Monday, August 06, 2007

Spirit Filled Sabbath Part 2

Before I write about the rest of our day yesterday I just had to post a pic of my little angel. I always think she looks so sweet and beautiful on Sundays. She loves getting all dressed up for Church and she loves Church in general, especially nursery. Everytime we pick her up after nursery she's always so excited to tell us about how she colored and played with the toys and ate. She doesn't look very happy in this picture because she was waiting for me to take her dress off so she could have her chocolate fix for the day- a chocolate snack cake. She's not very patient when it comes to her chocolate!

Ok... after the babies finished their naps I finally made those dang breakfast burritos. They were so good, as you can tell from seeing Robert stuff his face. A while ago our home teacher, Bro. Skousen, was talking to us about starting family traditions- especially now that our family's young and it's a perfect time to start those traditions. So Robert and I decided on a family tradition tonight. Since we both love breakfast but we never have time to make it, we're going to start having breakfast for our Sunday dinners. I'm so excited... waffles, french toast, omelettes- yum yum!

After dinner we did one of our other traditions, a nice Sunday walk around the block. It had just rained though so it was really humid. But it's always nice to just get out of the house for a little bit and get some fresh air and enjoy a nice, quiet moment with my family. And Sundays are always the perfect time for this.

After our walk we all played in Baily's room for a little while. Then we got ready for bed, read our scriptures and said our family prayer. Baily was actually pretty calm during this time which is not usual for her lately. We read Mormon 9 which is another power chapter. I love the writings of Moroni and how he's addressing us of the latter days. He was basically motivating us to be righteous by asking us how we would feel being in the presence of the Almighty God being filthy and under the conscienceness of our own guilt. It's very powerful. We aren't always so diligent about reading and praying together as a family but when we do it brings such a strong Spirit in our home. And it really helps our marriage run more smoothly.

After that we finished watching the movie "Ant Bully." It was such a cute movie. I don't think I really wanted to see it when it came out but I highly recommend it to anyone. It's funny and has a good story to it. After the movie Rachelle and her brother stopped by on the way to their motel. She dropped off our Cardinals game tickets for the 18th. Her and Gerald (they're my step-parents by the way) got us all tickets for Robert's birthday. He's obsessed with the Cardinals so you can imagine how excited he is. It's only a pre-season game but it should still be a lot of fun. After she left Baily and daddy had fun messing aroung. Baily loves playing with her daddy. It's so sweet. I love hearing her giggle and laugh when she's playing with him. After playtime it was bedtime. It was such a simple day but such a wonderful Sabbath day. I love the gospel and I love my family so much and I'm so blessed to have them both! And as Baily says in her picture... bye bye!

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