Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At Last!

So the big day finally came. Moving day!! Saturday morning Robert and I finished up the last minute packing and then we went to U-Haul to pick up our ginormous truck. We got the biggest one they had. It has huge! While Robert went and got gas for it and drove home I went and picked up some donuts for us and all our moving help that we had coming. Since Krispy Kreme wasn't close and Robert doesn't like them anyway (he's crazy I know), I stopped by Bosa Donuts on Main and they were pretty tasty donuts I must say. After I got home I was tending to my kids while Robert, my SIL Martha, my MIL and Andre all started loading up the truck. Baily was all excited about the donuts and all the action going on. I don't think she really understood it all but she was excited anyway. Around 10ish we started having tons of guys from the Elder's Quorum come to help. Wow they were awesome. I seriously maybe only moved like 3 boxes. They were awesome. We're gonna miss that ward so much. I had to go feed Joaquin and when I came back they were almost done. I'm so grateful for their help. After it was all loaded up we were getting ready to bring it all to our new casa. I totally wasn't expecting anyone to come all the way out here to help but 3 really swell guys came and they helped out a ton. After it was all unloaded we took everyone to eat at Barro's. Yes... the good news is that they have a Barro's out here. Score!! We couldn't have moved here without it...lol. After everyone was filled and happy the guys and Martha and Andre left and us and my MIL came back to our new home. We did a little rearranging and whatnot. Then we took back the U-Haul and took Cande home. Then Robert, the kids and I made a trip to Wal-Mart for some essentials we needed and we headed back to our new home. For some reason when we first looked at the house it seemed smaller but once we had everything moved in it seemed gigantic. We were very tired but sooo happy to finally, AT LAST, be in our own home by ourselves! Wahoo!

366 Blessings:
#47- Mesa 61st Ward (I know I already said my ward family but I had to be specific here and say it again!)

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