Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cardinals Fun and Scorching Heat

Today was a busy, fun, fun day. We got off to a pretty early start. Robert and I weren't able to find a baby-sitter for Baily so we ended up taking her with us for the day's events. We started off at The Good Egg for breakfast. When we found out that Gerald and Rachelle got us tickets for the Cardinals game they said we had to get the breakfast. Nice deal huh? Anyway they said the only stipulation was no Taco Bell. We were gonna take them to Burger King but decided that's a crap deal. Ha ha ha... so it was The Good Egg. Robert and I had never been there but it was quite yummy. And Robert, Baily and I got a pretty good reaction from everyone about how cute our little family was all decked out in Cardinals clothes!

So after breakfast it was to the big game! We were all pretty excited. The game started at 1 and we got there around 11:30. We were pretty worried when we got there and found out the general parking was like 3 or 4 miles away. I thought there was no possible way we were going to walk that far in that heat. Luckily though shuttles were provided to the arena. And a good thing too, or I would have suffered a heat stroke. At 11 this morning it was already at 105 with no sign of a cloud or breeze. It was a scorcher. Once we got to the stadium the excitement started to hit us. They had this majestical music playing on the outside like we were entering the grandest most inspirational event in the world. When we got inside we found out that it doesn't look as huge as it does on tv. It was still so impressive though. It's a really nice stadium. Our seats were pretty far up- only 4 rows from the very back. It was pretty cool though because we could still see pretty well. Baily did surprisingly well at the game. She was tired when we got there and after a nice nap on Grandma she was good. During the last quarter she started to get pretty restless so I took her down with about 6 minutes left in the games... which translates into about 25 minutes in football time. Gerald and Rachelle helped a lot with her by taking her on walks and getting goodies for her thank heavens, or I don't know if I could've handled her by myself. The beginning of the game was exciting and there were a couple of really good plays. Then it all went down hill from there. It's really sad when we lose badly to a team like the Texans but I guess it's only pre-season and they didn't play any of our good players.

Altogether we had a lot of fun at the game. I hope we get to go again sometime. However... never again on a super hot day like this. It wasn't bad at all inside- after we got out though it was honestly like stepping into a sauna. It was soooo hot! It was plain miserable. I seriously think it was at least like 113 out there. Once we finally got to the car and got going on the road with the air blowing full blast it was ok. And it was even better once we went to Olive Garden, drank a ton of fluids, cooled down, and filled our starving tummies. I don't know why on earth I live in hell on earth temperature wise. Besides the horrible heat though we had a lot of fun today and I'm grateful Gerald and Rachelle gave us this awesome opportunity!

Now that we're back home it's going to be a night of resting in the wonderful air conditioning, maybe watch a movie and I'm sure we'll all be crashed soon. It's going to be nice to rest tomorrow... I love Sundays!

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Alex said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. I would havve watched the niece for ya if i went, but I had a mixer and movie to go to and I was pretty broke after this week and getting the car. haha. Anyway. love you sister.