Thursday, August 16, 2007


you have to use 3 words to answer each question. No more, no less.
It's harder than you think.
1. Where is your cell phone?On the counter.
2. Where is your best friend?He's at work.
3. Your hair?Is freakin' cute!
4. Where is your father?He's probably working.
5. Cheesecake?Is very yummy.
6. Your favorite thing to do?Fun With Hubby;););)
7. Your dream last night?Something weird probably.
8. Your favorite drink?Cold Dr. Pepper.
9. Car You Want?Red Chevy Tahoe.
10. The room you're in? Guest/Computer Room.
11. George Bush:Our American President.
12.Have any fears?Dying Spiritual Death.
13. Nipple rings?Ew. Ow. Why?
14. Who are you hanging out with tonight?Baily and Roberts.
15. What you're not good at?Talking about issues.
16. Go check and give your opinion?:Don't want to.
17. One of your wish list items.My own home.
18. Where did you
grow up?Show Low, AZ.
19. The last thing you did?Put Mya down.
20. What are you wearing?g's, jammies, ring.
21. Tattoo?too much pain.
22. Ketchup?Good with fries.
23. Your computer?Piece of crap.
24. Your life?Improving, wonderful, love.
25. Your mood?scared of pneumonia.
26. Missing?Mom very much.
27. What are you thinking about right now?Dr. and sleep.
28. Your car is?A gracious gift.
29. Your work?Love Being Mom!
30. Your summer?Too freakin' hot!
31. Your relationship status?Madly in love.
32. your favorite colors?Red and purple.
33.whens the last time you laughed?Movie last night.
34. Last time you cried?2 nights ago.
35. High school?It was ok.
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malissa said...

This is so fun! I don't think I coulda done're good.