Monday, October 27, 2008

Ho Hum.

Monday October 27, 2008
Today was a pretty ho hum kind of day. I spent the morning doing a little bit of laundry and wasting too much time on the computer. I need to do better about not doing that. In the afternoon I went and picked up Alex and his posse at the airport and went with them to Bookman's. Alex got Baily a really cute Halloween book and then got part of her costume for me at the Dollar Store since I didn't have cash on me. He's cool like that. Baily was pretty much acting like a punk but she was super tired so I'll give her that excuse for now. After that they dropped me and the kids off at Mills Mall (this is where Alex handed me over the AMAZING blanket that my mom made for Joaquin that he got in Utah... isn't is AWESOME?!!- I SO HEART it!!) where Robert picked us up and we headed home. We got some pizza from Basha's for dinner thanks to a gift card we had a few bucks left on and came home and gobbled it up. Then I have been on this here computer blogging it up and Robert got Joaquin to sleep (3rd night in his crib-wahoo!!) and Baily watched her Halloween movies. And now I'm ready to call it a night- so good night!

366 Blessings:
#302-Joaquin's blanket that my mom made for him!

Children are so precious!

Sunday October 26, 2008
Sunday was a simple day- nothing to jump up and down about but nothing to complain about. It was the morning after I made a commitment to get Joaquin sleeping in his own bed and it went so well. It only took about 30 minutes of crying (so much better than before when we tried this and he was still crying after an hour) and he didn't wake up until 4:30 which was half an hour before I said I'd feed him. So I nursed him and put him back in his crib and he only cried for about 10-15 minutes before falling back asleep. This is the picture from the morning for proof;) We had a lazy morning and of course, the day that I have a way to get to church on my own (I had Alex's friend's car) I was late to church. I missed taking the Sacrament and I was so mad at myself. But I did make it in time for the Primary Program which I was grateful for. Like I said, I love all the sweet kids that I've been blessed to serve and I'm sure going to miss them. I've always loved the Primary Programs. Their simple testimonies and truths that they teach are good to hear and the Spirit's always so strong. Primary was great too and the Sharing Times were wonderful. After church we pretty much just hung out. I don't really remember much of the rest of the day except I made some really good beef stew and home-made rolls that hit the spot and we gobbled up pretty quickly. It was a nice Sunday.

366 Blessings:
#300-Enjoying our Primary Program

Saturday Is A Special Day

Saturday October 25, 2008
Saturday was a pretty swell day. We hung out during the morning and just relaxed Saturday morning style. Robert got this hideous blow up goal post from his uncle and he was so excited about it. He and the kids had so much fun playing with it. I told him to enjoy it now because once we move the only chance of it coming out is for something like a super bowl party. The reason the kids were wearing funny hats is because Robert said they needed "helmets" when they're playing football-lol. I bet you can't guess what Joaquin's going to be for Halloween... It may be a tacky toy but I'm glad my family had so much fun with it. Later on I went to our Primary Program Practice/Pizza Party at the church. It went very well and I have to admit that I got pretty teary eyed and emotional as I heard those sweet kids sing those sweet hymns. I'm going to miss my calling and all the precious kids I've grown so attached to. I'm also going to miss being able to spend so much time with the other Presidency members. They're such awesome sisters! After that I came home and I don't know if it was because I was in a Primary song mood and had the song "Saturday is a special day" in my head but I was ready for some Saturday cleaning. That's a rare event folks. I usually work at it all week but I thought I'd try and get a head start on the coming week. Robert took the kids to the park and I cleaned like a mad woman and it felt so good. It actually put me in a pretty good mood and once my family got home and the house was cleaned I was set up for a nice Saturday evening. At Baily's request for crabby patties and Robert's request for fried potatoes I made a yummy dinner that put us in the 50's mood as Robert played 50's music while I cooked. We were all jamming out and dancing to the good oldies and it was so much fun. Baily was so happy and the spirit was just so strong and wonderful that night. We didn't do anything special in particular but this Saturday really was a special day and one that I will hold dear in my memory and heart. It's so true that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

366 Blessings:
#299- Jamming to 50's music and enjoying homeade cheeseburgers and fried potatoes

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pres. Monson Quote

“When the seas of life are stormy, a wise mariner seeks a port of peace. The family, as we have traditionally known it, is such a refuge of safety. ‘The home is the basis of a righteous life and no other instrumentality can take its place or fulfil its essential functions’ (Quoted in Conference Report, Oct. 1962, 72). Actually, a home is much more than a house. A house is built of lumber, brick, and stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. A house can be a home, and a home can be a heaven when it shelters a family. When true values and basic virtues undergird the families of society, hope will conquer despair, and faith will triumph over doubt. “Such values, when learned and lived in our families, will be as welcome rain to parched soil. Love will be engendered; loyalty to one’s best self will be enhanced; and those virtues of character, integrity, and goodness will be fostered. The family must hold its preeminent place in our way of life because it’s the only possible base upon which a society of responsible human beings has ever found it practicable to build for the future and maintain the values they cherish in the present.”
Thomas S. Monson,
“Dedication Day,” Ensign, Nov 2000, 65

Baily's first field trip and We'll miss you Emely!!

