Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday at last!

Friday was a busy day of running around but I was grateful for the business since it made the day go by much faster. We got up and ready and I took Robert to work then went to Mesa for a bunch of errands I had to run. I had to stop by a bridal shop to order and pay for half of my bridesmaid dress for Emely's (my niece) wedding. The dress is so pretty and I'm excited to wear it in July. It's definitely more motivation to me to lose weight and get my rear in gear. After that I went by the Distribution center to get Joaquin's blessing outfit (so cute!) and my church magazines. I'm so excited about the special March issue dedicated to Christ. I'm just itching to read it. After that I headed over to the YMCA to fill out the paperwork to cancel my membership. I'm so sad about leaving them because they really are an awesome facility. I wish they had one out here but no such luck. Anyway, I had to make that a quick trip because my kids were pretty restless at that point. After that we headed over to my MIL's house to drop a few things off and pick up mail but I didn't have any there. I fed my son and then we were off again. I went to Wal-Mart and Baily and I were starving so we sat and enjoyed some good ol' McD's. It was really packed that day and I enjoyed just looking around and people watching. I've always been weird like that and have like people watching. People fascinate me. There was a family there with a white mom and a Native American dad and they had a teenage daughter who was gorgeous and an adorable toddler son. For some reason the dad really reminded me of my dad and I got all teared up thinking about how much I miss him and that side of my family and thinking of all the great memories I have of that part of my family of growing up as a kid. I really have had such a great life. I really miss my family so much and sometimes it just catches up with me. Anyway I got some shopping done and picked up some pictures I had ordered. I didn't want to leave since it felt kinda like a last trip to that Wal-Mart that I love so much. I know... I'm a dork. But it's who I am. After that we came home and just piddled around and I got little things done here and there. Pretty soon it came time to go pick up Robert at work. After we got him we decided to take Baily to the carnival since she's been pretty bored all week with nothing too exciting going on. There was a carnival at Mills Mall that looked like fun. We went but we were so not prepared. We didn't have the stroller and Joaquin is not exactly a light load to carry around. Baily only had flip flops and we didn't have cash on us. So we went inside the mall to find and ATM and Baily saw the carousel and wanted to ride it so bad. So we ended up just letting her ride the carousel twice for $4 (I went with her of course) and she had a blast without us freezing at the carnival and blowing a lot more money. Perfect. And I was so mad I didn't have my camera to capture Baily's excitement. Oh well. After her exciting rides we headed for home and stopped and got our Friday night pizza at Barro's and it was delish. I was so glad for it to be Friday and the start of the weekend since I was pretty lonely and ready to spend time with my man. I love Fridays.
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