Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Family Fun

Saturday was super busy and super fun. After we woke up and got going for the day, Robert and Baily cleaned out the garbage cans and the van and then walked down to our little neighborhood park. While they were busy doing their thing I was a cleaning Nazi. I got my laundry done, all the house cleared of boxes and completely neat and picked up (there's still a ton of boxes in the garage however), and I totally cleaned and made the house spic and span. It felt so good to finally have the house how I wanted it. After that we all got cleaned up and headed into Mesa. We had planned on finally getting our family pics done but due to financial issues we had to postpone. I was so bummed about that. We were offered free food at a bbq at my MIL's house though so of course we said yes and that's why we went to Mesa. My niece Emely's fiance bbqed to his heart's content and made a ton of food. We ate a lot later than we planned on but it was worth the wait. It was sooo good! D is definitely welcomed into the family now- lol. The only drawback to eating later than planned is that we had plans to go out to eat with my step-dad and mom Gerald and Rachelle to Olive Garden. But I was good and only ate a little at the bbq so I would have enough room for Olive Garden. Robert wasn't though and he was so stuffed that all he got was salad and a drink. It was my choice where we wanted to go and I chose Olive Garden once again. I love that place. I got the ravioli this time and it was delicioso! It was fun to go out with Gerald and Rachelle. They came down for Joaquin's blessing and it had been a long time since we saw them. After we ate we went back by my MIL's house so they could pick up their new puppy and to get our left-over food to bring home. After that we came home and gave Gerald and Rachelle the grand tour of our new casa. Baily was all excited to have her Grandpa and Grandma at her house. They gave me my birthday present of Curve perfume, an adorable frame and some chocolate truffles- so nice! Everyone went to bed and I headed to Fry's to get the stuff I needed for the following day and when I got home I crashed. I'm so mad I forgot to take pictures on Saturday but oh well. It was a good day.
366 Blessings:
#61- BBQ's!

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Malissa said...

Sounds like a fun day! We shoulda gone to Olive Garden for our girls night! YUM!! I'm so sad I didn't see you at all on Sunday...except while in the audience. I had to help in primary... You are so brave and strong...I admire that so much! You have such a strong testimony! I love you...I hope things are going okay!!