Friday, February 15, 2008

Crappy Valentine's Day... I mean, Happy Valentine's Day.

So I pretty much hate Valentine's Day. Let's just say that my dad and mom spoiled me as a kid so I have usually had high expectations about Valentine's Day. And I'm a die hard romantic any my sweet husband... well... he's not. He was really sweet today and told me a million times that he loved me and wished me Happy Valentine's day a million times too. We are broke until our tax refund comes so obviously he wasn't able to get me anything or take me out. But even knowing all this I still got myself all worked up about poor me and not being able to have this amazing Valentine's Day. I know it's stupid and I know I'm wrong about how I felt but I'm just telling the truth. I try not to compare myself or my marriage to others but I do and no good comes of it. The bottom line is I have the best husband ever and I love him so much and I know he loves me so much... that's really all that should matter. But I was dumb and had my pity party and so I was a grouch all day. Enough of that... sorry for my lameness. Anyway today was park day and although there weren't much of us it was fun anyway. We stayed for quite a while and after I got home with my kids I was so tired. Being in my bitter mood I did not want to do anything but be lazy. Even though Baily's been off her naps for a while and it's been working out quite nicely I attempted to get her down for a nap today since I wanted one myself. Well she got through a whole movie and wasn't even close to sleeping. I dozed off and on which was nice though. After we got up and got moving I took the kiddos on a walk to the Dollar Store and got Robert a card, balloon and some candy he likes and then we came home. When we got here we had a package waiting of my mom's Valentine's goodies she sent for us. She made the cutest cards and some really fun stuff and it totally lifted me up. Baily was so excited and Joaquin was too as you can plainly My mom's always been so good about making holidays special for us kids and I love that about her. She's seriously the best mom ever! After Robert got home Baily and I took Zach and Mackenzie their Valentine's goodies from my mom and they were excited about it. It was sweet. After I came home I just prayed that I would be in a better mood for my sweet husband. He knew I was bummed and I could tell he felt bad which is not what I wanted. He was being so sweet and loving to me. What a crappy wife I am! Ok sorry. The rest of the night went by well enough. We watched Lost and it was pretty good. It's still a little frustrating to me that they aren't answering any questions and only creating more but I suppose that when they finally do answer some questions (hopefully!), it will make it better. The night ended up much better than it started thanks to my amazing, forgiving and loving husband. We kissed and I apologized and made up ;) I'm gonna stop being a stinky pete! And here's my sweet Valentine's babies. How could I possibly be so grouchy when I have these sweet faces to look at every day?! Shame on me!

366 Blessings:
#45- My Amazing Mom!


Becca said...

I'm glad you got the package from your mom to brighten your day. For Valentines day Brad and I went through the Someburro's Drive Thru and ate at home while the kids climbed all over us. :) I'm so excited for you to get into your new house, you are going to have so much fun making it your own!

Alex said...

Hey sister. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I've been more busy than Bill Gates, Robert Redford, and George Bush (okay, bad example) all combined. But your Valentine's Day sounds just as good as mine. I guess we're all used to being spoiled by our rents. Anyway, wanted to say that I love and miss ya.