Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good stuff.

Today was a Sunday full of the good stuff. Stuff like family time, feeling the Spirit, relaxing... you know- the good stuff. Before church I spent some good quality time with my BOM reading and reading the Relief Society lesson from my Teachings of Joseph Smith book. It was good. Then I spent a lot of time getting myself and my kiddos all gussied up for church. Church was really good and the Spirit was strong. The lesson in RS was on the Savior which is always my favorite subject and we watched the movie Lamb of God. It was a good refresher on the last days before the Savior's death and how much He suffered for me- especially so close to Easter. I wasn't able to sit in on Sunday School since I was tending and feeding Joaquin. After church we had a nice dinner of carne asada which Robert grilled and it was great. The traditional Dominguez family carne asada dinners is definitely one of my most favoritest meals. It was a nice quiet meal with just us and my SIL Martha and my MIL. I love nice quiet meals. After we ate we had a nice and simple Valentine's Day FHE. We made Valentines and listed 5 things we love about the members in our family and then we had yummy Valentine's cupcakes. Making Bryan's cupcakes made us all hungry for cupcakes. It was a sweet little FHE and Baily was part of it which makes it nice. After that we took a lovely family stroll around the neighborhood and took some cupcakes to the neighbors across the street. Baily and Joaquin fell asleep pretty quickly after that which gave me some good stress-free blogging time... good stuff. I love days like this!
366 Blessings:
#41- Family Home Evening


Beau said...

Hey Sis, I realize I havent left a comment on here in quite some time, but I just want you to know that I do read these, and being so far away from my family it helps to at least read about it, so, please, keep it going. I love you Sis. You have an amazing family and I am so excited to be starting my own family soon! Ciao!

Malissa said...

Ummm, I'm wishin I was your neighbor right about now!! Speaking of...anything new?? I hope not!! You guys are so great!! You are lookin so good!! Not that you didn't before...but I can certainly tell you ae workin it girl!! Keep up the good work!!