Friday, February 08, 2008

Why do I always need a title?

I don't remember much about Friday so I'm guessing I did a whole lotta nothin' much too exciting. I know it was pay day and I spent a good chunk of time budgeting, paying bills, updating my planner and making my grocery list which also consisted of BFL planning. Pretty exciting huh? Yippee. And other than that and normal routine and day-to-day stuff that's most of what I remember about the day. Oh and I had an awesome upper body work-out at the gym Friday morning that totally kicked my booty. I was hurting afterwards but I loved the pain- no pain no gain right? And of course it was Friday night so it was pizza night. But before that I did a little birthday shopping at Wal-Mart and took Baily to play at the Fiesta mall play area before we picked up Robert at work. She fell asleep on the way to pick him up so we just picked up the pizza on our way home and didn't have to go in which was nice since I was so tired anyway. Baily woke up enough to eat pizza and play around with her daddy a bit then she crashed. There's a definite plus of her not napping and that's of her going to sleep so much earlier in the night without hardly any battle. And that's pretty much all I remember about Friday. Hmmm... not too exciting.

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