Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pretty Boring Day

Today was very quiet and relaxing- and for the most part boring. It was a nice break though. I had a lot of free time to spend entirely and with full attention to Baily which I always love. We tried working with flash cards for the first time today. It didn't go so well as you can see. She threw a fit when I wouldn't let her have the cards to play with on her own. She did calm down though and she was much more cooperative when I let her hold the cards. We only worked on shapes today but she's pretty much got circle, oval and square down. She's so smart... she must get it from her momma! We also spent a lot of time with books. She's always liked books but she's so independent that she wants to "read" them by herself most of the time. After a while though she actually let me read some of them to her. She's so much fun. Oh I love her so much!

We tried going outside to go play with sidewalk chalk earlier in the day but it was so freakin' hot. Baily was drenched in sweat within like 30 seconds. She didn't want to go inside but I seriously thought either her or I would have a heat stroke. That girl loves to be outside and the heat doesn't bother
her- but it bothers me! So after dinner it cooled down quite a bit and was nice and breezy. It looked really stormy and although there was quite a bit of lightning there was no rain. But Baily and Bryan took advantage of the nicer weather and had fun playing with the chalk and in the sandbox. Robert's at church playing basketball and Baily's almost asleep already. She's watching her Pooh movie and last time I went to check on her she was barely able to keep her eyes open. I'm pretty tired myself too. We've got a busy next 4 days ahead of us so I think I'll make it an early night! Good night and I would love to hear from you!


Becca said...

I want to know where you got your shape flash cards from. I need to get some for Brooke. That's cool that's she learning so fast. What a smart kid!

Beau said...

Yo Sista! Sounds like everything is going alright. Yeah I need to know where you got those flash cards too, Ive been meaning to learn those darn shapes for some time now,...and numbers too if those are available,...and oh yeah, colors as well,..I got a lot of catching up to do. I suppose I should start one of these blogs sometime huh? but where is the time?? I guess if you could find time then so can I. Anywho, love ya! Ciao!

Cordova Family said...

She's getting so big and so smart! I learned to just the let the kid hold the flash card and then she can show you them and you tell her the answer, and that's how they learn...from YOU! Brilliant I know!

Alex said...

What a good day. I'll see you tomorrow and I hope all is well. I'll call you for directions because I'm very very bad at them. Haha. Love you guys so much!