Friday, August 10, 2007

Better Hormones Today

I had some slip-ups today but they were personal so I'm glad that I didn't take it out on anyone. I was actually in a pretty good mood today. I felt almost giddy at times which was nice. My baby girl was great which helps out a ton. Bryan and Tyler were over and they were pretty well-behaved as well. Baily took a nice long nap without any of the drama. Hallelujah!

After her nap and lunch it was time for some good old summer time fun. Her and Bryan had a blast playing with the new slip and slide, much different than yesterday. The pictures didn't turn out so well because it was so bright and hot out. But I guess that's the best kind of weather for some slippin' and slidin' action. And of course, in usual summer tradition we had to follow up the fun with some nice cold "pops."

After we came in and showered we Baily and I had fun listening to music while I was making my new playlist and dancing. Music is so healing and uplifting to me. And it's even better when Baily's bustin' some happening moves. She cracks me up. After dinner her, Robert, Bryan, Tyler and I went outside. It was a nice peaceful evening. It was warm but not too bad. Baily and Bryan played in the sandbox, Rob and I chatted and Tyler just hung out in his walker. Before we went in the kiddos enjoyed another "pop." It's summer so I guess I'm more lenient than usual!
I have to make a note that I found the most incredible thing in the world. Gold Bond! I have been suffering with a horrible rash for about 3 or 4 weeks and the medicine the Dr. prescribed has done absolutely nothing for me. This stuff is denintely a "tender mercy of the Lord" for me. I itch so bad at night that it's all I can do to not scream and cry. It's awful. After I put this stuff on it was such a nice cool relief. I had one little itching attack but nothing comared to what it's been the past few weeks. It feels like Listerine for your skin. So if any of you are suffering with a bad rash... Gold Bond's for you!
Well this might be one of my shortest posts in a while. I have personal things I'm struggling with and working on, but I really don't have much to complain about. Today was a nice summer day all in all! Tomorrow's already Friday... this week went by fast!

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