Monday, February 25, 2008

A day of ups and downs...

Saturday was another day of ups and downs for me. It started off up when I woke up happy and excited for the day. I had plans to go to a town festival, to a spa treatment day for free with my niece and friends and then out on a birthday date to see a movie and dinner. I got myself all prettied up and was feeling pretty good about myself. (I even shaved!) Well that feeling lasted until we went to the bank and got money out of the ATM. When we realized how little money we have I went right down to feeling extremely disappointed and sad. Our lack of dough meant no birthday for me and I know this sounds so lame but I was reallly bummed about that. Valentine's day came and went with not so much as a card and now my birthday?! I go all out for my man when it's his birthday. I know we're broke and I understand that he would probably do something for me if we weren't but I would do whatever it took to make his birthday special for him. Ok... sorry for the pity party. There's so much more involved than what I'm saying but I really don't want to shed bad light on my sweet husband. I love him so much and he really is a wonderful, amazing man. Things are just hard sometimes. Anyway, after the bank we drove all around our little town trying to find this park. That was pretty frustrating. We eventually found it after asking someone at Circle K where it was. Well then I was up again and we had a fun time at this little community days festival. The weather was beautiful, the food was good, there was fun music and I just love the small town feeling there is here. It reminds me a lot of where I grew up in Show Low. I love how I get the small town feeling with the big city access only a half hour away. Since it took so long to find it though our time was limited since I had to be in Chandler at 3 for my spa day. We left, I got gas (a big downer... urghhh), and trekked out to Chandler. I got a little lost and ended up being a half hour late and I hate being late to anything. Well I got there to find out to all our disappointments that Emely was tricked into a Mary Kay sales pitch disguised as her winning a spa treatment for her and 4 of her bridesmaids. I felt so bad for her. The products were nice enough but like any of us could afford $154 for skin care stuff. It was a waste of time for her as much as us because not one of us bought anything. Oh well... at least I got to see the girls which was nice. The traffic on the way home was crap and then by the time I got home I had gotten myself all worked up over my little pity party so the rest of the night was kind of a downer. I'm mad at myself for letting it get to that and not just talking to Robert about how I felt. That's a major weakness I have... keeping things bottled up and it just results in a grumpy, moody me. I got my kids bathed, fed and put to sleep (actually Robert fed Baily- I didn't eat) and then I softened up a little bit and we watched the first 2 episodes of the first season of Heroes. It was pretty good. I think we'll easily get into this show. Now we just have to wait for the 2nd disk to come in the mail. Oh well... we have a lot of time out here to wait. And that's it for Saturday.

366 Blessings:
#54- Being part of a up and coming community!

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