Saturday, December 29, 2007

Doin' Better

Yesterday was a much better day for me. Some days you just gotta endure through and it will all be better the next day, ya know? Anyway we took Robert to work and stopped by McDonald's on our way back. I don't know what it is with me and McDonald's lately but it really needs to stop. Anyway after we ate we got showered and cleaned up and then we took a little nap. Well I napped while Baily was falling asleep and once she did fall asleep I was able to finish a letter for my mom and get some pictures ordered to finally send her. After Baily woke up I got Joaquin fed and changed and in a deep sleep so Baily and I could make a quick run to the Wal-Mart. I had to get the oil changed in the van and get some last minute gifts for our Christmas in Show Low this weekend. After we got home we just hung out for a bit. Then we went and picked up Robert at work and stopped at Barro's for a pizza on our way to bring home. Baily was so disappointed that we weren't going in so she could play. We promised her we would next week. Poor baby- she's so confused with all the changes sometimes. So it was a busy day of running around but no crazy emotions and I was grateful for my nice little Baily Bug. We're headed for Show Low in about an hour until Tuesday so I'm so excited for that. I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs while I'm up there. Thanks for all the comments and sorry I haven't returned any of them but I promise I will soon. Love you all!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yesterday was a pretty tough day for me. I think all the broken up hours of sleep caught up to me and I was sooo tired and drained of all energy yesterday. And it didn't help that Baily was rotten, rotten, rotten. She was so naughty and it was all I could do to not ring her neck. I love that little girl so much but when she's being naughty it drives me insane. I was so sick of hearing the whining and crying I wanted to scream. My poor little boy was probably sick of hearing her crying and me yellling too as you can tell from his disgruntled expression while he's sleeping. By the middle of the day my stres level was at an all time high. Things got better though when Robert got home from work. My man pulled through and had me laughing and smiling again before long. He took Baily and Bryan to the store so I could have a little peace and he was so sweet and loving to me and did all he could to cheer me up- and it worked. I love him so much! And on a sidenote I can't believe my baby boy is already 2 weeks old. Time needs to stop going by so fast!

Back to the Daily Grind

There's not much to say about yesterday. It was a day of trying to get back to somewhat of a routine- back to the daily grind. I think I'm starting to finally get used to the adjustment of having 2 little ones to care for instead of 1. I think I'm starting to get my groove back... I'm feeling much better- just very tired, and I spent the day doing housework and getting my house back in order after the Christmas tornado and just trying to get Baily back into her
routines for the day. It was a long day with Robert being at work until 8 and then going to play basketball after he got home from work. He did get me some McDonald's though so I forgave him for going to go play church ball. Sorry for the boring post but it was really a boring day so I can't do much with that. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Joy and a Moody 2 year Old!

We had a very nice and simple Christmas at home this year. There was a lot of joy and I really enjoyed having time to really think a lot about the whole reason for the holiday- my Savior Jesus Christ and how grateful I am for His birth. We woke up Christmas morning with 2 very excited parents and a very moody little girl. First, here's the pics I didn't want to show before of Baily's gift before, during and after it was made.
It was in a million pieces. I knew what to expect though after reading a lot of reviews. Most of the reviews I read said it would take 4-6 hours to put together but my manly man only took 2 hours. Way to go babe! He was so proud afterwards to. Anyway after we woke up Robert ran out to have the camera ready and after I got Joaquin all "Santaed" up we were on our way to the living room to see what Santa left. Well you can watch her reaction... not exactly what we were hoping for. Oh the joys of having a moody 2 year old! After not too long though she was checking out her new kitchen and playing with it like crazy. She didn't even want to open up the rest of her presents- she would get annoyed with us every time we asked her to open one up because it would take away time from her playing with her new kitchen set. So we let her go at her own pace. Eventually all her gifts were open and she was so confused. She didn't know whether to color, watch her new DVD, or play with which toy. It was so fun watching her- way more fun as an adult... more meaningful. We had no place to go and no agenda for Christmas for the first time I think in my life and you know what? It was great! We got to stay at home and veg out and do everything at our own pace. I took my time preparing a lovely ham Christmas dinner, we stayed in our pj's most of the day and Baily had fun playing with all her new toys. After she woke up from her nap however, watch out! She was in a foul mood. Gerald and Rachelle had to come down for a quick trip for a family need for Rachelle and they were able to stop by for a couple of hours. Baily was pretty naughty to them but they got to see the baby and have some good food at least. After they left we just did more vegging and just enjoyed Christmas together. It was simple but fabulous!

