irving Elementary School in the PM class.  On Monday we got to go to Irving Days where we got to see the school, turn in paperwork, and meet her teacher and see her classroom.  Her teacher is Mrs. Zens and she's exactly what I would picture a sweet, 4K teacher to be.  Baily fell in love with her.  She's been excited to start school ever since the fiasco last year and this last week has been nothing but anticipation and excitement.  She did great on her first day with nothing but smiles and happiness and was so excited to go the next day- yesterday.  I think it's going to be a great year.  Her only disappointment is that she doesn't get to go all day.  She missed the cutoff for 5K (all day Kindergarten) by 3 days.  I think she might be a little bored because she pretty much knows everything she's going to learn this year, but she'll have fun anyway.  She's definitely got a very cultural class with kids from all different backgrounds and all different colors which I love.  And I am very grateful for a PM class since we are so not morning people around here.  So far we're off to a good start so I say "Bring On the School Days!!"
First Day... could she be any cuter?!  I was a crying baby but she was all smiles!  Joaquin wanted in on the action too.  He has to have his backpack just like his sister when I drop her off and pick her up.  But he wants nothing to do with the actual going to school  He's gonna miss her- he sure loves his sister.
Day 2 looking cute as ever and still so excited:)

Summer Updates x2

My Summer Lovers!!
Last week Robert called me with the exciting news that a co-worker of his game him some free tickets to a Brewers game that night.  I told the kids we were going to a big game and for the rest of the day all I heard was how excited they were to go the "Big Game."  They didn't really know what they were going to but they were excited.  We had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun.  We only stayed until the 7th inning stretch since it was such a late game but we had such a fun time.  Baily's favorite part was the racing sausages and her delicious ball park hot dog!  What more could you ask for than a free night of family fun?!
One of the things we have loved most about moving to the city is there's so much to do!  We have loved discovering the parks, library and pools.  We were excited to have our friends come join us to go to David Schultz Aquatic Center for a day last week.  It was an awesome water park (only $8 for both Baily and I) perfect for kids that are my kid's ages.  They had a blast!  We enjoyed a yummy picnic in between play time (thanks Rachel!) and it was just a fabulous Summer day.  We will definitely be getting a swimming pass next Summer for all the pools and water parks around here:)
One of the favorite parks we've found is Greenfield Park which is right down the road from us.  It's huge!  It's gorgeous- like a little wonderland forest in the middle of the city.  The kid's love the playground and I love the scenery with the lakes and woods.  Both times we've gone we've seen deer.  I can't wait until I'm in the position to be able to bike, walk and run the trails there!
Every year Pell Lake (where we used to live) has a day called Kid's Day Out put on by the Police there.  It is awesome!  They have free games and rides, free food and they put together a child identification kit for you in case you ever lose a child.  Then they have this huge raffle at the end with TONS of prizes.  Last year was our first year and the kids had a blast so I made sure we went this year and we weren't disappointed.  It's so awesome that they do all this for FREE!  I really do miss living in that great area... it's one of a kind:)  Anyway, we had fun and it was a bonus that we got to spend the day with my Dad and Eyan and the kids got to see Amber and Brandy.  It was a great day!

Summer Updates

My kids had fun with their slip & slide this Summer on the days that weren't too hot (momma just couldn't handle the heat this Summer) and before we moved.  And of course, everything's funner with a friend.  Baily and Amber have been such good friends- it's so sweet!
I had the awesome opportunity of getting to go to Girl's Camp with my Elkhorn YW.  It was the hottest, most humid, buggiest week of the Summer.  It was really hard to endure.  But at the same time I had a blast and wouldn't trade that time for anything!  I LOVE, love, love my YW and the time I had to spend with them was priceless.  The theme was "Oh the Places You'll Go" and all things Dr. Seuss.  It was so awesome.  One of the hardest things for me about moving was having to leave my YW calling and my girls.  Oh how I love YW!
In July my awesome step-mom Patty put together a lovely baby shower for me.  I was so grateful to have so many of my ward friends, family and neighbors show up.  We enjoyed great food, chatting and I got some awesome gifts for baby Kenai!  Thanks Patty for the great shower!!

