Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A good day.

Monday April 6, 2009
Today started with a great workout and tanning and ended up being a pretty productive day which I love. Me and the kids delivered some home-made cookies to Baily's friend Amber and her family and she felt so good about that and it melted my heart. Then Baily suggested we take some to our Aunt Misty who lives in a home. She's a quadrapalegic and loves visitors so I was so touched by Baily's thoughtfulness of her. It felt good to go and visit her and I realized I need to do that more. I got a lot done today and fell good. I love good days!


All I can say is... wow.

And more...

Robert's schedule is now on his normal schedule of 2nd shift- from 1:30-10pm. So the other night I was so not in the mood to cook dinner and deal with that whole drama so I took the kids to a Burger King a few towns away where they have a play center and let them have at it. Chicken fries + grilled chicken salad for me + kids playing to their hearts content + meeting one of the sisters I visit teach unexpectedly = good times!
Since we are all (me and my hubby and four kids) crowded in one room at the moment I get a little stir crazy and just need some space sometimes. And when Joaquin's being naughty, which he ofter is, he gets put in his "jail"- his crib. He's quite used to it now... poor little fella. LOL- we sometimes call him a wicked little Lamanite (inside story) so we call it his Lamanite prison. LOL!
This past Saturday me and Robert and the kids met my cousin Sarah and her husband Matt at the Milwaukee County Zoo for Family Free Day. It was a little bit chilly but the animals were out and we had a really good time. Baily loved it so much and kept talking about the animals all day. The gorillas were my favorite. We even got to see a big male gorilla pound on the glass and stare down a bunch of the onlookers. It was so cool. And the octopus was really awesome because it was so active. I was dealing with a little UTI pain that stunk but other than that it was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we got to meet up with my cousin and her hubby. I'm sure we'll be going back for many more visits!
Baily and I (mostly I) made a bunch of Spring time sugar cookies on Sunday to give to friends and family and they turned out really cute. Now I remember why I don't do cut out sugar and frosted cookies very often- it's a lot of work. At least my family liked them and they will be given out to a lot of people with love;)

Monday, April 06, 2009

More Catching Up

Robert got free tickets to a premier viewing of the movie Monsters Vs. Aliens so we got to go see it on Tuesday before it came out in theaters. We felt so special and important. Baily had been excited to see this movie since she first started seeing previews for it months ago so she was so excited. Both the kids did awesome and I even won this free Insectosaurus from a radio station that was there and Baily LOVEs this ugly thing. She even took it to show and tell at her pre-school, takes it for rides with her in the van and sleeps with it. I'm glad I won something she loves. It was a good time!
Just my cute babies. Joaquin has decided he only will eat pretty much when he can feed himself and make a huge mess. Nice. He loves rice and meat.
I had to take these pictures so I can remind myself that my kids really can get along when they want to. They have a serious love/hate relationship and it drives me nutso! But they were getting along when I took these pictures and aren't they so cute?!I could just eat this kid and all his cute cheekiness up!!