Christmas Eve Frenzy and Festivities

I had a great and busy Christmast Eve. The main part of the day I busted my hiney with cleaning, laundry and facing the crazy people at Safeway to get some last minute stuff I needed. It was a mad house out there in the public world... traffic, parking and lines were crazy! It felt good to get my house clean and in order though and to be on top of things again. We celebrated Christmas with Robert's family on Christmas Eve like we always do. I made some beef enchiladas and we also had my MIL's tamales... yum. Then we opened gifts and the kids had a blast. Baily and Joaquin got some great stuff from their Abuela, cousin Emely and our sweet neighbors aross the street. Kinda funny... the neighbors couldn't remember what Joaquin's name was so the tag said to Xavier. It was cute and we got quite a laugh out of it. So now we can add Xavier to the list of names for my son to be called... lol. After the games I had to feed my baby and the everyone else played an intense game of Catch Phrase while my MIL watched the little ones. Everyone seemed to have a great time and their was definitely a strong family spirit of love felt. I loved it! That's what Christmas is all about. After everyone left Baily and daddy finished decorating the cookies for Santa and put them out with some Mountain Dew. Apparently, as Robert informed us, Santa's not a big fan of milk and likes Mountain Dew better. Then after that Robert, Baily, Andre and Cande all watched the Polar Express. The video is really dark but this is what Baily and her daddy do everytime the hot chocolate song comes on in the movie... the hot chocolate dance. It's priceless! I went to feed the baby while they were watching the movie and ended up passing out myself. After Baily was asleep and Robert got started on wrapping presents I finally got up to help him. We made sure that all the presents were wrapped and under the tree and Santa ate his cookies and drank is Mtn. Dew. I think Baily was just as excited as Baily would be about giving her her kitchen set. It was so sweet. When I was a kid I remember thinking that Christmas must be no fun when you're a grown up but I have to say I love Christmas as a parent... it's even more magical!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Today was a pretty lazy day for me. Beau and Eben left early this morning to go back up to Utah. It was sad when they left... I'm really gonna miss them. It always feels so good for me when I'm around my family and it's been great having them around these past couple of days. And they were such a great help. I love you guys! Alex got to stay until about 5 which was great to have him around. I feel so bad though because I was such a bump on a log today and he was probably so bored. I got Baily ready for church this morning in her special Christmas dress and she looked so beautiful and precious. She was a little bit grumpy as might be able to tell but I still thinks she's adorable. Don't you agree?!

While her and Robert were at Church I took a nice, long, much needed nap. Then I watched a little tube with Alex. When they got home from Church Baily was so happy. She had a great time at church as she usually does and she made this so cute Christmas ornament and got a really sweet gift from her nursery leaders that she was all excited about. It was a sort of yearbook with pictures of all the kids from her nursery class along with what descriptions of what they like. It was so cute and so nice of them to do that for the kids. Alex left a little bit after they got home and I'm really gonna miss him too. It's a good thing I'll get to see them all again next week. After he left the house felt so empty. Baily and I watched the Grinch on tv and just enjoyed some one-on-one time with each other. She was such a sweetheart and it felt so good to have that special bonding time with her. Robert made some spaghetti for dinner and then we just vegged after that. We put Baily to sleep and now here we are. I've been blogging my brains out (not a good idea to put it off for so long!) and Robert's been working as Santa and putting Baily's Santa present together. You're gonna have to wait to see the pictures though! It's been quite the busy week but it's been wonderful and I have so much to be grateful for... mostly my family!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas With My Sibs

