Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be patient...

So apparently my computer decided to be attacked by some nasty virus so I'm having trouble uploading pictures and stuff like that.  Just when I was so gung-ho on getting my blog all updated and staying on top of it... ugh!!!  We are working on getting it fixed so please be patient with me and know that this time I'm not being a slacker:/

Monday, August 30, 2010

Let the updating begin...

Just a fun day at Genoa City Park sometime in the Spring.
My step-mom Rachelle came to visit us around Easter and it was so nice to have her here.  Baily was on Cloud 9 to have Grandma Rachelle make a special visit to see her!  We had fun going to Chicago and celebrating Easter with her:)
We had a nice Easter- we watched General Conference and the kids loved getting their baskets and hunting for eggs.  Then my dad & fam came over to our house for a nice Easter dinner complete with ham and all the fixin's that I prepared as well as Patty's traditional Easter Bunny cake.  It was a very nice Easter:)