Friday, February 08, 2008

Up then down then up again... and Happy Birthday Bryan!

Thursday was a little bit crazy. It started off pretty great. As we all know Baily and I live for park day around here. Last week wasn't the greatest since there was hardly anyone there and it was cold once again. Well this Thursday's park day was awesome. There were lots of moms that showed up and it was super warm and sunshiney. Love it! Poor Baily totally fell on her face so that wasn't fun but she got over it quickly and had fun the rest of the time. Have I mentioned that I love my girlfriends and my ward?! Anyway after the park we came home and did our things we had to do. Baily didn't take a nap but I was ok with that and so there was a lot less stress going on there. I had a few bites of some snack foods like crackers but I kept to my eating plan and ate clean all day. I worked for like 3 hours on making this really delicious healthy soup for my family (Robert, Baily and I) and for a family in the ward I signed up to bring dinner too. Robert didn't have time to eat it since we had his softball games to go to so I left it on the stove for him to eat when we came back. Oh and btw... I made a wonderful discovery about cleaning my Gearge Foreman grill of using a spray bottle full of water. Can I just tell you how much easier that discovery has made my life? Anyway we went to his games which were his last scheduled games of the season except for the make-up games they have that got rained out. Well this is when my day went downhill. It was fine at first when we got there and I really enjoyed visiting with 2 of my good friends. The first game was really exciting since the guys came back in the last inning when they were behind 5-17 and ended up beating an undefeated team in the last inning. So awesome! But then Joaquin decided to be very unhappy and pretty much screamed non-stop. I fed him, walked him, bounced him, changed him... I could not make him happy. Well when one of my babies is not happy and screaming and there's nothing I can do to make them stop it totally stresses me out. And especially with Joaquin since he hardly ever cries. So when he does it's no good for me. So I ended up taking my kids to the van and was getting ready to leave and have Robert find a ride home but he called me while I was in the van and said they had just lost so I should wait for him. They lost in the first inning by getting behind by 20... really sucky for them after such a great win. Anyway Joaquin finally calmed down on our way home. When we got home I went to get Robert some soup to heat up and I discovered it was all gone. I was sooo frustrated. I tried to keep it in but I couldn't and I was super grouchy. I worked so hard to make that soup for my husband and he didn't even get to eat any of it. He felt bad because he knew I was upset but he didn't want to make his family feel bad either. Well I didn't want to do my exercise but I knew that even though it was so late and I'd be barely getting there before the Y closed but I had to get out of the house before I lost it. So I went and man was that a good run. I really pushed it hard and got all my frustrations out. I'm so glad I went. I felt much better afterward. I know I shouldn't get frustrated at stupid things but I let stuff build up and then it eventually just explodes. Things will be so much better for all of us once we're moved out and into our own place. And before I end I have to give a birthday shout-out to my little buddy/nephew Bryan since it was his birthday on Thursday. He's such a sweetheart (to me at least) and Baily absolutely adores him. He turned 6 and I can't believe it. He was only like 6 months old when Robert and I started dating so I've had the blessing of seeing him grow up. I love this little guy. He holds a special place in my heart!

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