Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baily watching the rain

Oh how we love the rain!

A little better.

Thursday May 29, 2008
So I really don't remember much about this day except that I realized how grateful I am for running water. And I had a great visit with my sweet Visiting Teachers who came over to visit me. They showed some much love and concern about some of the trials I'm going through and offered much love and advice which I really appreciated. Their message they chose was from the Conference Ensign and it was Elder Lund's talk called "Opening Our Hearts" which I had previously read and loved. It talks about how we are the gatekeepers to our hearts and whether our hearts have welcoming gates for the Holy Ghost like a nice little white picket fence and nice welcoming path or whether it's like a prison fence with chain link and barbed wire and a no trespassing sign due to it being hardened through sin and sorrow. I have realized lately how much of a visual person I am and how much easier it is for me to learn and grasp a concept when I can visualize it. So this talk for me was wonderful. It made me really take a look at what kind of gate I have for my heart and if I'm doing all I can to keep it open to the Holy Ghost, Whom I so very badly need in my life. So I really appreciated their visit and message and I remember it lifting up my day and making it a little better.
366 Blessings:
#150- Running water!

Lazy, lazy day

Wednesday May 28, 2008
On this Wednesday Robert had the day off but he had to leave early to go and take his US Citizenship test. He passed... wahoo! The rest of the day from what I can remember was pretty lazy and still a little rough but a bit smoother than some of the previous days. We got another kick to the stomach when or water got shut off for the bill not even being a month late and even after payment arrangements were made. So even though my step-parents were there to help us, which we are so very grateful for, we opted to wait until the next morning to get it turned back on so we wouldn't have an extra $100 added to the bill. So that stunk. An upside to that day though is that Robert finally opened up a lot to me about some of the issues he's having and we were finally able to have some neccessary, good communication. I learned things that I never knew and was brought to a realization on a lot of issues I'd never before considered. Communication and trust are so very important in a marriage and I hope that we always remember that from what we've learned through these trials we've been facing. And that's all I remember about this day. Oh and I watched So You Think You Can Dance to start off this summer's season and I'm so excited. I absolutely love this show- probably one of my very faves!

366 Blessings:
#149- Totino's pizza making dinner possible for less than $5

A pretty rough day.

Tuesday May 27, 2008

All I can remember about this day is that it was a rough one- very emotionally draining. But I do remember that I felt grateful (and still do every day!), that I had the optimism and faith of my father along with his great wisdom as well as that of my step-dad Gerald and brother Beau. I really needed advice and support and they didn't disappoint... as they never do. So even though it was a hard day with lots of worries and scares and frustrations, I made it through and I know I was blessed by the love and support of the wonderful male family members I have who I know have always got my back and want the best for me. Life's hard sometimes but I know I'm never alone.

366 Blessings:
#148- My dad's optimism and faith

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Disappointment

Monday May 26, 2008
So this year's Memorial Day was pretty disappointing for me. First though I want to say a big thanks, even though it's late, to all my American heroes. All those who fight for our freedom with good intention and risk and have sacrificied their lives to ensure our safety from terrorism. And also, I wanted to say how grateful I am for the remembrance of all of my beloved friends and family who have passed from this life to the next. I've been so richly blessed by all the people I've known who have passed away. Anyway, as we had had some tough stuff going on and we were broke our Memorial Day was pretty disappointing. We didn't get to have a bbq or spend time with friends or go swimming or to a lake. But we did get to go get a yummy burger at Carl's Jr. and we took the kids to the park and they had fun so that was good. I just need to realize that sometimes life is hard and I can't expect to have everything perfect or happy all the time and to just do my best to make the best out of every situation. Next year's Memorial Day will be better and that's that.

366 Blessings:
#147- My kids' pure joy on the swings

A Sabbath Day

Sunday May 25, 2008
So I really don't remember much of this day at all. I know Alex and his friends left pretty early this morning since they had to get back to work. The rest of the day was pretty calm and uneventful from what I can remember. We got ready for church, went to church and just chilled the rest of the day. I honestly don't remember. We had FHE- we read Robert' choice of talk from the Conference Ensign. It was Elder Amado's talk called "Service, A Divine Quality" (link's at the bottom). It was really sweet. This member of the 70 is from Guatemala and he knows Robert's Uncle Carlos really well which is why I think he chose this talk for FHE. Anyway we talked about how we think we can best improve and be of service is to pay our tithing and fast offerings and start making temple attendance a priority. Afterward we had yummy fresh, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the treat and we took some to our good neighbor Neil. And that's all I can remember about this day.
366 Blessings:
#146- oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough

I wanna grow old with you...

