Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 Months Old?!?

Yesterday my sweet baby boy turned 2 months old! I cannot believe that... I don't understand why time has to fly by so fast when it comes to my kids growing up. I hate that. I hadn't realized that he turned 2 months until he was already asleep for the night so I didn't get a 2 month picture except for these. I still think they're pretty sweet. He's such an angel and I just love my little Joaquin jelly bean sooo, sooo much! He's the sweetest, cutest little baby boy ever! Anyways, I didn't have anyone to watch Baily yesterday so I didn't get much packing done. I did manage to make lots of calls with getting scheduling done for switching utilities and changing addresses and all that fun stuff. I'm so excited to be moving into our own casa but I hate the actual moving part. There's so much to be done and it's hard work. Anyway I got my kids to bed early and I got to watch a little bit of American Idol. I wasn't planning on watching it this year since I wasn't all that impressed with last year's but after watching what little I did and with the new top 24... wow! There's amazing talent- probably the best so far out of all the seasons I've watched... which is all of them. I love the 2 from Arizona- especially the Mormon girl. I'm just so excited about this season. And wahoo!... I'll be watching it this year in my own home with no interruptions but my own sweet family. Yahoo!! After Robert got home from work we quickly drove out to Red Mountain softball fields for his last, make-up softball games. I was able to leave my chillin's with my MIL since they were already out for the night. The first game was close and it was a good game. They won which is always nice. I had to leave shortly after the 2nd game started since there was a meltdown going on at home with my MIL and nephews and I was worried about my kids waking up to all the yelling. They were still sleeping angels when I got home though and the rest of the night went by smoothly.
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