Friday October 24, 2008
Friday was a pretty eventful day. We were pretty excited about Baily's first field trip with her Pre-School. It was to a cute little farm called Vertuccio Farms. Robert and I were especially excited since we weren't able to go to Schnepf Farms this year like we always do (so bummed about that STILL!). So we all trekked out there and Robert dropped Baily and I off with her class while he and Emely and Joaquin went to go get groceries. Baily was in a mood and I was worried at first that the whole field trip was going to be a bust because she was such a grump. She was really excited until we got in and then she became super shy and super clingy. Her teacher, Mrs. Jen is so great though and she took Baily into the little hay maze and helped Baily come out of her shell. She is such a patient woman! The kids had fun with the hay maze, looking at the farm animals, jumping on the "jumpies" as Baily calls them, playing in the sandpit with the sand toys, running around, riding the kiddy train, enjoying a yummy lunch that Mrs. Jen prepared for them (she really is awesome) and picking out pumpkins and decorating them. Mrs. Jen found these pumpkin decorations at Wal-Mart that are kinda like Mr. Potato Head where there's different eyes, ears, noses and mouths and you just poke them into the pumpkin. Genious! I loved Baily's pumpkin and thought it turned out so cute. When we finished up there Robert picked us up, we went home for a bit and then we headed to the airport to drop off Emely. She was pretty scared (it was only her 2nd time flying in her whole life) and nervous and we were sad to see her go but I know she'll do fine and I'm excited for her to start a new adventure in her life. We're sure gonna miss her! Baily took it much better than I thought but I think she thinks Emely's just going on a trip and will be back soon. She was excited to see her cousins there (Robert's sister Loren and 3 of her boys came to see Emely off as well) and I got these precious pictures of her and Tyler holding hands throughout the airport. Precious! Robert headed to his mom's house with the kids while I waited for my brother Alex and his friends at the airport. They were flying that night to Utah for a quick weekend trip and I was gonna take their car for them so they wouldn't have to pay airport parking prices. After I got their car I met Robert at his mom's for a quick visit. Then we went to our favorite little Mexican food restaurant on Main- Mangos. Robert and I went here on our first date and have a great, friendly relationship with the people that work there. It's been a big part of our family from the beginning. We told them about our move and they were sad to lose us but we told them we'd be back every time we visit. I'm going to miss being able to go there so often but it was good to be able to go there for a last visit before we move. I hope we can go at least once more before the big move. After that we headed home and I don't remember what we did for the rest of the night. And that's all.

366 Blessings:
#298- Baily's creativity

A day to hang with my girl.

Thursday October 23, 2008
Thursday morning we got to hang out a little bit with Gerald and Rachelle. While we were just talking and enjoying each other's company and Baily was at Pre-School Joaquin decided he wanted to try out her tri-cycle. I pushed him around the house and after that he was hooked and did not want to get off. So he gave Grandpa the puppy dog eyes and Grandpa couldn't resist so he ended up "getting" to push Joaquin around over and over and over. That boy is really what they say "all boy!" He is always so much more dirtier than Baily is or ever used to get. His nails always have dirt in them and he's in love with balls and cars. It's crazy how my kids can be so different yet so the same. After they headed home it was just Emely and I and the kids. Emely had fun talking and she treated me to fixing my hair all pretty and a massage. She is such a sweetheart and I knew I was going to miss her so much. She was scheduled to fly to St. Louis on Friday to join her new husband in their move over there where his family is. I'm so grateful we had this day to ourselves to hang out and for me to soak up all the Emely-ness that I could! I treated to her to one of her favorite foods that I make- deviled eggs and she was pretty stoked about that. It was such a great day of hanging out with my girl!

366 Blessings:
#297- My niece Emely's amazing massages

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Andre!

My top 5 favorite things about our nephew Andre who turned 17 on the 23rd:
5. How he treats me and Robert with respect
4. How deep down he has a sweet nature
3. How he's always willing to help me out with whatever I need
2. What an awesome cousin he is to my kids!
1. His contagious smile!
We love you Andre!!

She's Home!

