Monday, October 26, 2009

And away we gooo...

This is when we were still in Utah at my Aunt Konny's casa. The kids went outside to enjoy a nice mountain sprinkle. It was great and smelled divine!
This was a fun, fun family dinner at my cousin Amy's house where we had the traditional Willis taco salad and it was muy bueno! We enjoyed visiting, eating, playing outside, watching my crazy cousin Clint try some crazy acrobatics, and an awesome Patriotic music concert from my cousin's hubby and his dad. It was AMAZING! I love this side of my family and bask in joy whenever I get to spend quality time with them!!

Blessings for week of 10.19.09

10.19- my hubby lettin' me sleep in until 10!, my warm cozy bed, my hubby's Monday morning breakfast of pancakes and bacon and hashbrowns, a crisp Fall 2 mile walk and feelin' good, beautiful Fall weather and colors, yummy egg salad sandwiches for lunch, a nice hot shower, reading about Ammon slaying the enemies of Lamoni and how powerful his testimony and outlook was, learning about facing persecution with faith and courage from Joseph Smith, warm beef stew with homemade rolls for dinner, warm raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert, cuddling with my sweetest little boy and just be overjoyed and my heart bursting with love for him, kisses and hugs from my sweet Bug and hearing her say "I love you mom," watching "Harry Pott-ah" with my Bug
10.20- sincere prayer, Elder Holland's amazing talk "None Were With Him," DWTS
10.21- Pres. Monson's awesome talk on Being of Good Cheer, perfect weather, playing Tag with my kids in the perfect weather, beautiful Fall colors, awesome walk with Patty & kids, fun Mutual night with costumes, lasagna & cake
10.22- fab luncheoun with my fave VT girls, delicious baked potato soup and breadsticks, windshield wipers, the internet, dancing, Glee

Monday, October 19, 2009

Workin' on it...

I have so much to update it's haunting. Literally- I'm haunted by the thought of all that I have to update. So as I go about this process be patient and hopefully soon all be back in all my blogging glory!