Friday, January 05, 2007

Well it's good to be home! And guess what showed up at my house tonight at 10:00? That's right! My suitcase! Yippee!! I'm so happy and so grateful. And now Baily has a lot more clothes since we all bought more for her on account of not having any for a while. So I'm blessed once again. You know what? I truly am so very much blessed... I really never have any reason to be unhappy. If I can only remember that when the hard times come. My husband was told today by the Doctor that he has a fatty liver and needs to lose about 10 pounds and stop eating fast food, eating healthier and exercising. I'm excited about this because now he can do the program with me. I haven't followed through since we got home- not excuse... just laziness. It's been crazy trying to get back into the swing of things but that's no excuse... I should've been more prepared. But I'm not down on myself about it. I'm just excited to get prepared to start next week with my hubby... I'm not sure if he wants to go on an all out BFL challenge but I know he'll definitely be striving for a much healthier lifestyle which will help in support to me. And plus I got all my BFL books and stuff back in the suitcase today which will help a lot in the planning and following through. It's gonna be great! Yesterday was pretty much a day of sleep. I was so tired from the crazy travel schedule. Then at night I went to Robert's first church basketball game of the season. It was fun. I got to chat with a new girl in our ward who seems like a sweety. I love ball season! Today was busy trying to get the house in order and stuff... still have a lot more to do tomorrow. And I got to go to lunch with my cousin Becca and her baby and my other cousin Lauren at my most favorite restaurant... Someburros. It was so yummy. My daughter on the other hand was quite the little brat. I think she's still a little messed up from the crazy travel schedule yesterday. It's good to be home but I do miss the fam up in Wisconsin already. I love them all so much! My life is truly blessed and if nothing else I accomplish this year- I want to start focusing on enjoying all my many blessings so much more! Good night!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Not bad, not bad...
Today has been a pretty okay day. For some reason I seem to be full of negative emotion and I have no one to blame. Sometimes I feel like I can't control my emotions and I hate that. I woke up feeling good and going strong. I had a good HIIT but not the best I could because without a good sports bra it's hard for someone in my condition (ahem... huge boobs) to run. But I'd say I hit at least a nine in my high point and I had some major sweat going on which is always good. I'm already starting to feel sore in my legs and my upper body is sore as well from yesterday's workout.
As for nutrition it's been okay. I have decided, I think, to do my free day on Sundays except for special occasions and then I'll change the day and possibly one free meal every other week. I'm either going to do that or just two free meals a week. I can't decide. But I did have a free meal today (I know, I know... it's only day two!), but I feel somewhat justified in that it is my last day of vacation here in Wisconsin with my family and my parents took me out to a restaurant. I could have eaten somewhat clean but I didn't. But I did have some control and didn't go crazy which I'm proud of. And instead of letting that ruin the rest of the day I finished clean. So instead of getting down on myself and feeling like all I was doing was rationalizing a bad choice I'm going to rejoice in my success of the rest of the day and look forward to having a perfect week for the rest of this week one.
After we ate I went shopping with Baily, Patty and Eyan at Wal-Mart and then we met the guys at a car dealership where my dad ended up deciding on buying a new truck. It was a little lengthy but it was nice to be together all as a family and have that family time before we leave in a couple of hours. Baily slept on the drive home so it was very hard to put her to sleep tonight. I get so frustrated and overcome with emotion when she's so restless and I can't get her to sleep when I want her to. I hate when I get like that. She deserves a patient, loving and tender mom. So I decided to pray for patience and to be able to overcome all that negative emotion and within a couple of minutes I felt this overwhelming feeling of love for me sweet baby and was much more patient with her until she finally fell asleep. So I feel better about that. However I feel bad that I've been such a grouch with my husband. I keep saying things to him to the effect that he doesn't even miss me and is bummed out that I'm coming home. I know that's not the case but I know what's bothering me is that I feel like he doesn't even really need me. Like when I'm gone he has all this freedom to play his X-Box and spend all this time with his mom and family and like he enjoys that more than all the time he spends with me. I know it sounds stupid and is not true but that's how I feel. And also when I'm gone his mom does everything for him so I just feel like he doesn't really even need me. I hate feeling like this and I hate making him feel bad by acting so sour with him. Hopefully I'll be able to overcome these feelings when I go home and see him tomorrow.
I still have to finish packing and reading my scriptures and planning so I guess I better wrap it up. I'm gonna have a long, hard prayer tonight to get help with these seemingly uncontrollable emotions I'm having right now. I have too much to be grateful for to be acting and feeling this way. Maybe I need to get some sort of therapy or something. But for now I'm gonna focus on my faith in Christ. I know He knows how I feel.

Monday, January 01, 2007

It's All Good

Today has been great. I had a great UBWO (Upper Body Workout) even though it was with my dad's home gym as I am still here in Wisconsin on vacation visiting my dad and family. He has a home weight combo machine and a few dumbbells. It was a great workout and I felt an instant energy boost from it. I was also squeaky clean on my nutrition regardless of all the junk food I'm surrounded with. I felt really good today. Of course I always feel good on my first day of BFL. So far this year I've kept all my goals and resolutions. Go me! I love the feeling of a fresh new start to a new year with all the new goals and ambitions. And it's especially awesome that it started on a Monday this year. I love it!

