Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baily and Bubba

The other night Robert and I were discussing baby names and he decided to get out the baby book. Since I want a name that starts with a B he was reading through the baby names. Baily was just playing and keeping to herself. As he was going through the list, "Boyd, Braydin, Barry, Bart" and so on and so forth he read over the name Bubba. Right after he said that Baily said all excitedly "Bubba!" and patted my tummy. It was so funny. And now every time we bring up her baby brother she always says "Bubba." So although we would never name our son Bubba that's what he shall be called for now per request of his big sister. It's so funny. Anyway, we had our big ultrasound yesterday and he measured at 10 oz. which I guess is right on. Everything looked great. Here's the pics. The one on top is so cute. It totally looks like he's waving to us. The one on the botton is an up-close face shot but it didn't turn out very well. You can tell in the top one though that he has the Holwick nose, just like Baily's. We're so excited!

Since I can't get enough of blogging lately and it's become a major addiction Baily's picked up a new hobby. She loves to color. When mommy's on the computer blogging she knows it's her special coloring time. It works out quite well. Isn't she the cutest?

And I'm gonna copy from Malissa's blog and post a picture of my baby sweetly sleeping. She turns into an angel when she's sleeping. Lately it's been quite the feat to get her to sleep at naptime and bedtime. Yesterday though I postponed her nap by like an hour so she was super sleepy and fell asleep in about 10 minutes. I wish I had it as easy as Malissa does with Jaxx but I'm just not that lucky. Maybe with Bubba it will be better!

After we got back from our appointment we were sitting and chatting with Cande, Robert's mom, and looking through coupons. We kept seeing ads for Chinese buffets and that sounded good to both Cande and I. Robert wasn't too excited but obliged anyway. We went to the Oriental Buffet on Gilbert and the 60. I don't recommend it. It wasn't awful but not so good either. Baily like the tomatoes and ranch though! She's such a ham.

Last night was "So You Think You Can Dance." It was really good. I really loved Sara and Danny's Argentine Tango. I tried to find a video to post but didn't have any luck. It was so hot and sexy! I really liked Sabra and Pasha's Broadway and Quickstep too. I think Lauren and Pasha or Dominic should be going. I want Sara or Sabra to win. They're so good. I love dancing so much. I really think after Bubba's born I'm gonna try and take some sort of dance class. It's such a passion for me and just ignites this fire inside me- just to even watch it!

Last night Robert went to play basketball at the Church and I called him and asked him to bring me some BK on his way home. Hey, a girl can only put off a craving for so long. It was really yummy. I think I want it again for lunch. Bad, bad Sarah! At least I have the excuse of being pregnant which is lame, but I'm grateful for the excuse anway!

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Cordova Family said...

lol, you're so funny! I love that I always get to read a new blog lately!! Keep at it! I'm excited about "Bubba"!! It's all becoming real now...well for me anyways. I'm sure it has been real since you started throwing up! Bailey is so cute!! You need to bring her over so I can photograph her for practice, and you'll get some free shots outta the deal!! We'll have to figure out a time. Let me know when it would work for you!! TTYL