Friday, February 29, 2008

An extra day to play!!

Happy leap year day yesterday! I was grateful for the extra day of the year because it was a good day- busy and good. We took Robert to work and on our way back home I stopped at Jack in the Box since I promised Baily an ice cream shake. I forget how much I love Jack in the Box... soo good. After that we went to Great Clips and I got my hairs cut. It felt really good since my hair was outta control and dee-scusting! And I just have to comment again that everone out here in the Copa is sooo nice. I love the small town feeling here! The girl that cut my hair even catered to Baily's desire for a "haircup" by just letting her sit in the chair and combing it through. Baily was so excited and she even got a sucker afterward. It was so cute... all day Baily kept saying "mommy, see my haircup. Soooo nice momma. I won't touch it momma." I love that little girl... she cracks me up! After that we came home and did our thing for a while. Later we all loaded up and I headed out for Mesa. I had to stop in Chandler at Target to meet my landlords to get the new water filter for our fridge and get a few things. After that I went to my MIL's house and dropped off my kiddos. Baily was so excited to spend some time with her la-la. My friends Malissa and Sicily came and picked me up and we went to Tia Rosa's for my birthday dinner. We got to sit outside on the patio and it was so beautiful out there. Usually when we go on these birthday outings there's a lot more of us but I was so glad it was just the 3 of us. Sicily and Malissa are secretly my favorites anyway... lol. we had some good laughs, deep discussion and it was a good time. I got a lot of good advice (hot and it was so good to be able to talk to someone about things I'm going through. So thanks girls! After we finished I got dropped off back at my MIL's where Robert was. His sister picked him up at work for me since I was having such a great time and didn't have time to pick him up... lol. After that we and the kids went to Robert's final church ball game. There were a lot of fans there to chatter with and it was a lot of fun. Plus Robert was on Fi-ah! He did awesome... one of the best I've ever seen him play. After we got home we chillaxed for a bit and then hit the sack. It was a sweet leap year day!

366 Blessings:
#60- My awesome friends Sicily and Malissa!


Alex said...

I can't wait to see you next weekend. I hope I won't be working all the time! Sheesh! Love ya sista Sarah!

Emily Loria said...

Sweet Sarah, you are one of the kindest friends!

Your message made me happy. Thank you!

Have a good Saturday!

Julie said...

I got the paints from (i think thats their web page)they are plastic refillable containers I just put tempra paint in them.

Julie said...

yes I check that is the right web page the item # are

the is 12 in a back so me and a friend split it and got six dot and six brush it was less that 10 bucks!

Logan & Lindy said...

Thanks again for inviting me to his blessing it was great to see you! Thanks for lunch!!! Before I forget this is the site for the basket I was telling you about!

Becca said...

How fun to have a girls night out! We need to plan one for us! I'm glad you had such a great time. :)

Malissa said...

Awww, how sweet is that post!! I had a BLAST! I love talking "girl talk" and hot chocolate!! Secretly, you're one of my favs too!! Don't tell the others...they'll be sad!! You're a great friend!! Call me ANYTIME..and I'm not joking!! Whenever you need to got my digits!! I'm sad I missed the ball game...all the babes were in bed already!