Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a...

Think snips and snails and puppy dog tails... It's a bouncing baby boy!  I was surprised because I was sure it was a girl but I'm so excited.  Baily took the news very well (she was holding my hand and being so sweet throughout the whole ultrasound- so tender and sweet:) and said "I wanted a sister but it's ok mom- I'll still love a new brother."  I love her.  He was very active and made it very tough for the tech to get her measurements and he's measuring big- no surprise there.  I'm excited that my posterity is following the path of my family- me, a girl, as the oldest, followed by boys.  Baily starts school this Fall so while she's growing up and away from home more Joaquin will have a little buddy to play with.  It's going to be crazy but we are all excited and very grateful that he's healthy and well.  We love him already!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So my big ultrasound is a week from Wednesday.  Baily is insistent that she must have a sister or else.  Joaquin doesn't have a clue about this whole baby business.  Robert thinks a boy and I think a girl.  What do YOU think?!  (FYI- Robert was wrong about the first 2 and I was right;)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Whatcha Think?

So my hair needs help.  My dad, my usual hairstylist, is down and out due to some major back sugery so I will be setting up an appointment with a great friend who I hear happens to be a great hairstylist.  I really wanted to grow my hair out but that's not happening right now so I shall just pursue a cute short cut instead.  So out of the 3, which one's your fave for me- as in which one do you think would look best on me?



3.25- Robert home for breakfast since he works late (oh how I love that man!), Taco Bell tacos and Dr. Pepper, my kid's love for fresh fruit, Baily going to play at Grandma's, blog caught up, nice chat with Patty, kids' dance party, Everybody Loves Raymond, finally getting laundry at least started, nice long phone convo with bro Beau and excitement for trip to AZ!, watching New Moon with the Bug, Robert making me toast in bed and kissing me to help me feel better

3.24- ice cold Sierra Mist, worried I had pink eye but it wasn't, Robert home early from work-yay!, nice walk around the block with the kiddos- it was brisk and it felt good, finally cleaned my kitchen, first grilling of the year- Robert made bbq ribs that were so good, watching Criminal Minds with the hubby

3.23- another nice & sunny day, nice night's sleep, hubby feels better today, repentance, new music on the ipod- love the new Danny Gokey album, kid's having fun outside with their daddy

3.22- snow's all melted & sun is out, kid's playing outside, lazy day but lots of quality snuggle time with kiddos, Zofran, my awesome VT and their scripture challenge for me, nice little snooze with Joaquin and Baily, watching B sing and dance to Lady Gaga on her bed in her room, hubby brought home Chinese food (was craving it all day) for dinner, Sierra Mist, Dancing With The Stars started, playing princesses and castles with Baily, watching New Moon with Baily