Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh... now I get it.

**Warning... TMI alert.

So when I woke up on Wednesday I discovered why the previous day was such a rough one and why I was so emotional. PMS baby! Since I've had Joaquin my body has been pretty out of whack with all the "girly" stuff. In fact... I was even worried that I was pregnant since I was like 2 weeks late. My periods have been completely different from what they used to be and I'm thinking I may have heard once that it has something to do with nursing. It's better than what it used to be but whenever something's different it's a little freaky. Anyway, for once in my life, I was happy to find out I wasn't pregnant and that I can blame most of my over-the-top, out-of-control emotions on PMS. So despite the period going on Wednesday was a much better day than Tuesday. My kids thankfully both took super long naps (Baily is still touch and go with naps these days) and I was able to get a lot done with the house. On American Idol I was not as fond of the girls as much as the guys but I did have my favorites. Ramiele Malubay was definitely the top and a close second is Asia'h Epperson. I was most excited about Brooke White before I watched since she's from Mesa and she's representin' the LDS. However she was not as good as I had hoped. She was good but it was a little weird watching her. I like her better than most of the other girls but she's not my fav. So that's it for my Wednesday. I'm so glad it was so much better than the day before!!

366 Blessings:
#51- When my kids take long naps!

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