Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Fun!

So today was pretty fantastic. I woke up and had some good reading time in the BOM. After that I got to work and spent all morning preparing some yummy eats for our little super bowl get together later on. Church was good and there were some great testimonies born. After church we came home and I hurring and finished up getting the food ready. Originally it was just supposed to be our little family and our niece and her fiance. Well her fiance didn't come but Robert's sister and her boys along with one of their girlfriend, his mom, and his other sister and of course Andre and my MIL were all here. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough food but that was dumb because we had tons of food. It was all super yummy. I wanted to eat more than I did but I just didn't have enough room. It was a good time though. Every one enjoyed the food while partially watching the game. The actual game was more of just an excuse to get together, eat good food and have some fun. I'm personally not a big fan of either of the teams that played but I really don't like the Patriots since they're so cocky and I totally didn't want them to have the perfect record. And I especially don't like Tom Brady. So needless to say I was all about the Giants and was so excited that they won. Everyone but Robert was going for the Giants so it was pretty exciting when they pulled it off in the end. And it was also pretty cool that the Super Bowl was here in my neck of the woods. We had so much food left and I really didn't want any of it leftover since I start my BFL program tomorrow (wahoo!) so I took a couple plates to my neighbor's across the street. I've really felt lately that I need to share the gospel with them so I'm trying to be more serviceable and get to know them better. They're an older couple and just so sweet. When I took her the food she was there by herself and was so excited and grateful for the food and she seemed really lonely so we had a good visit. It was really nice. After that some of us had fun playing a couple hands of May I?. We weren't able to play that long since everyone had to go back home and I had to take care of my very tired children but it was fun. All of it was fun and I'm glad the Super Bowl was able to bring us together for such fun times!

366 Blessings:
#34- Party food!


Malissa said...

Looks like a fun party!! I missed church, cause Jaxx was snoozing and I din't wanna wake him up just to take hime to church and fight with him!! lol Not fun for me!! So I ditched!! Call me and remind me about enrichment, that is a great idea!! I do wanna go. And heaven knows I'll forget!! lol Good luck on your're so good!!

Malissa said...

BTW, I love your wedding pic as your cute!!

Tamie said...

true, the game was boring...i was glad that i had an excuse to go to stake choir practice. i didn't care who won either. but i'll always go for any reason to get together with friends and family to eat. yum! :)
i'm getting hungry as we speak!

Dustin & Ashley said...

Oh my gosh your little ones are getting soooo big! Congrats again! I want one now!! lol