Yesterday started off a little bit hectic but ended up being a fabulous day. Zach and Kenzie were dropped off around 9:00 and my brother Alex had gotten here late the night before for our Christmas celebration with all my mom's posterity. It was sooo great to all be together. When they got here Beau and Eben made a yummy egg and ham biscuit breakfast. We had to hurry up so we would make it to my Aunt's on time to have a phone call with my mom. My mom hasn't been able to talk to Zach and Kenzie in over a month and it's been killing her so it was really important that they get to talk to my mom. On the way there Zach kept saying he didn't feel well and asked me to pull over. I wasn't sure if he was faking it or not, but when I pulled over and he puked everywhere I was so grateful I took his word for it. Poor little guy... but at least he fell better when he puked and we were glad to know he wasn't faking being sick. The phone call with my mom was wonderful. I only got to talk to her for like a minute but she was happier than I've heard her in months and that just warmed my heart. I hate when she's sad and depressed but when she's happy it's so great. After we got home it was present time. My mom sent some awesome stockings she made filled with goodies that she shared about her prison life. We were cracking up at some of the stuff she sent us... especially Beau's used toothbrush. While we were going through our stockings we listened to a tape my mom made with a Christmas message for each of us of her posterity and it was so great to here. I think we were all in tears at the heartfelt message she had for each of us. We also opened up the gift she sent each of us of a beanie and scarf she crocheted. They were awesome and we all loved them. Zach also got to open up the X-Box my mom worked really hard to earn for him and can you say excited?! He was so happy and he wouldn't set that thing down after he opened it. So our little Christmas ended up being awesome and I'm so grateful for that. After their dad picked them up I fed my son and got my baby girl down for a nap. Then me and my siblings went to Target for a little more Christmas shopping. I found exactly what I needed and it wasn't as crowded as I thought. We came home and I fed my baby and got him settled and made my grocery list. Baily went with Beau, Eben and Alex on some errands they had to run so I could get my grocery shopping done. I really wanted to have all my shopping done before Monday on Christmas Eve. So I was off to Wal-mart and got my shopping done with a huge sigh of relief. After I got home I needed to feed my baby again. Everyone ate dinner and while they were watching a movie I got some stuff of my own done. While Robert was putting Baily to sleep we decided to play May I?. It's a family card game that we've been playing for years and we were long overdue for a good game of May I?. Plus we had to teach it to Eben so she could officially be part of the family. We were all so tired and if anyone would have seen us they probably would have thought we were drunk. Poor Eben had an itchy face and the rest of us just looked pathetic. We were laughing hysterically at the stupidest things but it felt soooo good to laugh like that. I love spending this kind of time with my family. We didn't make it through the whole game- we skipped a couple of hands- but we had a blast. Alex won because he cheats (lol Alex). And Robert never made it out to play with us since Baily fell asleep pretty late. But we had so much fun and I love my family so much! What a wonderful day!!

Going Red

Friday was a bit of a rough day for me. I dropped off Robert at work because I thought I would need it later in the day for plans that we had with my little brother and sister. We were planning on them spending the night and having our Christmas with them but it didn't exactly happen as we planned. The daytime went pretty well and pretty uneventful if I remember correctly. I started feeling uncomfortable and a lot of pain which I found out later was a UTI. Yuck! No fun!! So later on in the day I got a call from my little brother saying he wasn't comfortable staying at my house and didn't want to spend the night. That was really hard to hear and I felt awful about it... my feelings were really hurt. Anyway there was a lot of drama and it ended up being really stressful. I was really glad to have Beau here to go through this with me because I know he was feeling exactly how I was feeling. In the end though it worked out ok... my little brother and sister just decided to come over on Saturday for our Christmas and not spend the night. It was a bummer but ok. So our night was left open. I went and picked up Robert and when we got back we had some good ol' Digiorno's for dinner. After dinner Beau and Robert gave me a blessing for my UTI. I was feeling it big time and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Robert gave me a beautiful blessing and I know it came directly from my Heavenly Father because it addressed exactly what I was feeling and having issues with. I'm so grateful to have family who worthily hold the Priesthood that can be used for my benefit whenever I need it. So after I got my blessing Eben graciously dyed my hair for me. I'm embarrassed to admit but I had a huge gray stripe of hair so I really needed to get rid of it. I'm only 24 for crying out loud! Anyway I decided to go for red and it ended up being great. Eben did a great job and I really love my new color. I feel like one hot momma! Later on that night I ended up calling my Dr. and he called in a really strong antibiotic for me which Robert went and picked up. I was out after I took it. So Friday was pretty rough for me but again, I'm so grateful for the help and support I had to get through it. Heavenly Father really does use His children as instruments to bless us and I'm so grateful I have so many willing to be used as instruments in His hands to bless and help me in my life! Oh and BTW... I just want to mention that my son has definitely got the peeing on his mommy thing down. I was warned about boys being sprinklers and Joaquin definitely fills that responsibility well... lol!