Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Plain Day

Yep... today was just a plain day. Mya was feeling better and Baily was great. I read a lot of scriptures in addition to my regular reading. It was a bunch of different scriptures that were recommended in a pamphlet I'm reading. That extra reading really is a Spirit booster and motivator- especially when you're studying a certain principle. Baily and Bryan had fun outside this evening while Abuela was spraying them with the hose as you can see from the videos. And Baily learned how to count to four which is amazing! I'm such a proud mom but I honestly think she's a genius or something. She also practiced a little on her tricycle but she was kinda soggy and wet so that didn't last too long. Other than that I have nothing else to really write about. Enjoy the videos! Tomorrow's like my day off so I'm excited for that- except for the cleaning part. Good night every one and... you guessed it... comment please!

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