Sunday, August 19, 2007

Super Sunday

Today was just another nice, relaxing Sunday. We woke up and got ready early enough so we weren't late to Church. There were some great lessons given in Relief Society and Sunday School today. I really could say a lot about the impressions and things I learned but I honestly want to keep them to myself this time and don't feel like writing a whole lot tonight. I will say that one of the things that stuck out to me most was when we were talking about all the persecutions Paul in the New Testament went through as a missionary and Bro. Bulloch asked us this question: "what would it take to stop you from preaching the gospel?" And it made me realize that not only am I allowing a lot of things to get in the way of my missionary work but that I need to at least start my missionary work.

After Church Gerald made some delicious lunch/dinner and we even kept with our tradition of Sunday breakfast dinner. We had Banana Split waffles. It's banana chocolate chip waffles topped with all the traditional banana split toppings- chocolate, carmel, whipped cream, nuts and vanilla ice cream. It's not exactly low in calories but man was it yummy!

After we ate we started watching the movie "Wild Hogs" again. I had to have them watch it because I think it's so funny and thought they would agree. I had to leave half way through it though to go Visiting Teaching and they left for home while I was gone. I had a good time with them this weekend. Thanks for everything Gerald and Rachelle! Visiting Teaching was also great. We left at 5 and didn't get back until 7:30. We had a good long visit with Sis. Campbell which was nice. I love all these sisters so dearly! I'm so grateful for the Visiting Teaching Program! I had a great weekend and feel refreshed and uplifted to get me through the busy week. Love you all and please comment if you're reading!

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Janel said...

Hey good girl you got your VT done. I neeed to make appt.'s for wednsday tomorrow morning. I havent' seen Wild Hogs yet, it did look funny though!