Friday, February 15, 2008

Survey Addiction

Food Questions
1. Do you like carrots?: Only fresh... I can't stand cooked carrots.
2. Do you eat meat?: Oh yeah- couldn't live without it.
3. Ever had sushi?: No and I don't ever plan to.
4. Favorite soda/pop: Pepsi but I don't drink that anymore, and Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash
5. Do you eat blueberries?: Not really... never have them around.
Music Questions
1. Favorite band: U2 maybe... not sure about this one.
2. Song you absolutely hate: American Woman by Lenny Kravitz
3. Radio station you listen to: 97.5 is my fav.
4. Current music: my love music playlist from my blog
5. First CD ever bought: I think it was either Allanis Morissette Jagge Little Pill or Mariah Carey Daydream
Love Questions
1. Ever been in love?: Absolutely... and more and more everyday!
2. What does love mean to you?: When you care more about that person's happiness than your own.
3. Believe in love at first sight?: maybe lust at first sight but not love
4. Current crush: Roberts
5. Does he know you have a crush: He? She, I think does.
Friend Questions
1. Best friend: Robert
2. Funniest friend: Alex or Beau or Malissa
3. Prettiest friend: My mom
4. Dumbest friend: j/k. What kind of dumb question is that?
5. Most handsome friend: Robert fo sho!
Bedroom Questions
1. What is your bed size?: California King baby!
2. Do you have any windows?: 1 I think in my new house
3. Is your computer in there?: no it won't be
4. Bedsheet colors: blanco
5. Number of posters on the walls: 0
Movie Questions
1. Favorite movie of all time: Return To Me
2. Good movie quote: "I miss Elizabeth and I suppose I always will. But I ache for Grace." (Return To Me)
3. Best actor: Joaquin Phoenix
4. Best actress: Helen Hunt
5. Best director: I guess Steven Spielberg?
Television Questions
1. Lamest show on TV: Flavor Flave
2. Best show on TV: So You Think You Can Dance
3. Favorite cartoon: Charlie and Lola
4. Do you ever watch the news?: Not so much
5. Are you guilty of watching the weather channel?: Never.
The 'Other Gender' Questions
1. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: brunettes all the way
2. Do you like skater kids?: I like my nephews that are skater kids.
3. Sweet but sensitive or loud but romantic?: sweet but sensitive?
4. Do you like being called "babe, sweetie, honeybun: I sure do.
5. Do you like them outgoing or shy?: outgoing

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