Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A little better.

So I woke up today feeling a little better... I was at least able to breathe a little clearer. And for the first time in a couple of weeks I finally got a pretty good night's sleep last night.

Today was pretty easy going. I don't have Mya on Wednesdays. And I usually don't have Tyler either but I did for a little bit today. He was a little fussy but not too terribly bad. Here's Baily with her Abuela's shoes- she's notorious for stealing her Abuela's shoes. I think she like's Abuela's best because they're closest to her size! And here's Tyler in his walker. Yes, he is trapped with no movement. I'm so mean!

I also finally started back with my scripture reading. I know, I know... I'm like a week late- bad Sarah! But it felt good to start reading again and get that spiritual boost. So my new goal is to still read 2 chapters a day and finish by Dec. 12th... perfect timing for Bubba's birth.

I started my laundry and that's about as far as I got... one load. So tomorrow for sure I need to get the laundry and cleaning done. I've put it off for long enough and I don't want to have to worry about it this weekend. Oh and I had to put off my awesome menu until next week because we're running pretty low on dough. So this week it will be poor man's food... ramen, pasta, you know the drill. And if you don't you're lucky!

I got my teeth cleaned today. I love getting my teeth cleaned. Call me weird but I love the sore gums and the burning, gritty sensation. I just love the clean feeling! However I've been craving pineapple and pecans which I ate a lot of today and due to the acid in these foods it caused my tongue to be all swollen and sore. But oh my gosh!... that pineapple was sooooo good! And yes, I ate the whole thing by myself. I was totally selfish with it. Well I did give Baily one piece so don't judge me too harshly! I just love my pineapple is all!

As for my typing test- I passed but I did so crappy for myself. The test was really dumb though... nothing like how I normally type. For one thing you get docked if you double space after a period. I've been doing that since I first learned how to type! And you also get docked if you mess up and backspace to correct it. Seriously, how retarded is that? Oh well- at least I got my certificate and was able to turn in my application, resume and cover letter for the Dispatcher job today and I feel good about that. I should know in a couple more weeks where I stand on that whole process.

Robert and I watched the movie "Wild Hogs" this evening. It's so funny. It's a really good movie and I highly recommend it! I can totally see my husband and all his nerdy friends being wannabes like these guys!

Tonight was the 2nd to last night, the competition round, of the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance." It was pretty good but I think I liked last season's better. Last week I was sure I wanted Sabra to win but now after tonight I'm really not sure who I want to win. I like all of them in their own sort of way.

And here's something cute to sign off with. Baily's really starting to get into the dress-up phase. Isn't she the cutest little fairy princess... even with her runny nose and hazy eyes (she's been feeling a little under the weather as well)? She wasn't too fond of the tu-tu but she wore the shoes and carried around the wand for quite a while!

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