Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A quarter of a century years old...

So yesterday I turned the big 2-5. I can't believe it. Time really does fly way too fast. It was a really good birthday... or I should say it was so far. I have a lot more celebrating coming up. I really felt loved yesterday as the texts, phone calls and cards came in. I woke up with a lovely kiss and birthday wish from my man which was fabulous. Then I had a happy birthday text from my step-dad waiting for me. When I got my mail I had a card from my dad and family with a nice little somethin', somethin' inside which I can't wait to spend. All throughout the day I got lots of calls... my brother Beau (this was a pleasant surprise since he's not the best at remembering things- he even sang to me!), my mother-in-law that was so so sweet, my sister-in-law, my dad and my grandma... plus many birthday calls from Robert throughout the day. Then later that night another text from my good friend Carrie which was so sweet. And that's not to mention all the sweet comments from all my blogging buddies... thanks guys! So yeah... I felt very loved. The rest of the day was pretty ordinary since my birthday fell during the middle of the week on a work day for Robert. I blogged, did the mommy thing and did more house stuff. Later that day was American Idol and it was just ok for me as Randy would say. Brooke was my favorite girl and that's really the only one I really liked. I think the rocker chick with the skunk hair and the blonde Britney impersonator chick will be going home. The girls didn't hold a candle up to the guys though. And no one comes close to my David. As I was giving Baily a bath something kinda freaky happened. Joaquin was in his room in his crib sleeping and he woke up and fussed a little. I was still in the bathroom with Baily when all of a sudden his mobile came on. It can't turn on unless you wind it up. It was pretty freaky and I was anxious for Robert to get home after that. But I do have to say that if we have a ghost at least it's a friendly ghost who was trying to calm my baby down. Or maybe it's a ghost who just doesn't like crying. If that's the case it better leave this house 'cause there's a lot of crying going on here. Anyway when Robert finally got home I was sooo happy when he surprised me with a dozen roses and a cute Bettie Boop balloon. They were gorgeous and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE roses and LOVE being surprised. Earlier that day my dad asked if I had gotten flowers from Robert and when I told him no he said he was a stinker. My dad wants Robert to carry on the tradition that my dad had of giving my flowers for all of my birthdays. So my dad would be proud that Robert carried on the tradition and that was the perfect icing to my cake of the day. He came home with a yummy dinner of Carl's Jr. He and I shared their $6 burger which is probably one of the best burgers I've ever had and I had a really good chocolate shake. Baily was so excited about my balloon and she even got a strawberry shake so she was a happy camper as well. By the end of the day I was one very happy birthday girl and I felt very loved. I'm excited for my girl's night out on Friday to celebrate with my girlfriends and to go out to dinner with Robert tonight. Plus I'll be celebrating with my Grandma and family in Show Low when I go up there in a couple of weeks so that will be fun. It's good to be me!
366 Blessings:
#58- When Robert gives me roses!


Julie said...

So glad you had a happy Birthday. Aarons brother Jeremy and his wife Melissa live with Aarons parents they are blessing their little girl Madison. I am excited you will be blessing your baby too.

Emily Loria said...

Happy Birthday!