More Updating...

Just a random day with some cute kiddos!
Joaquin is in LOVE with all things Buzz and Woody!  He watches the movies a couple of times a day and is always playing with his Buzz and Woody toys.  He was so EXCITED when we went and saw Toy Story 3.  So cute:)
We had a really fun Memorial Day.  Robert got the day off so we went to the Elkhorn Ward's Annual Pancake breakfast and had a good time with all our ward family.  Robert, being inspired by his tv hero from "Man Vs. Food" decided to enter the pancake eating contest.  He ate 20 pancakes but was sadly defeated by Elder Thiel who ate 21.  Needless to say Robert didn't eat much the rest of the day.  After the breakfast we went to Genoa City Park with my Dad & Family for a bbq and to enjoy the great weather and good company.  Later that evening we went and visited my Roath Grandparents graves and had a nice FHE there about life after death.  It was great to reminisce about my wonderful grandparents.  I sure miss them.  It was a great Memorial day!!
I've mentioned it before on here I think, but my little Baily Bug is quite artistic.  She loves to draw and color and build things with her blocs or whatever random things she can find.  She LOVES all Tim Burton movies and her art is very similar to his.  I know she doesn't get it from me.  It must be a little from her dad and mostly from her Uncle Alex.  I love this trait about her though!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

AZ Trip Continued...

April AZ Trip

We got to go to AZ to visit our much-missed families back in April.  Man we missed them!  We had fun eating lots of good food, having a second Easter, meeting new family members, visiting old friends, getting family pictures done, playing lots of May I, eating lots of good food!, going to a family reunion and mostly just enjoying our family.  We sure do love and miss our AZ family and are so grateful we got to go spend a few weeks with them.  We can't wait until the next trip!  (I really wish I would have been better about taking pictures- especially in Mesa:/  )

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be patient...

So apparently my computer decided to be attacked by some nasty virus so I'm having trouble uploading pictures and stuff like that.  Just when I was so gung-ho on getting my blog all updated and staying on top of it... ugh!!!  We are working on getting it fixed so please be patient with me and know that this time I'm not being a slacker:/

Monday, August 30, 2010

Let the updating begin...

Just a fun day at Genoa City Park sometime in the Spring.
My step-mom Rachelle came to visit us around Easter and it was so nice to have her here.  Baily was on Cloud 9 to have Grandma Rachelle make a special visit to see her!  We had fun going to Chicago and celebrating Easter with her:)
We had a nice Easter- we watched General Conference and the kids loved getting their baskets and hunting for eggs.  Then my dad & fam came over to our house for a nice Easter dinner complete with ham and all the fixin's that I prepared as well as Patty's traditional Easter Bunny cake.  It was a very nice Easter:)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Things to Come

This is just what I needed to hear right now. I can so relate to this young family. I'm so grateful for this message!

Friday, June 04, 2010

My Little Ar-teest

Lately, Baily's favorite thing to do is draw or color.  She's gotten so good.  Robert has some artistic talent and some of my cousins and Uncle on my mom's side do too so that must be where she gets it from- definitely not from me.  Anyway- I love her art and I think it's just awesome.  We submitted the caterpillar picture to the Friend magazine and are hoping it gets printed.  She asked me how to spell "caterpillar" so she could label her drawing but apparently she ran out of room so she had to add the last letters to the first part of the word.  It's priceless;)  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a...

Think snips and snails and puppy dog tails... It's a bouncing baby boy!  I was surprised because I was sure it was a girl but I'm so excited.  Baily took the news very well (she was holding my hand and being so sweet throughout the whole ultrasound- so tender and sweet:) and said "I wanted a sister but it's ok mom- I'll still love a new brother."  I love her.  He was very active and made it very tough for the tech to get her measurements and he's measuring big- no surprise there.  I'm excited that my posterity is following the path of my family- me, a girl, as the oldest, followed by boys.  Baily starts school this Fall so while she's growing up and away from home more Joaquin will have a little buddy to play with.  It's going to be crazy but we are all excited and very grateful that he's healthy and well.  We love him already!!