Sunday, August 12, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Today was nice and easy breezy. Well... except for the stinkin' hot weather. Have I mentioned how much I really, really hate this stupid heat? Well I do! Anyway, Church was nice and the Spirit was strong. I always feel so grateful to take the Sacrament and start clean and fresh for the week. There was beautiful music, talks and lessons given and it's always a treat to visit with my ward friends. We just chilled and ate and rested after Church which was nice and relaxing. We carried on our 2nd night of tradition with our Sunday breakfast dinner. It doesn't look so great in the picture but we had french toast (I make killer french toast!), hash browns, eggs and bacon. Yummy!

Baily was excited to be sitting at the big girl table instead of her high chair. I don't foresee her ever wanting to sit in her high chair again. So I know this is like record small for a post for me but nothing much to report for today but just nice and easy... easy like Sunday morning. (You have to sing that last part!)

Oh and thanks for the comment bro. Rachelle I your comment only came to my email but thanks for the comment... next time put on the comment section please so I can have it to keep and look back on. Thanks! Everyone else reading, and I know you're out there- please, please comment. I know it seems simple but they're so exciting for me and really keep me motivated to keep blogging!


Cordova Family said...

I'd like to try your killer french toast, and I'll be the judge!! I'm sure it's delicious. I love easy Sundays! They're always easy!!

Janel said...

WOWZERS I can barely keep up with all of your posts!!! SO much to comment on!! LOL I love that you put Newsies on there, I am a clost Newsies LOVER from back on high school. Hot hot is Christian Bale? (before he did all his wacko movies that I would never watch!)Yes, you are emotional and all tht preggo stuff, but don't be so hard on yourself! You are an awesome mom. And WTG on the babysitting job, as much as I grumble about babysitting, I feel SO blessed that I can work and contrubute financially and still be at home with my kiddos. You will be blessed, and hopefully you will get something that will allow you to maximize your time at home.