Friday, August 31, 2007

Terrible Two's Here We Come!!

So around 2ish yesterday after Baily woke up from her nap some evil person decided to turn up the naughty switch on Baily to full blast. Holy cow! She was seriously in the worst mood. She'd get mad if someone looked at her wrong or said something like "want an apple?" and offended her. I mean how dare I offer something she didn't want? It was annoying then kind of funny then very annoying. She was pretty much in that bad mood until she fell asleep.

The morning was pretty calm. I was up early again so I was able to get a headstart on the laundry... I had a ton to do with sheets and blankets as well as the clothes. I also was able to read scriptures in the morning before the kiddos were awake. I read a power chapter- 2 Nephi 9. I've read it a ton of times before and like it but I loved it this time. It was powerfully motivating and really made an impression on me about how much of our salvation is simpl our choice, our decision. My brother Beau and I were able to have a nice long conversation yesterady that was deep and spiritual. I love those kind of discussions. He always brings up things that help me look at them in a whole different way. It was nice to be in such deep spiritual thought.

For dinner last night I was all excited about a new recipe we wanted to try out- hot colby ham sandwiches. I loved them... they were really yummy. Robert wasn't a big fan. He says he didn't like the mustard because it was hot. He's so picky sometimes. Oh well... I liked them!

Last night was also Andre's first Mountain View JV Football game. We were so excited to watch him play. It turned out to be quite the adventurous evening. It was at Highland High School. We knew Andre wouldn't be playing the first half because he didn't go to football camp this summer. I really hate that because it's not his fault he couldn't afford to go... he would have loved to go. But don't get me started on that topic. While we were driving over there it was like we were driving into a black hole. Ok... maybe not that bad but there were some pretty dark rain clouds coming right toward us. The first half was fine... it was still pretty hot but started cooling down. About 3 minutes before half time I looked behind us and the storm was coming fast. I could smell the rain as well. Within 2 seconds of the 2nd quarter ending it was pouring. Everyone went down under the bleachers. It's only rained like 3 times this whole year and it had to rain at this certain moment?! We didn't want to leave because we didn't even get to see Andre play yet. Eventually it slowed down a little bit and we went and sat on the side of a building where we didn't get rained on too bad. Once the game started back up the rain slowed down a little bit. While Robert took Baily and Bryan to go get some candy at the concession stand I went to go sit in the bleachers again. As soon as I sat down it started pouring again. So I went back to the side of the building and we all got pretty soaked. I must say we are dedicated fans! The last 8 minutes the rain stopped and we were able to sit back on the bleachers. Andre was finally put in in the last 4 minutes. He did so awesome though! In the 2 minutes he played he had 42 yards! That's really amazing. I guess the guys on his team nicknamed him bowling ball because he plowed right through the opponents like they were pins. We were so proud of him. I'm sure he'll be playing a lot more next time. It was crazy but we had fun anyway! And sorry about the bad quality pics... it was dark and rainy! Oh yeah... and the Toros slaughtered Highland 41-0! Go Toros!

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