Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feeling Good...

So yesterday was grrreat. I woke up to a rainy day which we all know I love! And it was rainy all day and really never stopped... score! I also FINALLY started my Body-for-LIFE program yesterday and it was awesome. I've been back and forth about whether or not I want to do a separate blog for my BFL challenge and I've decided that I am going to have one but it will be set to private since there will be super personal stuff and pictures on there. So if you want to be invited to read that blog just email me or leave me a comment with your email address and I'll invite you to that blog where you can get more details about this aspect of my life. The link will be posted on the left under my blogs links. Anyway, I woke up and went to the YMCA, my gym, and did a great upper body work-out that kicked my booty. It felt sooo good to finally be back in the gym though and to exercise. It gave me a major energy boost for the rest of the day and since I was up earlier than I have been lately I was able to get a lot more done and actually have the energy to do it. I felt like supermom. I got me and Baily showered nice and early so I didn't have to worry about it all day and wait for so late. Then I got my laundry, cleaning, letters and all sorts of stuff done while being able to stop sporatically to tend to my kids without stressing about not having enough time to get things done. I felt really good. I ate clean all day and I know it sounds weird but my insides felt good. I felt full and satisfied and just... good. We had this nice dinner of grilled Italian chicken and pasta with baby spinach- yummo! I've decided to have our FHE on Sundays since it's too hard with Robert's schedule and him not getting home until 8:30. We're trying to get Baily on a schedule where she's not going to sleep so late so it's just too hard on Monday nights to have FHE without feeling rushed and stressed- so Sundays it is for now. By the end of the day I was pooped and fell asleep quite early. What a good day though!

366 Blessings:
#35- My MP3 player


Becca said...

Add me! I want in on the BFL blog. I'm trying to back into the whole exercise routine too. I hate exercising but love the results I get. Bittersweet!

Clint & Karen said...

I want to be there too. I'll start my routine in March after I heal form the baby. It would be fun to keep each other motivated.