Monday, February 25, 2008

This or That

I stole this from Janel's blog and tagged myself. We all know I can't resist a good survey. It's my addiction.

donuts or bagels? Krispy Kreme Donuts ;)
rice or noodles? noodles... unless it's jasmine rice, then definitely rice
soup or salad? soup... I love me a good soup
mexican or italian? this is a tough one- I'm gonna have to go with Mexican I think... these are my top 2 favorite kinds of foods though
purse or shoes? hmmm... I'm not really much of a girly girl but if I were it would probably be purse
morning or night? definitely night... I'm a night owl and this is my time to myself
summer or winter? I live in the valley of the sun where summer is complete torture... winter.
candy or chocolate? Uh duh... chocolate of course!
going out or staying in? I think we all know I love to go out. I'm a social butterfly. sometimes.
laundry or dishes? laundry... especially now that I have my own, awesome washer and dryer
skirt or dress? skirt
flip-flops or tennies? I love 'em both but I'm gonna have to go with flip flops since they're easier to put on and take off
walking or jogging? Jogging... I hate the thought of it but it feels so good when I actually do it!
hot chocolate or chocolate milk? Abuelita's hot chocolate... mmmm.
water or juice? H2O
tv shows or movies? depends on the show or the movie... but in general I'll have to say tv because it takes less time
cats or dogs? Neither... (I'm with you on this one Janel- neither)
diet or reg. soda? I hate diet... but caffeine free is the bomb!
cake or pie? yellow cake with chocolate frosting!
hair up or hair down? hair up is easier but hair down is prettier I think
mountains or beach? mountains
pink or blue? pink
drama or comedy? I love comedy... laughing is good.
hamburger or hot dog? if it's a cheeseburger then that, but if no cheese then hot dog (only if it's all beef... I'm realizing I'm pretty picky)
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonald's
football or baseball? Football... love it!
epidural or natural? seriously? epidural of course!
care bears or my little ponies? Carebears. I loved the cartoon too Janel.
CD or radio? CD
Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? Cinderella... Sleeping Beauty was a little annoying to me.

Ok... I tag Becca, Emily, Tamie and Malissa. You know you love me!


Julie said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled, your new ward sounds great you will have great friends in no time! The Copa does have great stars and great places to go for walks. Ps the is a LOVES gas station off the I-10 they have some of the cheepest gas on that sid of town:) One of the grocery stores has gas and you can earn points from what you spend in the store for cents off on your gas.

maelynn said...

Hi there! I am so glad that you remembered my blog name! Your blog is so are a great blogger! How do you keep up so well with a newborn? {I am not doing so well!} Your family is so beautiful. I am so glad to have met you, and am excited to get to know you better!

Emily Loria said...

Glad to hear your new ward is nice. Isn't it great moving into a new ward and being comforted by how similar they all are?! I love it.

I will get around to your cute tag soon, SOOOOO busy today!

Thanks for the comment, I have been busy too!!