Wednesday October 22, 2008
Hmmm... so I don't remember much about Wednesday except being so excited that Baily would be home that night and that it was a long day and Joaquin and I couldn't wait for the Bug to come home. (Robert was excited too but at least he had work to make it not seem so long). We just enjoyed some cold pizza for breakfast (thanks for passing that habit down to me mom!) and Joaquin kept walking around looking for his sister. It was so cute. Baily loves playing in this little cabinet so this is where he kept looking. Maybe he thought it was a time capsule and it took her away somewhere-lol. And thanks to me taking a picture of my ballot I remember that I filled it out and voted on Wednesday and mailed that baby in. I feel kind of like I voted for the lesser of 2 evils with the Presidential vote and most of the other people votes I knew nothing about. And I tried to make as educated votes as I could on all the questions and propositions. I feel so good about voting this year though and being more educated and involved in the issues at hand- at least a little bit more than I would expect from myself. I had an appointment to go to after Robert got home and soon after I got home fro that my girl was home and I was sooo, sooo excited (and Robert and Joaquin were too;). I miss her so much when she's away! Robert had picked our niece Emely so she was here as well as my step-parents who brought Baily home. They were nice enough to bring us a yummy dinner of El Pollo Loco which we hadn't had in a long time. After that we watched Monster House and part of Enchanted and then we all pretty much crashed. It felt much more right in our house with Baily Bug home.

366 Blessings:
#296- Baily coming home after her trip to Show Low!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I will not give up!

Tuesday October 21, 2008
Ok yesterday was a little bit better for me. I do have to say that despite me getting down and having hard days I do have a strong resolve to better myself and not give up on my goals. I did get my house picked up eventually and enjoyed some good quality time with my boy. He's so fun. Although yesterday he was a stinker and it took like 2 hours to get him down for his naps and to sleep. But other than that we had fun together. I could tell he missed his sister though as he kept walking and crawling around the house and I am almost positive he was looking for her. She's having lots of fun in Show Low and I'm glad she is but we do miss her. Our family's just not the same without her around. I took some time yesterday to listen to some soothing music and that did me a lot of good. I love music so much. And I love my Josh Groban so much. His music really is like medicine to my soul. Did I mention that he and I share the same birthday! Love that boy! For dinner we had 2x Tuesday from Dominos and it was sooo good and really hit the spot. Even though it wasn't what I would call a great day, it was so much better than the day before. How grateful I am for prayer and repentance!!

366 Blessings:
#295- Josh Groban

Monday, October 20, 2008

What is my deal anyway?!

Monday October 20, 2008
Monday was not a very good day for me personally. I missed my girl and I'm sick of my weaknesses. I seriously don't know what my problem is sometimes and why I can be such a loser. I hate being so negative but like I've said a ton of times before, I try to be honest all the time- especially on this blog. Sometimes I just have days like this when I make poor choices and I feel really down on myself. I didn't get anything productive done and it was just a no good day. I'm trying to do better though and not give up hope. How grateful I am for the gospel and the hope that comes from a testimony and faith in our Savior.

366 Blessings:
#294-Hope born of faith

I miss her already!

**Warning- This post contains brief nudity of the cutest little cheekies you'll ever see!
Sunday October 19, 2008
Yesterday was a pretty ok day except for the fact that I hate how little self-discipline I have. I can't say enough how grateful I am for repentance and the blessing to take the Sacrament and renew our covenants each week. The kids and I just hung out in the morning then got ready for church. While we were at church Gerald and Rachelle (my step-parents) came to pick up Baily to take her to Show Low until Wednesday. Gerald has a few days of work off and they wanted to spend some time with her, especially before we make the big move. She was excited and I know she'll have a blast but I'm still gonna miss her like crazy. I won't be as bad as last time she was gone though because I know she'll be ok. It just feels so weird at home, so not right, when she' s not there. But like I said, I know she'll have a great time and she was pretty excited to go. After church we had a Primary Teacher training (just 20 minutes) that I went very well. Jessica did a great job and I'm so, so grateful that I got to work alongside such an amazing woman. She had taught me so much. After that we had a meeting with a member or our Bishopric and the Cub Scout Committee to discuss some concerns we've had and it went so great. We got a lot of issues resolved and I left feeling so much better about things. I'm really going to miss working with Cub Scouts and my calling:( After I finally got home I was starving at it was about 6ish. Robert got home from work shortly after J and I got home. I was planning on going to our stake Relief Society Enrichment Fireside but I knew I wouldn't have enough time to eat and get there and that I wouldn't be able to spend much time with my boys if I went. So I was bad and I ditched... I know... I'm a bad girl. But I did have fun spending time hanging out with my boys after we ate. Joaquin actually chilled with his dad on the couch and I was so jealous that he never does that with me. I love that they had this bonding time though. And I guess Joaquin felt at liberty to be nakey since his sister wasn't there because he not only took off his diaper once, but twice!
He's never done this before. LOL! We were cracking up. (Beau does this bring back any memories?! LOL!!) He really does have the cutest cheekies I've ever seen if I do say so myself. And for some reason I was extremely tired so I think I fell asleep like around 9. I'm so boring I know.

366 Blessings:
#293- This picture