Saturday May 24, 2008
So this was a super, duper fun day and I pretty much have my little brother Alex to thank for all of it. Well I have to thank my hubby as well for being willing to let me have pretty much a whole day "off" from my wife/mom duties- so thanks babe! Alex and his posse got to my home on Friday night to stay for a weekend filled with fun. Alex's friends are such a fun gang. Anyway after we woke up and chatted it up and stuff we all got decked out in our 80's decor. I was resilient at first but I quickly got into the spirit of things once I saw how into getting all 80's upped everyone else in our day group was. Alex's friend Chelsea had brought extra clothes for me to wear so that was so cool of her. I got to do all the boys' 80's dos and I must say that I was so proud of Alex's Flock of Seagulls hairdo. It was flippin' awesome! I should've been a makeup or hair artist for movies or something. So after we were all decked out I bid farewell to my sweet family (I felt a small twinge of guilt as I left but it as ok) and we were off. What a spirited, full of life bunch they all were! It was so fun to be around them all and I felt so young again. We sang 80's tunes and chowed down on candy. Ok, talk about getting into the 80's spirit... we had Pop Rocks on our trip there. Tubular dude. We first went to Borders Bookstore on Mill Ave. We got quite a bit of quick 2nd glances and that was kinda fun. We browsed and ate a quaint little breakfast. Alex treated me which was the theme for the day. I have the best brother... Alex is so awesome! I feel so bad and so ashamed that anytime my family wants to do something for me they have to pay for me but I'm just gonna have faith that it will all change in the future and soon I'll be the one treating my family to fun stuff. Anyway after our yummy breakfast and browsing we headed on over to Gammage for the show. I wasn't so sure about the whole idea of The Wedding Singer being a Broadway show but it was really good. I wouldn't say it was like Amazing, but it was really cute and lots of fun. And I always enjoy seeing live entertainment and enjoying the talents of others. After the show we kept to the routine and headed to PF Chang's. Like last time people paired up how they wanted to, shared the lettuce wraps among themselves and then everyone ordered a separate dish and shared with everyone. It was quite the adventure and as always... super delish! I even tried calamari. It was pretty tasteless. But the lettuce wraps, the Mongolian Beef and the dessert shots... to DIE for! Oooh I love that place. So after we finished eating I insisted that we go back to my home. I knew I was thy party pooper and that everyone probably wanted to go to the mall but I missed my kids way too much and, TMI alert, I was leaking and engorged something fierce. The drive home was very peaceful and the sunset was so beautiful. Once we got home it felt so great to see my family and to see how excited my kids were to see me and how much they missed me. After a very long feeding my baby boy was out for the night. Then the party continued. Alex's friends had brought a Wii and a PS2 so we could play Guitar Hero and DDR and lots of Wii games. I've been wanting to play these games forever so I was so excited for this chance. It was sooo much fun! I have got to get a Wii one of these days. LOVED it!! Baily was a little bit of a pain since she was tired and cranky and wanted to play everything. It wouldn't have been so bad if she would have let someone help her but she's so dang independent she won't let anyone help her do anything. But it worked out and we ended up having a blast. Alex and his friend took Baily and went and got some good eats and even got us some Dairy Queen treats. Did I mention how spoiled I was by Alex. I love him so much! So after a long day of fun and excitement me and my kids crashed. It was excellent man.

366 Blessings:
#145- My brother treating me to PF Chang's!

Pres. Hinckley Quotes

"Someone has said, 'Be kind to the women. They constitute half of the population and are mothers to the other half.' " GBH
"You are doing the best you can, and that best results in good to yourself and to others. Do not nag yourself with a sense of failure. Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord; then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do." GBH

A Very Stormy Day

Friday May 23, 2008
Wow. This Friday was a very stormy, rough day in my life indeed. It was so dramatic that it was probably life changing on my part. There were a whole lot of tears shed and emotions and feelings and pain. I'm trying to share this in a way that I will remember but not be way too personal (not me right?!) and won't hurt anyone but I do feel that I need to perserve some of this for future reference. So let's see... this was a day that I learned to the core how VITAL trust is in marriage. I learned how important being open and having good communication in a marriage is. I realized the insane amount of stress my husband has in his role of providing for a family. I realized just how much his financial stress is affecting him in all aspects of his life. I really don't like to make excuses but the problems of our economy, especially with the ridiculous gas prices, rising grocery costs, and Robert's hours getting cut so much at work because of how slow they are- it's hurting us so bad. We were already barely making it and to add this to our already delicate financial standing are just blows to us that we don't know if we can take. I never realized how hard it is for my husband to be faced with this stress constantly and how much it really is affecting him negatively. But I also learned and felt through all this and all my worry and jumping to conclusions, that I was just going through a trial of faith. That faith was all I had and I had to cling onto that for dear life. I felt determined, and still do, not to fail these trials because I don't want to go through them again. This was a very trying day that has brought a lot of hard days following and that we're still trying to recover from but what a great learning experience and opportunity to build my faith in Christ and His Atonement.
366 Blessings:
#144- Family support through trials


Thursday May 22, 2008
I know this was a pretty good day because it was stormy and rainy all day and I LOVE it when the weather's like that. Baily was loving it too. We were listening to soothing, beautiful music, my house was clean and under control, I was on schedule and it was just a good day all in all. That night we had our big Relief Society Enrichment meeting. The theme was Survivor Night and it was pretty fun. I was a little sad to see how few sisters showed up. We have such a big ward and it seems like there are just so many inactive sisters which is sad. Anyway the meals were brought in by the sisters and the plan was supposed to be that the food was to be made of or food storage. Well I being the sucker I am volunteered to bring a meal in. I had absolutely no idea what to bring but after much searching (thank you Internet!) I decided to use some Bisquick mix and make a chili cornbread bake thingy. I made it up as I went and I think it turned out pretty well. The meeting was fun and I was glad to get to know more of the sisters in my ward a little better. Even though we've been in this ward for over 3 months I still feel so new and like I don't know many people. They had 2 classes on temporal survival and spiritual survival then at the "tribal council" they quizzed us on what we learn and we all got a prize. Pretty fun. Oh and I remember that while I was running in to bring in the food (I was running a little behind) I slipped and fell in the wet rain- not fun. So for future reference... don't run in the rain while holding hot food and wearing flip flops with no grip soles. I'm just glad my casserole dish didn't shatter and food spill all over me!

366 Blessings:
#143- Rain!