Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Funday

Today was a nice day. I was busy this morning trying to get prepared for the day and such and then we went to Stake Conference. For some reason I was super tired so I had a hard time paying attention and concentration really well. I do know that the Spirit was strong. Some highlights for me are when the choir sang "Consider the Lilies" which is one of my favorite songs and scriptures. A man accompanied with the violin and it was such a beautiful arrangement. I was brought to tears (surprise, surprise!) as I considered how much I have felt the love of my Savior lately. I also remember being motivated attend the temple much more often and to really focus on missionary work. And I was delighted to hear from Bro. Hinckley again. He again shared a lot of personal stories and what I remember most is his great concern about forgiveness and tithing. At least that's what stuck out the most to me. I left feeling spiritually uplifted and motivated.

After conference I had to hurry and finish making the pasta salad. Then Robert's Uncle Armando came and picked us up to take us to his sister's for our nephew Tyler's first birthday party. She lives all the way out in Queen Creek and we didn't dare drive all the way out there with that donut. I was grateful for the ride but man is his uncle a crazy driver. It was pretty funny actually. He kind of reminded me of the crazy bus driver in the Harry Potter 3 movie. We had a lot of fun at the party. A lot of family was there and I really do love my in-laws. They're so loving and sweet and just fun to be around. It was a really good time!

After we got home it seemed like the rest of the evening flew by. Baily's finally asleep and I have finally had time to catch up with my blogging. This weekend had been so busy but great in many ways. I've learned and realized a lot. I still have a couple things to do tonight like read my scriptures for today and yesterday, write my mom and do my planner for next week. I better get crackin'! Have a great week everyone!


Janel said...

WOW your post about Saturday....Sadly (or happily, whichever :) I have had WAY too many of those kind of experiences!

Neat about Bro. Hinckley, that must have been awesome.

Hope you get your tire fixed up soon!

Alex said...

Saturday was a trite of a day, wuddn't it? haha. can't wait to see you Friday!

Cordova Family said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. I loved stake conference. It was really good!