One of my goals was to set aside some "Baily" time every day... at least 30 minutes of my uninterrupted attention. I think it's going to be great. Today I just played with her and her new little toys and read and sang with her. It really helped me in the fact that I feel like a better mother. And I also feel like a better mother not drinking soda because then she doesn't want it. I drank so much soda and of course she wants whatever mom has so she was drinking too much soda as well. She's way too young for that. She also eats my healthy food as well because like I said, she eats whatever I eat. It's great!

She's growing and learning something new every day. I just cherish her so much. I hate when I get impatient with her but I'm really working on it. I know the energy boost from a healthier lifestyle will help so much with my patience with her. These are the things she says now: who's that, pizzy (for pizza), cheese, momma, grandma, dad, all done and other things I can't think of right now. She signs the words for I love you, thank you, eat, drink, more and please. She's just so smart. Most of the time she has a smile on her face. Oh how I love my little girl!

I started the Book of Mormon again today. It's been too long since I last read. Oh how I love the Book of Mormon! It's such a powerful tool of peace and guidance and love. I remember my old Bishop Olsen telling me how there are people in our ward who have not missed reading in the Book of Mormon every day for like 15 years. That's so inspiring to me. I want to be like. I think the longest I've gone with consecutive reading is like 3 or 4 months... it's always the most easy-going time in my life. It's not that I haven't had any trials at those times but I'm just better equipped to handle them. I had a chance to bear my testimony of it to my brother Jensen today. It felt good to be able to share that with him. He's got a lot of issues and I so want him to find happiness in his life. I love him so much. I love all my family here in Wisconsin so much. I wish so bad that they could share in the peace and true joy that the gospel brings to me in my life. They will some day!

I've decided to just put my faith in Christ that He will help me to get my lost suitcase back. It was lost on our trip here. It was full of pretty much all of Baily's clothes, all my BFL books, my expensive calculater, mine and Baily's journal that I've been keeping for her, all her shoes, my tape measurer and I don't even know what else. I'm so disappointed and saddened because the journals and my family Book of Mormon that I read and made a lot of personal notes and stuff in are irreplaceable. And to top it off it wasn't even my suitcase- it was my Abuelita's that I borrowed. Oh yeah and my dad and Patty's Christmas gifts. I can never afford to get them Christmas gifts and the one year I do it's lost! It's very, very frustrating. I pray with all my heart I'll get it back. I will fill out a claim form and the American Airlines are supposed to compensate me for everything but I'd much rather just get the suitcase back. It's definitely a trial of faith and righteousness on my part. I could totally beef up the bill on the airline's part because since they lost the suitcase(which I have faith they didn't) they technically don't have proof what was in there. I could say I have a $10,000 ring in there and they wouldn't know. But it's not worth my integrity to lie about this. I'm glad they're willing to compensate me for my lost but it can really never be paid back in full. So I'm going to have faith that I'll get it back but if not I'll be honest about what I lost and just get the things that I can, back. Maybe that suticase was an answer to someone else's prayers... like a mother who desperately needed clothes for her little girl. And as a bonus she can be healthy and find the gospel as well! It's all about faith in Christ and trusting His will.
We pretty much only have one more day here in Wisconsin. I miss my husband and the comforts of my home but it will be sad to leave. It's been so nice spending time with the family. I'm so grateful for my family. My dad and step-mom have been so generous and helped in buying a lot of clothes for Baily. My dad also bought me some new running shoes which I'm so excited about. I don't even remember the last time I got new shoes let alone Nikes! I love my family so, so much!
Well 2007 has been a great year thus far! I love you for always!!!
A New Year A New You... errr Me, I mean... A New Year A New Me
Happy New Year! Wow it's 2007 already. I must say that 2006 was a great year with unforgettable experiences such as achieving my life goal of receiving my Endowment and getting Sealed to my lover for time and all eternity in the temple. There really are so many experiences that were great and meaningful but also many trials that hopefully I learned something from. It was definitely a year of ups and downs for me... as I suppose life will be. As I look forward to this year I'm really focused on working on me... a new me. I've decided that I want to commit to running the Walt Disney Marathon with my Aunt Konny and family in January of 2008. That means that I need to lose lots of weight and really commit to a training regime. That also means that I can't get pregnant at this time if I'm to accomplish this goal. This has been a hard decision to make as I'm quite baby hungry and I feel this urge to have another child. A part of me feels selfish for putting off having another baby for almost two more years but at the same time I really think it would be better to improve my health and lifestyle so I can be a better mom not only to a new baby but to my precious baby girl I already have. She's one of the best things in my life and she deserves the best mom I can be... wish is not what I am right now. I have no confidence in myself and really do not like myself a lot. I have no energy to keep up with her and it's affected my patience with her. She doesn't deserve my impatience or lack of attention. My husband deserves a wife that's happy most of the time... not an emotional wreck that I am. He's the best husband I could ask for and I'm so in love with him. I can't lose him because of my weaknesses. I'm so excited for this year because this year, unlike so many others, will be the year that not only I make goals to improve myself, but to actually follow through with them. I got new running shoes thanks to my pops today and I got a nice MP3 player for Christmas so I'm ready to go. I'm still on vacation in Wisconsin right now visiting family but I have everything I need to start ANOTHER BFL challenge tomorrow... and you know what? I'm gonna finish it this year come hell or high water!! But words are nothing without actions to back it up... so I'll just prove it to myself. I CAN DO THIS! My list of goals and resolutions is pretty long, but I know I can be successful in them. What's gonna make the difference this year you say? Faith in Jesus Christ- that's what. So Happy New Year 2007 and get ready- 'cause I'm gonna kick your butt!