Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday was a much better day than Saturday. I was excited to go to church at our new ward and get to know some people in this area. We found out we're in the Maricopa 5th Ward and we meet at 11:30... a good time for church I think. It was a big change from what we're used to with our old ward but it wasn't bad- just different. There were so many babies and pregnant women. It's definitely a young family ward which is what we are so that's cool. After Sacrament meeting several people came up to us and introduced themselves. They were all really nice. When I took Baily to nursery I discovered that they have 4 nurseries. 4 nurseries!!! Crazy. That was a big change for us. When we finally found the right one Baily went right in without any problem. She seemed a little confused why it wasn't her old nursery but she did much better than I though. Sunday School was ok and Relief Society was great. It's so much smaller as in so much fewer sisters than my old ward but the Spirit was felt and everyone all seems so sweet and nice. Sometimes change is uncomfortable and hard at first but ends up working out great. I really feel good about where we are right now and that it's where Heavenly Father wants us to be and that He has a plan for us and work for us to do and that's exciting to me. Of course I'll always feel like a part of 61st ward and the members in that ward have blessed us so much. But it was time for a change and I know it's gonna be ok now. I was worried at first but I know it's gonna be great. That's the good thing about this church.. the gospel's the same and the church is true no matter where you are. After Church I was feeling really good. It was good to take the Sacrament and get that spiritual boost I need every week. After church we ate, watched part of a movie, I napped, we did a little unpacking and relaxed. After we ate we took a nice night-time stroll around the block. I found something else I love about living in this area. The view of the stars is AWESOME! It totally reminds me of Show Low. There are so many stars to see out here since it's so dark and pollution free. I loved it. When we got home the kids got bathed, we finally had family prayers and scriptures (it's been way too long since we did it last and it's time to get with it again!) and the kids went to bed really quickly which is always nice. Robert watched tv and I got some good quality reading time in the BOM. I was so upset and mad at myself on Friday when I, by complete accident and forgetfulness, missed a day of reading. I had been reading consecutively and not missed a day since I restarted reading back on Jan. 7th. I really wanted this time of reading the Book of Mormon to be the time I never missed one day of reading. I was so mad when I woke up and discovered that. There's nothing I can do about it now though so I jumped back on the wagon last night. I just finished up the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi which is always sort of a relief. However I do feel like I understood these chapters and got more out of them this time than ever before. But even then it was nice to be back to reading the words of Nephi. I love his writing. It was a major lifter upper to be able to get some nice quality reading in uninterrupted and in peace and quiet. Yesterday was a really good day.
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